Importance of Home | For Shelter and Safety

Home is a primary need for human life.

Having a beautiful home is a dream for many.

A successful person is recognized by his home.

Due to the large demand for homes, there is a promising market for real estate.

This indicates the importance of home for human life.

Importance of Home

Keep your Family

Importance of Home for family

A person without a home cannot plan for a family. Even you can notice that among birds female bird chooses that male which has built a good home. Similarly, among humans, the bride opts for a groom who is well settled with a good house.

This indicates that a family requires a proper home that is well furnished and gives proper support and security.


Home is necessary for proper health. If one is continuously roaming around he will not be healthy. But a proper house gives sufficient relaxation for better health. Further, due to protection from the harsh environment, he is less prone to diseases.

To keep up good health he can practice some sort of exercise. Though walking, jogging, requires outdoors, exercises like yoga and warm-ups can be done at home. Home is one of the best places for practicing yoga and meditation.


House is a place of strong security. One can save his belonging and other valuables in his home. It is the safest place if it is well equipped. This helps to safeguard his valuable from robbery and theft.

Relief from stress

If one is tired due to his work or other activities, he runs for his home for relief from stress. Staying at home is one of the best ways to escape from stress and anxiety. Also home is the best place to spend your retirement time.


House is a place where one can enjoy complete freedom. He lives as he likes and does what he wants. There would be no restriction inside as he is not causing trouble in society.

importance of home-freedom

In some places, there are restrictions even to smoke and drink. In such conditions, the home would be the only place where he can smoke and drink as he likes. Also, those who practice religion can do it in their homes.


Home is the place where one can equip maximum comforts like air conditioning, bathing, dining, bed, and other comforts to a maximum level. Since it is also a permanent solution, one would be enjoying the comforts for a long time.

Peace of mind

Home is the best place for peace of mind. If one has a happy family then there would be no place other than home for complete peace of mind.

Importance of home


Home is also indicative of status. Hence, you can notice celebrities, businessmen and other successful people flaunt their expensive homes.

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