Effects of Urbanization | Its Impact on Environment and Society

Urbanization is a concept where more people tend to live in cities by leaving the rural areas. In the past many people used to live in rural areas relying on agriculture. But with improvement in technology and industrialization, more people started to move from villages into towns and then into cities. Effects of urbanization started […]

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How to Transform Your Life | Tips to Change for Better

How to Transform Your Life

Everyone wishes to have better life in terms of finances, health or peace of mind. But many fail to find the right balance or even struggle to keep up themselves. This is due to varied reasons and outlook to life. Here are tips on how to change your life for better Be in a company […]

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What to teach Your Child About His Life

Growing your child is your responsibility. And you are also doing the service to the society by making him a responsible citizen. We need to make him a person is responsible due to his ethics and not out of fear of law. Life is a mix of sorrow and happiness Life is like a bubble […]

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