How to Worship Lord Hanuman| 8 Best Tips for quick Benefits

To overcome complex problems in life one should worship lord Hanuman.

“This is written with my practical experience of praying hanuman.”

Hanuman also called as god with monkey form is one of the most worshiped deity among Hindus. His temples and pictures can be found in all the corners of the world where Hindus live.

His blessing are so vital and also  powerful that the grieve circumstances in any person’s life can vanish very fast and bring him peace and prosperity.

About lord hanuman:

Lord Hanuman is a strict bachelor with great devotion to the lord sri Ram. He is considered as a chiranjeevi which means an immortal and also omnipresent. He is also called anjani putra as his mother was anjani. It is said that he was blessed with hanuman due to her devotion to lord Shiva. How to worship lord hanuman

It is said that he is available at all time where is there is bhajan of lord Sri ram is going on. Some also consider hanuman lives in Himalayas.

To experience his ephemeral presence and divine bliss one need to visit a hanuman temple on Saturday.

Some of the hanuman temples are quite famous to get the blessing like sankat mochan in varanasi, Kasapuram near guntakal of Andhra pradesh.

He has helped lord Ram to complete his goal of defeating ravan of Lanka and bring back seeta.

During his role in ramayan he helped many people in the path of righteousness to achieve salvation and also success.

To read more about his selfless service to the lord read on devotion & power of monkey.

He has freed Lord Shani dev from the prison in Lanka. Ravan has put shani dev in prison and lord hanuman let him escape from it. Hence Shani is devoted to hanuman and anyone with problems of shani in his astrology can approach hanuman for solution.

Tips to pray lord hanuman:

Hanuman can be worshiped by anyone and at any place. But one requires to be leading a righteous life.

1. Go to Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday with a clean and fresh mind.

2. Chant hanuman’s name regularly likes in the morning after raising and at night before bed.

3. Avoid non-vegetarian food especially on Saturday’s and Tuesdays.

4. If one is suffering from long standing diseases then he or she has to refrain from consuming non-veg food for effective and fast relief from health problems.

5. Read hanuman chalisa at least once a day till you overcome your problems in life. It is a 40 line ritual written by poet Tulasi das who is said to have got the divine appearance of lord hanuman.

6. On Saturdays to worship lord hanuman, bath with sesame seeds on the head, go to hanuman temple and leave sesame, sugar and red gram (pigeon pea) do it for 11 weeks and you will see a real miracle by the turn out of your problems.

7. Light a lamp or deep with sesame oil daily or at-least every Saturday.

8. If one has a heart problem or anxiety or some mental stress, he or she has to chant hanuman chalisa as many times as possible in a day

Why should one pray to lord hanuman?

a) If one has problems in marriage life, hanuman chanting and worship helps overcome the issues. Lord hanuman is also a guru or teacher. So he is a solution to all problems in one’s life.

Some say it is not good to pray god hanuman as he is the bachelor but the fact is he is the one who helped lord Sri ram get united with Sita after they were separated by ravan.

b) If one feels that he is entangled with problems in career or family and is unable to get out, then lord hanumans bless is a must for a fast and quick recovery from it.

c) If you have long standing health problems of heart, brain etc, then lord hanumans prayer will give immense relief.

d) Those having mental or psychological problems like depression, anxiety, fear should chant hanuman chalisa. Chanting of hanuman chalisa makes you feel confident and also gives peace of mind.

God Hanuman’s prayers will help you overcome negative attitude and induce courage.

e) If you are in debt and facing problems to repay or if you have lent money and is irrecoverable, then hanuman prayers are the best solutions.

f) Chanting hanuman and praying lord hanuman on regular basis helps one stay disciplined, achieve greater heights in life and career.

g) For those in infatuation for a girl or boy or so called love failure to overcome the agony and sorrow, hanuman chalisa and worship brings immense relief to the heart. It also helps overcome those thoughts of infatuation and one can have a pleasant mind.

H) Hanuman prayers also helps one overcome bad habits like corruption, adultery, laziness, fickle mindedness, procrastination etc. It brings in confident and stable mind.

I) If you are said to be affected by shani dasha, then praying hanuman is beneficial. Even if you are advised to wear a blue sapphire an astrological gemstone, still consider hanuman worship for remedy. It is quite safer to worship than go for a gemstone directly on advice. Those having weak sun preferring to wear ruby stone can also pray to lord hanuman.

J) If you are lagging behind in education, hanuman prayer besides lord Ganesha will give beneficial results.

Importance of hanuman chalisa:

Hanuman chalisa as said before is a 40 line praise and request to lord hanuman for blessings. Regular reciting of the chalisa is good to get out of fear and also have good luck. Not only that when you feel tensed or else depressed then spell the hanuman name and see the change..

Share your experience: As a kind request; Once you start praying hanuman you will notice the benefits in two weeks or more, If so come back and leave your experiences in the comment section below as a word of inspiration and guidance to others. Thank you.

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