Effects of Corruption on People, Society & Economy

The impact of corruption on public life can be very hard. It can derange the economy, health, and quality of life. Despite this, it appears that corruption is ever-rising and unstoppable.

Further, since there are different types of corruption, it is hardly easy to escape the corruption effects. This is more of an awkward and defaming condition than being problematic.

The people involved in corruption seem to be proud of themselves as they make more money in a short time. To worst part is that those involved in corruption can get better promotions and opportunities than others.

The public also has developed an opinion that it is the only way to get their work done. If not, the work will be pending for a long or might not even be done.

Effects of Corruption

Corruption Effects on People and Public Life

Lack of quality in services

In a system with corruption, there is no quality of service. To demand quality, one might need to pay for it. This is seen in many areas like municipality, electricity, distribution of relief funds, etc.

Effect of corruption-services

If a person has to purchase a like medicine due to corruption in education, then the candidate, after completion of his course, will not like to provide quality health service if there is not enough remuneration for his service.

Further, candidates who do not have the ability can also get into the same seat by purchasing it. So though he becomes a medical practitioner, he may not be competent enough.

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Lack of proper justice

Corruption in the judiciary system leads to improper justice. And the victims of offense might suffer. A crime may be proved as a benefit of the doubt due to a lack of evidence or even the evidence erased. Due to corruption in the police system, the investigation process goes on for decades.

impact of corruption on justice

This lets the culprits roam free and even perform more crimes. There are even chances that criminals due to old age due to the delayed investigation. So it leads to a sense of “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Lack of respect for hardwork

When people earn a lot of money due to corruption through little effort, people who believe in hard work and ethics can lose their belief.

They may tend to avoid working hard and look for easy methods to make money.

Chances of Unemployment

This we can see with an example. The private education and training institutes are given permits to start providing education. This permit is given based on the infrastructure and sufficient recruitment of eligible staff. Here there are good chances of corruption. The institute or college managements try to bribe the quality inspectors so as to get permits. Though there is no sufficient eligible staff, these institutes get permission from the inspectors leading to unemployment. Instead of 10 faculties, a college is run by 5. So, even if well-qualified persons wish to get a job there, they will not be offered. If there were no corruption by inspectors, then there would be a chance for more employment.

Poor Health and hygiene

In countries with more corruption, one can notice more health problems among people. There will be no fresh drinking water, proper roads, quality food grains supply, milk adulteration, etc.

These low-quality services are all done to save money by the contractors and the officials who are involved. Even the medicine provided in hospitals for hospitals is of sub-standard quality. So all these can contribute to the ill health of a common man.


It arises mostly in the form of water, air, and land pollution.

Vehicles and factories are the main sources of pollution. The governments have a monitor on this pollution by regular check of vehicle emissions and also industrial exhausts.

pollution one of the Effects of corruption

Corruption in the government department lets the industry people opt to release untreated and harmful waste into rivers and air. If there is no corruption, there can be fair probes. The industry personnel will then treat the waste such that it is less toxic and harmless to the environment and people in it. So we can mean that corruption is also the main cause of pollution.


Sanction of driving license without a proper check of driving skills leads to accidents and death. Due to corruption, there are countries where one can drive a license without any tests.

Failure of genuine research

Research by individuals needs government funding. Some of the funding agencies have corrupt officers. These people sanction the funds for research to those investigators who are ready to bribe them.

In doing so, they do not sanction the funds to genuine and hardworking investigators. Thus the research and development will be lagging. This seems to be not a problem for the common public.

But if we notice the resistance of microbes to drugs, we can know that there were no new compounds discovered in the past few decades for the efficient treatment of resistant microbes.

Effects of corruption on Society

Disregard for officials

People start disregarding the official involved in corruption by talking negatively about him.

But when they have work with them, they again approach them by thinking that the work is done if some monetary benefits are provided.

Disregard officials will also build distrust. Even lower-grade officers will be disrespectful to higher-grade officers. So even he may not obey his orders.

Even incidents where a lower grade police officer kidnapped higher grade officers for not offering him leave when asked.

Lack of respect for rulers

Rulers of the nation like the president or prime ministers lose respect among the public. Respect is the main criteria in social life.

People go for voting during the election with the desire to improve their living standards by the election winner and respect for the leader.

If the politicians are involved in corruption, people knowing this will lose respect for them and will not like to cast their vote for such politicians.

Lack of faith and trust in the governments

People vote for a ruler based on their faith in him/ her. But if leaders are found to be involved in corruption, people lose faith in them and may not vote next time.

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Aversion for joining the posts linked to corruption

Sincere, honest, and hardworking people develop an aversion for the particular posts deemed corrupt.

Though they like those jobs, they tend not to opt for them as they believe that they also would have to be involved in corruption if they get into the post.

Effects of corruption on Economy

A decrease in foreign investment

Many incidents wherein foreign investments that were willing to come to developing countries have gone back due to heavy corruption in government bodies.

Delay in growth

Due to a desire to mint money and other unlawful benefits, the official who needs to pass the clearances for projects or industries delays the process. A work which can be done in a few days may be done in a month.

This leads to delay in investments, the starting of industries, and also growth. Even if they started, company growth hinders as every work linked to officials gets delayed due to the need to provide bribes or other benefits.

Lack of development

Many new industries willing to get started in a particular region change their plans if the region is unsuitable.

If there are no proper roads, water, and electricity, the companies do not wish to start up there. This hinders the economic progress of that region.

Differences in trade ratio’s

Some countries have inefficient standard control institutes. Or in other words, these standard control institutes are corrupt and can approve low-quality products for sale in their country.

Hence you can see countries manufacturing cheap products dump them in big markets. These countries can manufacture cheap quality products but cannot dump in countries with strict standard control institutes. They can do so only in countries with chances of corrupt officials in standard control.

One best example is products that can’t be dumped into Europe, and US markets can be done in other country markets with poor import regulations and quality checks.

So there arises a trade deficit that these countries cannot manufacture their own products at a lower price than those exporting to them. So if corruption is minimized, these countries will have fewer trade deficits in terms of exports and imports with other countries, and their economies can prosper.

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  1. Such a great piece, well done. I think it would be helpful if more information is added to the effects on the economy. THANK YOU.

  2. This article didn’t really support any of it’s arguments. “Many new industries willing to get started in particular region change their plans if the region is unsuitable. If there are no proper roads, water, and electricity, the companies do not wish to start up there. This hinders the economic progress of that region.” This doesn’t say anything about corruption, and if anything, a group of people could set up a bribe in order to get the process for more roads built. There is such this as positive corruption. Every bribe isn’t to cover up some heinous crime.

  3. Thanks a lot I have used your article in writing my university thesis about corruption. once again thanks

  4. Very nicely written gentleman!

    To my mind corruption is a state of mind when somebody uses public assets for private gains. Corruption is spreading day by day because of our own negligence.
    Every steps starts from an individual, Let us change our attitude towards corruption, Let us not pay any bribe for any personnel gains, let us not take shortcuts in order to get your work done and go by the official path to make it.
    We need to change our mind…if everybody go this way corruption will take to heels :).

  5. corruption degrades you as a public officer and makes public sector looks embarrassing yet this is government entity people should stop it !!!

  6. it huts very much for the fact that our leader are sacking a lot from the groin of the poor people to live a luxurious life with less hard work but rather all efforts directly to their protection than working for the nation and their employers who are the country men and women from whom mainly tax is collected from

  7. as corruption is an evil root towards society and to get hard to eradicate ,one has to donot just follow the crowd but to raise the voice against it . coz corruption is not just taking the bribes in govt. offices but it should start from the homes.

  8. According to Transparency International, bribery is a form of corruption that involves “the offering, promising, giving, accepting or soliciting of an advantage as an inducement for an action which is illegal, unethical or a breach of trust”. As long as the global market for bribes exists, the realm of international business and others must face the consequences.

  9. corruption is a radical endemic that requires a radical move for a radical solution.
    Even though it`s a global phenomenon, it needs to be destroyed before it destroy the
    human race. It require the participation of every one both national and international.
    We can do it and we will do it.

  10. Really ..corruption is in blood of almost every person ..and it will take very long time to deplete the corruption

  11. What i would really like to know? Is there one honest person claiming to stand for ‘we the people’ willing and unafraid to face the truth of what is going on right here in our great United States of America today? 
    After turning my life completely around from years of substance abuse, and dedicating myself to being a positive presence wherever I am, I began working for one of America, and the world’s largest corporations. Everything was going great until after about 10 years of excellent service for the company, I spoke up about a new manager’s abusive mistreatment of a handicapped female colleague that everyone else was afraid to report. As much as it hurt me, and my colleagues, to witness and hear the abuse and hysterical crying of our fellow worker from the senseless mistreatment by this rouge corporate manager, what deeply disturbed me to the core was to see my fellow colleagues robbed of their very human dignity, afraid for their job and well-being to even say anything, shuttering at my very suggestion that somebody has got to speak-up.
      I honestly believed in our great American system, which back then I still thought was,‘for the people’, and I felt I had a human responsibility to speak up, but when I did, I was in turn made an example of, harshly retaliated on, harassed, physically threatened, and illegally fired. From that point, for the sake of all American workers today, I empathetically proceeded to faithfully do the right thing, tell the truth, be persistent, trust God, stand up for my scared fellow workers, and prove that we do have a great country `for the people’, the system does work, and “no American citizen must live and work with a fear in their heart of reporting abuse of another human being in the workplace”. I pursued the case with 4 expert employment lawyers, dismissal after unbelievable dismissal, appeal after appeal, all the way to the highest levels of our government only to find that despite absolute flagrant labor and civil rights violations and even a police statement proving serious federal crimes the corporation committed against me, my colleagues, and the courts, our government is so blatantly, thoroughly and deeply embedded with, and controlled by gross systematic corporate corruption at the highest levels, that there is nothing anyone can do. In fact, even the NLRB agent who initiated the multiple federal charges had to drop them for fear of losing his own job, and when I inquired as to why the psychologist I visited for help getting through the emotional struggles of all this, would not write down, as she said, that I was traumatized and depressed from all the persecution I was being subjected to for standing up for the truth, I was told she was afraid that the infamously evil corporation would go to any length to destroy her career and life if she dared put her name on anything bad about them, and so you see, it is sadly true that our American culture is such that workers today know and have so pitifully accepted that they must live and work in a scared silent state of fear of their employer, and total distrust of their government, broken in spirit, and robbed of their very human dignity, or face certain persecution with no possible recourse if they even dare to try and do the right thing.
    Believe me, I did everything anyone could do in my attempt to stand-up for the American worker today, but despite my adamant refusal  to just accept the truth that this is really the way things are, and absolutely relentless persistent attempt to prove that workers do not need to be afraid, and the system does work `for the people’, I was wrong. 
      Before it was all over I had studied the laws up and down, inside and out, for 2-years, creating such a thorough file that it impressed even the best expert employment lawyers who tried to help me, but even when my case was directed to the top labor official in the United States in response to my writing a letter of hardship to President Obama about it, it was still dismissed, and believe it or not, even when that same top labor official was subsequently to dismissing my case, busted and written-up by the Office of Inspector General for corruption in helping the very same company that my case was against to avoid charges, while himself owning considerable stock in the company , not only could I get no reconsideration, but that official remained in office and went completely unpunished. I even eventually managed, after struggling to meet all their intentionally restrictive requirements, to get a response from the Human Rights Council in Geneva Switzerland who reluctantly told me quite simply that the United States does not comply with the International Declaration of Human Rights, and there is nothing they can do about it.  It was and always will be my strong belief that ” no American citizen should have to live and work with a fear in their heart of reporting abuse of another human being in the workplace”, but I know very well from my own extensive personal experience, that with the current, and rapidly declining, state of our system, the best we can do is live our lives faithfully, be the best person we can be every day, pray, trust God and try to just deal with it.  Sincerely

  12. your eg are good but are’nt there some more eg of impacts and effects of corruption. if yes then send me fast

  13. You know if we seriously destine for a corruption-free (and pollution-free) society with decent politics, has to put genuine commitment in our own mindset. Most of the communities (Bengali or Tamil) in this sub-continent are covered by ‘Culture of Poverty’ (Oscar Lewis), irrespective of class or strata, dwells in pavement or in apartment. We are not at all ashamed or hurt of the deep-rooted corruption, decaying quality of life, bad Politics, poor work place, weak mother language, continuous consumption of common Social Space. We use to become parents only by self-procreation (animal instinct supported by fatal consumerism) deliberately depriving the incoming children’s fundamental rights of a caring society, fearless & dignified living. Never think of other positive gesture, more passionate parenthood – stop giving birth to any child till the society improves substantially, co-parenting children those are born out of extreme poverty, instead. Let’s start it from our own household. One desperate attempt is required to touch the core of the society, take part in the reform process. Induce real decency in our way of life. If a pure freedom is desired from vicious cycle of poverty, nasty pollution need to introduce a movement called ‘Production of Space’(Henri Lefebvre), quality Politics would certainly come up. SB, Howrah. Mo: +91 9051147375.


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