How to Worship Lord Hanuman| 8 Best Tips for quick Benefits

To overcome complex problems in life, one should worship lord Hanuman.

“This is written with my practical experience of praying hanuman.” There are two methods to avail Lord Anjaneya’s blessings, which are mentioned below.

Hanuman is also called the god with monkey form. He is one of the most worshiped deities among Hindus. His temples and pictures can be found in all the corners of the world where Hindus live.

His blessing is so powerful that the grieving circumstances in any person’s life can vanish very fast and bring him peace and prosperity.

About lord hanuman

Lord Hanuman is a bachelor with great devotion to Lord Sri Ram.How to worship lord hanuman

He is considered to be immortal, omnipresent and also kaliyug-Brahma.

He was born to Anjani Devi and Kesari. Hence, he is also called Anjani Putra, as his mother was Anjani.

It is said that she was blessed with hanuman due to her devotion to Lord Shiva.

He is said to be available at all times at places where there is bhajan of Lord Sri Ram.

To experience his ephemeral presence and divine bliss, one needs to visit a Hanuman temple on Saturday.

To read more about his selfless service to the lord, read on devotion & the power of monkey.

Hanuman can be worshiped by anyone and at any place. But one requires to be leading a righteous life.

Tips to pray lord hanuman

This method is for those who are in dire need of some change to happen in life like getting married, a job, an opportunity for something, etc.

1. Visit Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday with a clean and fresh mind. Have a hanuman idol or picture at home.

2. Chant hanuman’s name regularly likes in the morning after raising and at night before bed.

3. Avoid non-vegetarian food, especially on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

4. If one is suffering from long-standing diseases, then he or she has to refrain from consuming non-veg food for effective and fast relief from health problems.

5. Read Hanuman Chalisa at least once a day till you overcome your problems in life. It is a 40 line ritual written by poet Tulasi das, who is said to have got the divine appearance of lord hanuman.

6. On Saturdays to worship lord hanuman, bath with sesame seeds on the head, go to hanuman temple and leave sesame, sugar and red gram (pigeon pea) do it for 11 weeks and you will see real miracles by the turn out of your problems.

7. Light a lamp or deep with sesame oil daily or at-least every Saturday.

8. If one has a heart problem or anxiety, or some mental stress, he or she has to chant Hanuman Chalisa as many times as possible in a day

How to worship on a regular basis

If you are desirous of progress in life and you feel that things are not happening at the right pace or you do not have sufficient luck, then try this method.

Chant just Jai Hanuman 101 time every day.

If possible, try to have a picture of hanuman anywhere around you, including on your mobile screen.

Why should one pray to lord hanuman?

a) If one has problems in marriage life, hanuman chanting and worship helps overcome the issues. Lord Hanuman is also a guru or teacher. So he is a solution to all problems in one’s life.

Some say it is not good to pray god hanuman as he is the bachelor, but the fact is he is the one who helped lord Sri ram get united with Sita after they were separated by Ravan.

b) If one feels that he is entangled with problems in career or family and is unable to get out, then lord hanumans bless is a must for a fast and quick recovery from it.

c) If you have long-standing health problems of heart, brain, etc., then lord hanuman’s prayer will give immense relief.

d) Those having mental or psychological problems like depression, anxiety, fear should chant Hanuman Chalisa. Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa makes you feel confident and also gives peace of mind.

God Hanuman’s prayers will help you overcome negative attitudes and induce courage.

e) If you are in debt and facing problems to repay or if you have lent money and it is irrecoverable, then hanuman prayers are the best solutions.

f) Chanting Hanuman and praying to lord hanuman on a regular basis helps one stay disciplined, achieve greater heights in life and career.

g) For those in infatuation for a girl or boy or so-called love failure to overcome the agony and sorrow, Hanuman Chalisa and worship bring immense relief to the heart. It also helps overcome those thoughts of infatuation and one can have a pleasant mind.

H) Hanuman prayers also help one overcome bad habits like corruption, adultery, laziness, fickle mindedness, procrastination, etc. It brings in a confident and stable mind.

I) If you are said to be affected by Shani Dasha, then praying hanuman is beneficial. Even if you are advised to wear a blue sapphire, an astrological gemstone, it still considers hanuman worship for remedy. It is quite safer to worship than go for a gemstone directly on advice. Those having weak sun preferring to wear the ruby stone can also pray to lord hanuman.

J) If you are lagging behind in education, hanuman prayer besides lord Ganesha will give beneficial results.

Importance of Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa, as said before, is a 40 line praise and request to lord hanuman for blessings. Regular reciting of the Chalisa is good to get out of fear and also have good luck. Not only that, when you feel tensed or else depressed, then spell the hanuman name and see the change.

He has freed Lord Shani dev from the prison in Lanka. Ravan has put Shani dev in prison and lord hanuman let him escape from it. Hence Shani is devoted to hanuman and anyone with problems of Shani in his astrology can approach hanuman for a solution.

Share your experience: As a kind request; Once you start praying hanuman, you will notice the benefits in two weeks or more; if so, come back and leave your experiences in the comment section below as a word of inspiration and guidance to others. Thank you.

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  1. Hi, it can be performed in the morning or evening. More than anything else sincere devotion is important than the time or other aspects.

  2. Hi, can I perform ritual to shri hanuman ji in early morning like 7am on Tuesday. Will there be any problem because people say we should do it in evening?

  3. @Meena Gaikwad, Please continue from next Saturday. No need to start from the beginning.

  4. Hello,
    I worship lord hanuman since my childhood.
    Recently I’ve been told to do abhishek to hanuman on 21saturdays.
    It’s been 7 Saturdays that I am doing this abhishek regularly.but somehow i missed last Saturday.
    Can I continue from next Saturday or should I start from beginning

  5. I have some long standing tasks related with my business. They are not yet getting solved. I read Hanuman chalisa every day after I read Ram Stuti.

  6. Okay let me tell you something of my story. Its long but may be you would enjoy as I am being guided always by the power of most blissful Lord Hanumanji.
    I am now aged 44 and in this pandemic time most of us , faced trouble and challenges, but my challenges were as if the climax of the film. Problems came from all directions. My organisation ( with absolutely no fault of ours, but a political fight between two officers) was debarred so which means we could not get any big orders from govt. Few of my employees literally started complaining in all departments. I am a Sai Devotee, but my father and in fact my family at an ancestral home, use to have the small Bajrang Bali Idol. During my early time, I never realised that I should pray or not, it was as if your mother or your father tell and you do it. Looking back and connecting the dots, I was praying to Bajrang Bali each time and never realised that he was a saviour for me in most of the places. My ancestral home was partitioned due to my uncle and he shifted the idol to his place. It appeared in my dream that I should also have the idol and I should do proper pooja like Chola and sindoor, but as usual, I was not awakened by this reality. I shifted myself for my work to New Delhi, and use to have dreams of monkey, which again I use to take those coincidences lightly. For eg getting the Hanuman Chalisa at my home step one day. I never chanted Hanuman Chalisa. But started visiting the temple each time, whenever I use to feel. Now the last three years I was in Mumbai, the dreams of monkey biting became frequent whenever I stop going to the temple of Hanumanji or praying, since I was Sai Devotee, and finds his presence everywhere. But one day reading Sai Baba Sacharitra, I stuck upon one of Bhakt’s incidence is to never leave your Ishta Dev. Being Tauras and the fifth house belongs to your Isht. Dev and I have Mars position in it, so astrologically too Bajrang Bali was my Isht. Bajrang Bali uses to send me the hints like one of my Aunt she a big bhakt of Bajrang Bali, informed me how Income tax people came and she never came out of the temple. Everything settled peacefully. The situation in more adverse form repeated at my end and I didn’t focussed or again say that I was not awakened or realised on Bajrang Bali, but He helped me coming out of it. Since Covid Period I started chanting Hanuman Chalisa once a day and the day and then all problems in terms of finances started happening, but ..but hold on, it looked that this was a test for me. I continued chanting twice a day, especially on Tuesday and Saturdays. And step by step, stone by stone, the hill of challenges started disappearing. The person who took my money started paying me back. The debts that we owned gradually and smoothly out of nowhere started to move aside. I still getting goosebumps. And there are a lot of things which have now started moving and there now looks the way. I am able to see co-incidences happening. My humble request to all the devotees is Bajrang Bali is the lord of Power, courage and valour, so trust him and follow your heart with persistence. The whole Universe would converge towards you in providing the right resources. You would have the courage to undertake any amount of risk. Trust Bajrang Bali, he would find a way for you. Leave it to HIM. Jai Bajrang Bali. Shri Ram , Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram

  7. I have my natal Chandra in Vrishabha (Taurus).
    After Ashtam Shani started in 2017, my Shani Mahadasa started in July’17. So it was Shani-Shani Vimshotari Dasa and Ashtam Shani for me.
    (This Ashtam Shani period was not as tough as what I went through during the 1987-1990 Ashtam Shani. Nevertheless that was good in a way. It moved me to Australia during that time.)

    The year 2019 started good. Then June onward it was tough (Ashtam Shani). When the year 2020 started , my 31st year in Australia started and my this-time-Ashtam-Shani nearly came to an end. And finally Shani moved into Capricorn on 23 Jan’20.
    I had the opportunity to learn The Hanuman Chalisa (and Shani Chaaya Paatra) in Feb 2020. Without my Anjaneyar Swami I could not have had the courage and wisdom for what I did since then. I was still having Shani-Shani double Shani effect until July’2020.
    It was my Lord Hanuman who helped me.
    This morning, I was listening to The Hanuman Chalisa from your Youtube, and I was in tears with pure devotion. The Lord Raam-Hanuman picture is so so beautiful.
    Sahas badan tumharo yash gaave
    Us kahi Shripati kanth lagaave.
    The singing was amazing too. Thanks to everyone.
    Raama Lakhana Jaanaki Jai Bolo Hanumaanaki.

  8. Om Jai Shree Ram. Om Shree Hanumathe Namaha.
    I learnt The Hanuman Chalisa on 16 Feb 2020. I am a Tamil speaking person so I was slow but now I can say this amazing Hanuman Chalisa fast – takes 3 to 4 minutes. So far I have said The Hanuman Chalisa over 2300 times. I have this great safe feeling. And, regarding my husband’s health, I am still waiting for a result. Swami will grant me, I am sure. Shree Ramachandraki Jeya. Bavanasudha Hanumanaki Jeya.

  9. Om Jai Shree Ram. Om Shree Hanumate Namaha.
    I learnt The Hanuman Chalisa on 16 Feb 2020. I am a Tamil speaking person so I was slow but now I can say this amazing Hanuman Chalisa fast – takes 3 to 4 minutes. So far I have said The Hanuman Chalisa over 2300 times. I have this great safe feeling. And, regarding my husband’s health, I am still waiting for a result. Swami will grant me, I am sure. Shree Ramachandraki Jeya. Bavanasudha Hanumanaki Jeya.

  10. Jai Shri Ram. Jai bolo Hanumanà bolo jai bolo Hanuman.
    I have been having Shani mahadasha and Shani Antardasha. And I had Ashtama Shani until Jan’20. I didn’t even know. Problems started in June’19, I got stuck, and then I came to know about my Ashtama Shani. (I always worship Shani Dev, and Lord Hanuman as well). After this, I learnt Hanuman Chalisa and Chaaya Patra (my reflection on oil). That was middle of Feb’20. Today Saturday is the 8th time I did Chaaya. I have already said Shani mantra and Hanuman Chalisa. And I came to this website today as well. Taa. My husband is having problems too. His kidneys are failing. I bought some natural medication for him. I am saying Hanuman Chalisa for my husband too. Hope he will take this medication and it will cure his health problem. God will. Jai Shri Ram.

  11. I used to visit Hanuman temple with my dad but was a never a stern disciple of him. One day on an annual occasion we visited the temple and my father being regular there were presented a yantra from the Hanuman pooja the temple had conducted, blessed and energized. But the priest said that I cant just simply keep in the home altar just like that and that I’d have to do pooja for the yantra for 48 days only then it will be right to keep it in the home altar/shrine.

    My father wanted to do it but due to circumstances this deed was bestowed upon me instead. I had some personal problem which i prefer not to mention here prior to signing up for this discipline of 48 days. It was a difficult move but I gave it a try. I had been very negative for almost 4- 5 years and it was starting to consume me. I viewed almost everything negatively.

    After this 48 days, I started to take interest in life again. I did not want to stop wearing the sindhoor as it somehow gives me a charge of happiness when i look at the mirror. I then went back to the temple and asked the priest if i could continue doing the mini abhiseka and fruit & flower offering for the Yantra, and he said that off course I could as long as I comply to the pooja vidhi.

    It has been 4 years now since I first began this new possibilities with Baba Hanuman Ji and I have changed many habits and way of life ever since. People always wonder and ask me why and how am i so energetic at such odd hours of the day and all I do is smile because i know I’ve been starting my day right and well for the past 4 years and more years to come.

    Praying to Hanuman gives you the feeling that you can become like him and achieve things like him. His wisdom provides you with the practicality of the life and understanding of the world we live in today.

    Jai Shree Ram. : )

  12. Hi ia m devi a shattered mom i have ocd and negative thoughts forms now my son of 29 since childhood was anxious worried low self esteem and fearful now he has stress anxiety dep fear overthinking had had panic attacks and smoking now with erectile dysfunction he does not want to pray i have done 36 days 11 times hanuman chalisa on his name still no improvement please advise thanks devi.

  13. I guess you need to chant Hanuman ji name
    And ask him from your hart
    I will pray for you dear.

  14. Please stop eating non veg completely and pray to lord Hanuman, He is very kind hearted He will solve all your problems.
    Jai Shree Ram
    Jai Hanumanji

  15. Dear Arun

    Just u write 108 times sri rama jayam or jai sri rama and keep near statue automatically your problems will be sorted out slowly and u will come out from all the difficulties, he is the only god solved my mental stress and made be more stronger person to face the problems boldly.

    jai sri ram

  16. Hi..
    This happened to me nagadevtha puja..on shashti tidhi after amavasya..early morning hair bath..wear..washed clothes and clean naga devta idol in temple with water..pour colour oil 5 times pradakshina..Keep 5 kumkum spots on naga devta..observe fasting on that day..u will get result

  17. Leave means offer. You can go to the temple and offer the items or give them to the pandit there.

  18. Hi….
    I was in a very abusive relationship with a guy both physically and emotionally….he was not ready to leave me also…it was a very tough period of my life…I m a devotee of my anjaneya Swamy ….I started chanting Hanuman chalisa everyday ….to my surprise he left me and went to another girl ….I was so happy and overwhelmed and I couldn’t believe this happened….I m so much thankful to anjaneya Swamy to helping me get rid of sadist…I continued reading Hanuman chalisa and I was in peace with myself…can’t express my happiness and big thanks to my god anjaneya ❤️

  19. It happens but don’t leave the chanting i’m facing pretty much the same thing as you but somehow something or the other is improving every now and then the problem is with the modern day human mindset. Only 0.01% of the efforts bear fruit due to people’s unnecessary interference and needless blocking of progress.However if nothing changes at all atleast one thing is confirmed , chant so much that you become so dear to god that he no longer allows you to stay stuck in this material world. It sounds weird but alteast you will be relieved of the constant agony in a divine and spiritual way instead of facing lifelong depression , getting into drug addiction or building a tendency towards chain smoking or even worse becoming a drunkard. These are all possibilities of a human mind. Worst is if one is bipolar then one may also become violent and cause too much damage to his or her surroundings.

    Now as far as wealth is concerned I’d only tell you to chant one specific verse of the hanuman chalisa repeatedly which is said to grant the chanter with occult powers and great wealth.Try chanting 108 times during brahma muhuratham every day between 3:40 a.m. and 6 a.m.Also try writing down the mantra on a piece of paper.

    The verse is the 31st one in the entire hanuman chalisa

    ‘ Ashta Siddhi Nava Nidhi Ke Daata
    As var deena janaki maata ‘

    God bless you
    I hope you’re financial situation improves
    I’m still a novice and not yet qualified to give advice
    But still i’d suggest a few remedies which come to my mind instantly when I read about somebody’s genuine problems.
    Jai Hanuman Jai Shri Ram

  20. 1. Before starting pooja, Tell Hanuman Ji your wish and start your Pooja with Ramashtak.
    2. Read Hanuman Chalisa at same time every day for 7 days
    3. Either starting day would be Tuesday or Saturday only
    4. Read 7 times Hanuman Chalisa a day for 7 days
    5. 8th Day offer Besan Laddu or Boondi Prasad to Hanuman ji
    6. 8th Day, offer Hanuman Sindoor, Chameli Oil, Silver Barq that we use on Sweets, Janehu, and whatever you want to offer.
    7. Offer 2 Meetha Pan to Hanumanji during Puja, eat one and another give to any senior good man, or Pandit Ji.
    8. Within a week or two, You’ll be blessed with a Job offer.

    Experienced Lot many times.

  21. After bath, daily recite hanuman chalisa loudly with claps and in standing position. You can keep your eyes closed if you want. Remember you have to chant chalisa repeatedly until you become thoughtless while reading chalisa. Once you achieve silence it means he has now arrived near you. You will feel his presence.. You will have goosebumps. Say this daily till you are alive. Then no evil will be near you nor any problem. This is my experience.

  22. Don’t eat non-veg on Saturdays and Tuesdays this helped me so I am recommending it to you. Hanuman Ji will definitely help you what you have to do is to follow all the rules and methods of worshipping Hanuman Ji. If my life can get better so why not yours. Have true faith in him. Chant his mantras with true devotion then see the changes in your life.

  23. Hello,
    I hope you are doing good in life now.
    I just wanted to mention that the prayers are effective when done in a particular way, with love, devotion and faith. I totally understand your frustration. Please don’t lose heart, you will figure out a way to communicate / pray effectively .
    Lots of love and Abundant wishes,

  24. @Sanchari banerje! Keep trying and hold on your prayer. You will definitely get improvement.

  25. Iam 30years old but jobless, health problems and family problems are there but am very strict person and I never eat non veg on Tuesday and Saturday, at evening I chant Hanuman’s chalisa, since 4years but still no improve please help.

  26. My life and my mind too changed a lot after worshipping hanumanji and chanting hanuman chalisa. Can’t explain the happiness with what I’m getting. Really god hanuman is there always when I feel any happiness and any problem.jai shri raam! Jai hanuman!!

  27. Whatever you do unless you do good things no God will save you. God is there inside of yourself so you do good be good with each and every one irrespective of religion.

  28. Actually the benefits i noticed were more than that u mentioned .
    Great post . Instead of strict batchlor u should use bhramchari word.
    Hanuman ji changed my life in years 2009 2010 . This comment box is small to explain the glory of my lord what he did for me. Jai bajrang Bali.

  29. @Sara! There are no such rules for idol. But still an idol with folded hand would be better. Also at home you can lit a deep with sesame oil and reciting of hanuman name or chalisa twice a day is fine.

  30. I want to worship hanumanji idol at home. Please help me what kind of hanumanji idol is good for increasing my families happiness and wealth. How to worship hanumanji at home ?

  31. Hi,

    I have been chanting “hanuman chalisa” for almost 3 years. YES I DID GET so many positive changes in my life but yet JOBLESS. I stay in USA ,got my EAD last year but no job. I have always struggled to get job in spite of very good qualifications.
    Brother should I leave all hopes of getting job. I need job to keep myself busy or else will soon become mental.In this country we are very lonely without friends/family. its my 5th year & still no sign of any jobs.I am just wondering what could be the reason. Please dont ask me for my horoscope as the timings are not correct.I am already 35 above,how long can I wait? .Generally I dont get jealous of people but seeing people with less qualification well settled in job even my nature is changing to being very negative. I am pregnant now & really wish that baby should not be affected due to this.

    hopefully waiting for your reply

  32. Years ago when I was a kid Hanumanji appeared in my dreams during the difficult times that my mother, brother and I were going through. Now my mom is a Shivaji devotee and I’m a Hanumanji devotee. After my first relationship I was heart broken. Started falling behind in college. Soon later found out I Shani grah since I was 6. After that day of finding that out. That’s when my love for Hanuman flourished. Every Saturday I kept fast for Shani and listen and chant Hanumans name and his Chalisa. I’ve performed Shani grah Pooja as well as Hanumanji Pooja. This is my last year of Shani grah and the blessings I’ve received from Hanumanji himself is something I’m always so grateful for. So many things in life i have overcame and was given the strength to do. I’m doing excellent in my courses. Landed a wonderful job relating to my career. As his devotee you can really feel him in your heart whenever you say his name.

  33. My kid is so arrogant .. shall I pray to lord Hanuman….. whether he will give good result for my kid

  34. I really saw miracle after getting in touch with the divine hanuman chalisa.
    I had to clear my entrance exam and there were only 15 seats in that course and as usual many candidates appeared for that entrance test.
    I was so worried about my future,so I started to chant hanuman chalisa 21 times a day and miraculously I got selected and achieved 13th position in that exam and now I am studying there and I feel very blessed to be there.
    Lord hanuman is immortal he is still there to bless the entire world.

  35. Please read Hanuman Chalisa everyday. Thats about it, start your prayers with ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and end it with ‘Jai Shri Ram’. If you need a job I can help you find one. There is no shortcut like 11 Saturdays and so, I do not believe in all that. The true devotion and pure love is what the lord is looking forward to in you. Do it and I am sure you will be out of your problems very quickly. If possible please take time to visit Shri Prasanna ByelAnjaneya temple near Makli, on Tumkur road in Bangalore. Your faith in the lord is what that matters, the stronger the faith the most efficient and successful you will be in handling your issues. JAI SHRI RAM!!

  36. Hi,

    I am 30 yrs old and get tensed very easily, always worried about career health. Do every thing in hurry. One panditji told me to chant hanuman chalisa every day as am having strong mangal and some shani dasha. Chanting hanuman chalisa once and shani mantra 108 times from last 1 month and it’s magical. More patience in me, more understanding for things. Things are going esasily. Let me know please is it necessary to wear stone for shani dasha?

  37. Hi, I was trying for my post graduation medical entrance examination…I was not able to get d desired branch even after trying for 3 years….and during my last attempt few days before exam I prayed anchineyaer near my home. I offered daily ghee lamp….to be astonished I got my desired branch in my home town where I did my undergraduate…. without his blessings nothing would have come true

  38. @ARUN! devotion is of two types like god loving and god fearing. So may be you are of god loving type and not the other one. Still it can work if you ask him for help in doubts or struggle.

  39. Hi

    There was no looking back for me since I started worshipping Lord Hanuman and reading Hanuman Chalisa every day. There are instances when I have got back a lost client/regained back a task almost become futile after praying Lord Hanuman. There are also instances when I have got result within only a few minutes that I have started praying Lord Hanuman. I have strong faith that in this Kaliyuga, Lord Hanuman is the only deity who responds to the call of the devotee fastest.

  40. in my life there are too many problems, money, happiness, peace i cant get anything from this, please help me on this,
    i love lord hanuman,but i don’t have the feel to pray him, even in my altar room i have lord hanuman statue, but when ever i enter my altar room i don’t have that feel to pray. why are this happening to me,any reason, can you please help me on this, i really need lord rama and lord hanuman blessing

  41. Hi! i have applied for govt job on 2 month back on next month i have exam , in that i have to get good marks for that , i have to do any pooja for hanuman please tell me.

  42. Actually u should have come out of ur problems within few weeks. coming out of problems means u will get an extra energy and power to overcome all your problems and face it. Not that he will solve everything by himself, but instead u will get an extra power. u wont be weak like before.

  43. I heard Lord hanuman does sandhyavandanam in brahmamuhurth and we are not supposed to pray him early mornings and evenings. Please tell me timings when I can do pooja to swamy

  44. @karine! Going to temple has a different meaning. Because the idol in the temple has more power due to spiritual installation and also regular worship. Hence one can feel spiritual vibrations in the temple. But if there is no option for one, still one can perform puja with an idol at home. But if there is a chance one could go to the temple nearby atleast once in an year or so to feel the bliss. Also making a Vow would help reap the benefits faster. Reading books related to hanuman and spirituality also can help. For this you could visit a site namely “”.

    jai hanuman.

  45. Hi,
    Thank you for your article it’s so awesome. As the first recomendation goes,” Go to Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday with a clean and fresh mind.” I can not accomplish it physically beacause where I live we don’t have temples. Can you please eleborate on how I can remediate and accomplish this first rule of worshipping Hanuman Please. Thank you so very much for all your help. Namaste.

  46. If possible visiting temple every tuesday and saturday plus avoiding nonveg and alc ohol and reading hanuman chalisa chanting Jai Shree Ram 21 times before Lord Hanumanji get most pleased i follow same as i have done a lot of research on same . It is more effective.
    like every good work has to be started with lord shree ganesha Even Hanumanjis chanting should be done after Lord Shree Rams Stuti or chanting to be more effective.
    Lord Hanuman ji stays in Lord Shree Rams Soul to reach there u need to worship Lord Ram and chant lord Hanumans name after.

  47. Hi Omkar,
    could you tell in detail regarding getting kid.Did u get child after so many years of praying lord hanuman.


  48. @preety! Interesting experience. May be the health problem is due to shani or mangal effects. Also kindly opt for medical help.

  49. Hello,
    Could you please suggest me what to do in case of serious health problems. Im doing chalisa everyday one time only. I have noticed that i get some relief when doing so. But i have done another prayer also i found on the net and i found my health worsen. Then i started again my hanuman chalisa and chanting the name of hanuman 108 times a day. I did this for two days i had great relief.
    But do you think i will get cured or should i do more prayer?
    Thank you.

  50. I pray Lord Hanuman regularly. Hanumanji has saved my life when I was not in my sense. I have kept Lord Hanuman’s idol in my car. One day I went in my car alone in the night time. I was in depression. I lost my sense because I consumed too much alcohol. But I returned back my home safely with my car. I have many enemies but till now they were not able to harm me. I have not done anything wrong or any bad deeds, my only problem is my anger and I don’t bear any injustice and I speak on the face. My enemies tried a lot to harm me; now also trying. My husband also tried to harm me. He joined his hands with my enemies. Its only because of Hanumanji I am safe. He protected me and my son from all bad people and I know he will never put us down. I chant Hanuman Chalisa daily and I go to Hanuman temple almost all the Saturday’s along with my Son. Always I feel like a kind of a energy is surrounding me and protecting me.

  51. Sita raam. I try to keep prayer in my heart and mind… At nights it becomes hard for me yo sleep… I feel fear and I still imaging bad things, like people I love dying, or tonight I feel something here, I literally am so fearful the place is cold and I’m sweating. The only way I feel peace and safe is playing and chanting the hanuman chalisa… A few months ago I dreamt hanuman and I got up with the feeling I had to do a hanuman puja with 108 roat… The prayer was carded for Sunday 5november but my uncle died.. And I feel that all I need is to do that prayer .. No one at home is doing it .. But I’m going to do it myself…

  52. I feel like he is my guardian and protecting me since my childhood i didn’t noticed.And always surrounded by problems. One day someone told me to pray him.And all my problems gone.And now i have a big faith in him… And became theist now

  53. I always felt a love and calling for lord hanuman. When I faced problems, prayers to lord hanuman immediately gave some inner peace.

  54. Om hanumante namoh namah
    Im a customs officer and due to my some bad deeds im now suspended.i m regretting of what i did as now its a court case as well.i have started praying to lord hanuman everyday and i hope he will get me out of all these troubles and to get my job back.o lord hanuman as you said ” sankart karte mittey sab peera jo sumure humant beera.
    Been 4months now still no positive reply from my job but i havnt lost the faith of my lord hanuman.
    Jai shri ram jai shri ram jai hanuman.

  55. I’ve been a Buddhist since an early age but always felt a love and calling for Lord Hanuman. Every time I face challenges i offer prayers to Lord Buddha and Lord Hanuman and immediately feel some internal peace. This helps me focus on how to deal with the problems. Often hearing The Chalisa brings tears of heartfelt love.

  56. I did go through a very difficult time back in 2014 and my praying to lord Hanuman and Ganesh every Saturday and Tuesday really changed my life. I stoped eating non-veg on these days and also alcohol, I saw the changes right before my eyes.

  57. Lord Hanuman help me to overcome the troubles of min sister in law Marla Bissessar and Winifred Bissessar who is fooling my husband making strife in our life

  58. Hello Sir,
    I really felt happy after reading your post. I have a doubt. As you said leave sesame, sugar and red gram. Where should i leave them? Can you please guide me. what you mean my “leave”


    I have always feel lord Hanuman presence when i felt so sad in life or when i need him in tough time and when i am happy , i feel him helping me out to come out of any problem which i have faced in life so far. I always feel motivated and positive in life when i visit Hanuman temple. I can say that i feel incomplete in my life if i am not seeing him or not visiting his temple. After facing lot of up and down in my life , i realized without lord Hanuman i am nothing, so what ever i am in my life it is because of him i have achieved.
    I would like to thank him for being always with me. Without your grace lord Hanuman, i am incomplete and without you my life is waste. Because of you only i feel there is purpose of life…..


  60. Whenever I required hanuman ji was and is always there. I felt his blessings on me. Before I was regularly doing the chalisa path and in between I left and now again I started and still continuing and am so peace at mind and no fear of anything.

  61. I am Rajashree, 40yrs old I am married and having 4 yrs old daughter, I don’t have anyone’s support since mine was love marriage. Due to high BP at the time of pregnancy I got one side stroke after this incident my husband is not coming to me. I work but due to health issues I am not going for work since two months. Now I started praying to Lord hanumanji I believe that all my problems will be solved.

  62. Hello hitesh,
    if u really want to recite the chalisha then you can recite it morning as well as evening and yes pray the almighty with pure heart and surrender your soul under his feet and let him take care of your soul cos he only gave us birth and all these material deeds like money,fame are just for few years then at the end of the day we all have to leave this earth so have this gratittude and pray the almighty with all love you get.He will listen. Jay siyaram.

    From a devotee..

  63. jau hanumanji ki jai.jai siyaram. oh almighty have this kindness on me so that i would be on your feet till i die.i love you to core. jay siyaram jay jay ram ram.

  64. oh lord hanumanji !!! i am sacrificing myself on your feet fully with all my love .please do accept me. i need you oh almighty.forgive me.

  65. I got blessed by daughter by reciting hanuman chalisa. As i prayed hanuman for child instead will recite chalisa and got the result.

  66. Jai shriram, I had lot of several problem from health, job, physically since past lot of years..then Started reading hanuman chalisa, now am feeling some sort of problem cleared…But still need some information , how to read hanuman chalisa to overcome from all the problems, please can anyone suggest me …On Saturday am avoiding non veg since 10 years and from 6 months started reading hanuman chalisa

  67. Lord hanuman !!! kindly help me. its been tough .show me somepath almighty. Please. Being jobless is taking on me now.PLease show me path oh siyaram.Jai siyaram

  68. My name is sivakumar, i want to share these with you. i am working in private industry as HRM and i have to travel every week to court for cases. one day a man sitting closeby in bus start reading hanuman chalisa. once he finished i start asking about hanuman. he told me his experience. i came to know that he start writing JAI SRI RAM every day and even found time. after then i started JAI SRI RAM and put the written jepa mala on Hanuman every day. i do not know how to express that AANANDAM. Lord Hanuman is my Guru. i speak to him about my daily schedule and ups and down of life and .. all matters. he is taking care of me and my family it is evident.

  69. Yes… It is mantra of 13letter where ram comes three times n Jaya also comes 3 times. It is also stated that in Sri rudram Shankar comes 13times


  71. Jai bajranwali forgive me and lead me to the destination of my life.i feel lost me almighty.Jay Siyaram

  72. Actually i had serious problems and was a vishnu bhaktha suddenly serious problems took over me and i could not escape i dnt knw wht happened i started chanting hanuman chalisa, omg nw what u said is right in one or two weeks i felt better, still im hoping my problems to get better nw its after 5months im tellng u guys, Basically my life is pushed too down i need hanumanjis support further.”JAI SRI RAM, JAI SRI RAM, JAI SRI RAM, JAI HANUMAN, JAI HANUMAN, JAI HANUMAN, :-)

  73. OM SHREE HANUMANTHE NAMAH. I AM BEGGING YOU TO HEAR MY PRAYER AS I prayed and was your lotus feet with milk, honey bestowed your blessing to me and my family especially my son daren watch over him for all his difficulties and worry days protected him from danger in and out the house, driving protected from friends help my family near and far and protected all the children in and out of school job wise protected us at work for happiness health and financially om shree hanaman naham

  74. Forgive me almighty for the sins i have done and help me getting my software job back. jai bajrangbali ki jai .jai jai jai siyaram.jai shreeeram.

  75. Hello ,I am a girl and I also worship hanumanji .I love him so much as he’s best friend of mine!!I just want to suggest one thing to you by this comment as just love him as parent respect him as mentor and have affection with him as friend.He will never ever let u down .He will make you stronger day by day mentally and physically.I just pray him to love me back and be with me .Things happen in their best way they can so hanuman chalisa sankatmochan and banjrang baan has power to cure anything in this world,the most impossible one too!!!!
    Love you Balaji ????????

  76. tanvi ji pleae dont follow blind faith. no one can help you as it is the desire of hanuman .. even i am not getting success. these things does not have good importance

  77. Reciting of the Hanumaan Chalisa has given me much strength, courage, and peace. At a time when my mind and actions were largely drowned with negativity and negative unrighteous behaviors, I was saved by his grace and love.
    Ram Dwaare Tum Rakhvare
    Hot Na Aagya Binu Paisare
    (You secure and guard the door that leads to Lord Rama,
    And no one can pass through it without your permission.)
    His grace allowed me to become ever closer to Sri Ram, the peace and tranquility I know attain just by saying RAM is both sweet and tranquil. Though the troubles through my previous wrong doings remain, I now travel the path or righteousness and the truth, with faith in Sri Ram and Hanumaan. In time, I am sure my troubles will dissipate like the ripples from a stone thrown into a pond -after all, we must all face the wrath of our karma!! the difference is, I am strong enough to face it while remaining resolute to the truth- SRI RAM.
    I live in the USA, I speak little native dialects, but somehow Sri Ram has enable me to find him, with the help and guidance of Hanumaan. To all my Hindu brothers and sisters who live abroad, otherwise known as NRI’s(who may feel that hey have a lack of knowledge and understanding), I encourage immersing yourself in the following:
    followed by Ram japa………..peace of mind, courage, compassion, and love for what is true will surely follow.
    Jai sri Ram

  78. @Tanvi Priya! Patience and hard work always payoff. Also destiny takes you to places which are suitable to you.

  79. @ Joys! Prayers can be done from anywhere. As per spirituality everyone and everything is interconnected.

  80. @Sri! If someone does not do pooja, then there is no rule that he will not come up in life. Poojas are ways to minimize and also overcome the effects of the ill deeds of our past and present. Besides, horoscope, persons upbringing, communication skills and many other factors contribute to growth in life. By the way what is your meaning of position in life. Is it just materialistic? Positions can also be scaled based on spiritual growth, character growth etc.

  81. i remember , i started chanting “Hanuman chalisa ” from 2002-2003, almost on daily
    i am chanting hanuman chalisa daily and not fallowing any restrictions, i am not doing like any deeksha but doing from very long times.
    Every time i chanted for 108 times, i felt with one good news in couple of months, this is what happened 2 times for me now
    Right now i am i did 11 times chanting for 11 days with restrictions ( no non veg and drinks)
    is it is good?

    But from my child hood overthought i do lot of pooja , every time i used to compare myself to others over my status over pooja
    Lot of my friends , who do not do pooja on daily basis they are in much good position than me, they never bother about daily pooja vidanam, but sometimes they will go temple, but they are in good position than me then i decide my self that , due to my pooja s only i came to this position , if not i would have been in different position

    Please suggest any alternative of hanuman pooja vidanam

  82. My brother recently got diagnosed with 2 tumors in spinal code. and my father started seeing crying ladies near his bed and also black figures lumbering around the house. My father dont believe in hanuman ji. But I believe in hanumanji, will it help if I pray here for my home. The main thing is I work and stay in other state, not where my father lives. Please advice.

    hey almighty, i know you are there somewhere listening to my words and i do accept infront of everyonr that i have made mistakes but please donot suffer my parents for my fault ad they deserves happpiness and pls give me the power to keep em happppy and see the smile in their face.i lost the job .mom was preeety sad than me and i know all these are sufferrings that i need to pass by but oh almighty, give me power to pass it with power and postivity and sho me further path in my life.

    Jai siyaram…

  84. Hi I want to start my 11 Saturday prayer for hanuman ji with my black till ,sugar and red gram .What must I say to hunuman ji when I leave my things by his feet ? Quantity wise in my grains .please reply ASAP .

  85. Hello All hanuman. Devotees
    Am happy to share details regarding
    Hanuman ji temple which is in Karnataka
    It is very powerful temple and beautiful thing is the god only give the solutions for problems of devotees in Darshan
    My experience of Darshan was so amazing
    Its must visit temple
    You will get very very different experience.
    Please go through below information to know about darshana.
    Guys kindly, read about darshana below.
    It is amazing

    Darshanaa A unique feature of the Kshethra is the 400 years old tradition of ‘Darshanaa’ during which the presiding deity of the temple, Anjaneya is believed to listen to the woes and submissions of the devotees and speak to them through the mouth of the hereditarily ordained priest. At present, Shri Maruthi Guruji, the Dharmadhikari or the high priest of the temple, ordained by his father Vedamoorthi Brahmashree Shri Ganesh Bhat is continuing the tradition of Darshanaa i.e. the spiritual counseling, for the devotees seeking solution for their problems of varying nature like crises in spiritual pursuits, domestic and family conflicts, physical, physiological and psychological ailments, education, career prospects, business etc. The message carried by the words of mouth of the beneficiaries of ‘Darshanaa’ has reached far and wide, even beyond the borders of the country that the number of persons seeking “Darshanaa” is always on rise. ’Darshanaa’ takes place between 7am to 12pm, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday only, excluding Ekadashi, Poornima and Amavasya falling on these days.

  86. Hi my name is Tanvi Priya I am from Bangalore. My ambition was to work in a tv serial but unfortunately it didn’t work out now I want to go to abroad and work so please help me in fulfilling my dream.

  87. Moli here again
    make a efforts to go hanuman temple every day with your own budget money which you can effort to offer tulasi mala, bitel leave mala, broun sugar,
    Rice , yellow lentil and white sesame offer to sri hanuman ji leg…
    Light sesame oil fill in earth light … in temple …
    Make sure bow your head to groun make sure forehead touches ground say forgive me what ever I do whong that all you say to sri hanuman ji…
    don’t ask anything from sri hanuman ji
    Look at his eye nicely he will communicate in your heart .. sri hanuman ji will show very fast result …
    At home put hanuman. Chalisa song morning and evening … every morning light sesame oil light any way facing north or south doesn’t mater put centre of house it ok… leave it 24 hours add sasame oil ..
    Read hanuman chalisa morning and evening
    I do when ever I feel 2-3 times
    I am business women face all kind of problems. In business loan insurance People very jealous on me .
    why lady can do business …All enemy was just 2 leg man Islam people … I win them true sri hanuman ji
    It am very honest loyal in my business but it was very difficult past 10 year … after serving hanuman ji with efforts I released .. I must put effort to go to sri hanuman ji Temple it was best result within just one and half years..
    Result just came like that now I am surprised and doing very good. I still continue my praying in temple without fail… and love sri hanuman ji like yourself that all you need..

  88. To all those who have/are benefiting from praying Sri Hanumanji ..happy for you all. Having said that, no body might have gone through what all I have been going through from last 20+ yrs. Being a lady in a foreign land, no family, no friends and no help. I come from a very good and well educated family. I acquired foreign citizenship on my own, I married a person who presented himself as a good person, I believed him, had two kids. I helped him so much to become a citizen but because of his inefficiency and stupidity, he couldn’t. I wasted my precious years supporting this guy and raising kids cause he wouldn’t care fore them. But now when I am 46, I have separated from him, he took both my kids not to care but to take revenge on me, my father passed away few years ago. This guy poisoned my mother and brother just like he did with my kids so everybody is against me now. He tells all the friends bad things about me so nobody helps me. Now I am left with no job even if I find one, I always lose it after 3-4 months, no help and nobody to rely on.

    I have been a devotee of Sri Hanumanji but never prayed religiously on a regular basis. I do however though put deep and pray on Tuesdays and Saturday whenever possible. I believe more in self help and then rely on divine intervention. Any suggestions as to how to settle down in a job? How not to have enemies? How to come over people’s jealously which caused me lot of damage? I want to observe fast at least for 11 Saturdays to get faster results, but I don’t know how exactly to doit? What to eat what not to etc.? Pls. help

  89. Sahi Kaha aapne Amit Ji Main toh apna bhai ji manti hoon HANUMAN JI Ko.

    Chaliye saath main kahiye “JAI SHREE RAM” “JAI JAI HANUMAN”.

  90. Just you say to your parents the thing you are cheating yourself is to not expressing your inner feelings to your parents just say and see what happens you will be successful

  91. Namaste
    Even I, my hubby n kids listen to hanuman chalisa everyday. Can feel lot of changes in our life.
    Rama Laksmana Janaki
    Jai bolo Hanuman ki

  92. Hi sir,Thanks for the reply and good suggestion to me.I hope one day will come for my daughter.

  93. @Radhika! Though hanuman pooja help get rid of problems. Still it is better to go through her horoscope and see which deity really suits. Then doing pooja for that deity mostly helps to a complete extent. You can find this by checking her kundli on free horoscope websites. Also during certain stages of planetary transit people get into more troubles. So checking her horoscope might give you better solution. Please feel free to mention more doubts.


  94. Hi ,I’m doing hanumanpooja from long time about my daughter.But still not relief from tensions and worries about her.pls anyone can tell to get rid of these tensions.

  95. I am not Sir, but here is the Hanuman Mool Mantra which will help you develop lots of devotion: Om hram hrim hroom hraim hraum hraha. Om ham Hanumante Rama tootaya namah. That means “We worship Hanuman who is the greatest servant and messenger of God Incarnate, Sri Ram.” You can buy it from

  96. Hanumanji saved my life today! I live in New York City, and today is Saturday. I was going to the nice temple to get darshan, and as I was crossing a busy street since it was my turn to cross, a car came out of nowhere, very fast and moved out of my way just before it hit me. I was already saying Hanuman Mool Mantra, and Hanuman protects you when you are traveling, so I am very sure Hanumanji saved me from getting hit by that car. I pray to Hanumanji every day, and is my god, my guru, my guide, my protector, and my friend. Today he protected me yet again. Is there any end to Hanumanji’s blessings?

  97. Ranga sir i want talk to u sir iam from tiripathi sir how to pray lord hanuman fullfil my wish sir

  98. Pandey ji, interesting to read your story. How did you awake your kundalini? Can you please share your Facebook profile to connect with if you don’t mind?

  99. Hi sir.. I have read about Hanuman Chalisa is really powerful. Where to get the lyrics in English? I am confused which mantra to chant. Shall you provide me?

  100. Sit on a mat keeping Lord hanuman picture facing north with a glass of water and chant hanuman chalisa 7times daily

  101. ranga sir pls tell hanuman remedies i stay kasapuram hanuman temple for 41 days then my wish fullfill sir i cannot live with out her pls hanuman ji help me

  102. Jai Sri Ram Jai Hanumanji Please pray to Hanumanji for my friend’s fiance. He has a lung disease which is very serious and could die. His name is Mikal. My friend is a devotee of Ganesh. I am saying Hanuman Chalisa seven times and have much faith in Hanumanji, but I think the more people who pray the better. Thank you so much.

  103. Hello ranga sir my name is praveen my lover name swetha both deeply last 5 years but prently she is avioding with me i cannot live with out her many times lord hanuman help that love problem but this time lord hanuman was silent pls help lord hanuman ranga sir pls help tell hanuman remedies i have fulll faith my lord pls tell

  104. Big days ahed lord hanumanjiiiii.. i know you are with me.. just wannna say m feeling bit scared but when i think i have the backing of my almighty every bit of fear washes away… Kepp my parents healthy and happpy almighty and bless em. jai hanuman ji ki jai. Jai siyaram…

  105. By the blessings of Lord Hanumana ( Sankat Mochan Hanuman ) you will get more than your expectations.
    All kinds of obstacles will be removed from your life and you will feel a different type of happiness in your self.

  106. I may not be praying properly and not getting results. Will you pray for fulfilling my desire? It seems Hanumanji listens to you and not me.

  107. Namaste ji, I want to get married asap but shani in my lagna chart and I m facing lots of obstacles to find my life partner. All astrological remedies have failed to get rid of my problems. Pls suggest me how can I chant hanuman chalisa or any other powerful mantra to get married fast?

  108. hey lord hanuman ji,forgive me if i done wrong.please forgive me. each saturday i used to chant 108times hanuman chalisha but this saturday i chanted 27 times as one priest told me. All i believe is i love you lord hanuman ji and m gna be in your feet all my life.i promise. Forgive me if i had done wrong neither i will continue 108 time s from next saturday. Jai shreeeram jai shreeeram jai shreeeram.

  109. …Jai Shree Ram Jai Hanuman… Remember this mantra….it will keep all evil forces & bad away

  110. hello
    i am aruna rathod i am employee actuallt iam waiting for promotion many months but i am not getting.can please give a solution for what pooja should i do to get the promotion very soon.
    Jai Hanuman

  111. jai hanuman.. i and my cousine love each other. we said or love to our parents. parents found that i started loving him in wrong time. i had high kuja dosha at that time. all astrologers said us to be seperated. we cant leave without each other. i read in wedsite hanuman god will clear off all kuja dosha. now we from past 2 weeks we are chanting Hanuman chalis daily and decided to go to hanuman temple every tuesday and pray whole heartedly to him. please hanuman help us . sort out all our problems and make us marry each other with everyones blessing and lead us happy life.._/\_ jai…. Hanuman…_/\__/\_ bless us

  112. Dear Pin Ji. I am not the owner of this site, so I cannot give you the ultimate advice, but I really hurt for you. You need new friends. You should ask Hanuman Ji to heal your broken heart and hand-pick some friends who will be good for you, and you also good for them. You cannot make someone love you unless they want to already, so if they don’t just leave them alone and let Hanuman Ji find you a good friend.

  113. I am 40 year old single handicapped person and the friends I love always reject or are indifferent to me. I have been chanting Chalisa When will I get result?

  114. i worshipped hanuman ji from last 2 and half yrs but even bad things happened on tuesday what can be the problems can you suggest

  115. Anjaneyan is infinite love.
    He will bless one to love all and forgive all,He leads every one to the rightous path. Ian not an orphan or destitute because Anjeneyan is my God and my provider.He clearly knows what I iam lacking.

  116. Hi,

    I am a person who believe in god. I have undergone very bad phases in my life especially wrt marriage. Now finally last year I found a guy thought we make a good pair and went ahead with the wedding without having kundali match. It’s exactly year today and have problems in my marriage life especially with a friend of my husband who is a girl. She is married and she is been interfering in our lives and she never allows me and my husband to be together happily. I tried making him understand however, anything I say he proves the whole world that I am threatening him and am not understanding him. Situation went to extreme when I relocated from different place to New Jersey. Now the moment he sees me we just shows that hatred feelings and he wants a divorce and meanwhile the purpose of relocation was my project completed. Since June till date have been trying my hard to find a job and also adjust with my husband. Nowhere it is going upto. Meanwhile I have a spinal injury due to which the offer I got had to leave. Finally had to disclose this my parents has nothing was favoriting me and mom approached a astrologer and just looking at my and my husband picture he told my past. Now he tells it wasn’t advised to marry this guy and cz of which have been undergoing this problem. As he mentioned earlier I used to worship hanuman ji and chant his mantras early in the morning and evening . Due to health issues am unable to perform in the evening. Any trial I make to reach him and be good to him , have a negative impact and regard to job I get calls but no results . I am really lost and in an helpless situation. Please let me know what all I can do to make my family life and career back in shape. Kindly advise.

    Thank you.

  117. Thank you, Sir. I do continue to pray to Lord Shiva out of love and respect, but my heart belongs to Hanuman Ji and I will not miss a day without him. My sun is weak due to Rahu affliction. I was told to wear a ruby, but you stated in your instructions above that instead of wearing a ruby you can also pray to Hanuman Ji, so I hope I am headed in the right direction.

  118. @Hanuman Singh! Thanks for sharing your experience here. However it does not mean one should no pray lord Shiva. Every person will have problems due to some weak planet positions in astrology. So based on that one gets relief when he prays to suitable deity. If moon is weak lord Shiva prayer is good. If Saturn is weak then hanuman prayer will do.

  119. Namaskar to all the beautiful souls here! Hanuman Ji has been so good to me, and I am very grateful for that. Trust, me he does listen to you and he cares very much about you. Here is what he did for me. Due to past life sins I was going through so much suffering. I always believed in God and that God made this beautiful, massive universe, but I never believed God would have anything to do with me, because I was in so much suffering. Then one day I was praying to Hanuman Ji at the temple, and suddenly a flower came from thin air and landed at my feet. That was Hanuman Ji showing me that he was listening to me and that he cared about me. After a while I thought it was better to pray to Shiva, so I did so for a while, but I got very sickly and depressed and was sleeping 12 hours a day, always so tired. I was living in a very bad apartment that was falling to pieces and very depressing and the neighborhood (colony) was dangerous. Then one day when I was meditating I saw Hanuman Ji come to me in my mind and he was surrounded by so much power, and he said to me you should pray to me again. I immediately bought a new copy of Hanuman Chalisa and started reciting it every day and praying to Hanuman Ji all day. Within a few weeks I was sleeping only 7 hours a night and was cheerful. Then soon I lost my apartment and soon found a new one which is nice, clean, and cheerful and in a very good neighborhood. I am crazy about Hanuman Ji because he is pure love, and he has done many other beautiful things for me. Please pray to Hanuman Ji and say Hanuman Chalisa every day. Even if you have problems, keep the faith and trust that Hanuman Ji will get you through it. Saba sukha lahai tumhari sarana, tuma racchaka kahu ko dara na. Jai Shri Ram. Jai Hanuman!

  120. Oh !!! lord i knew you are seeing me and know my emotions well. I just wanna say ki make me permanet in my job and give me a place in heart. I do love you almighty,yeah i do.i Wannna serve my parents as well as the needy ones in the society. Love you


  122. Jai Shri Ram, Jai Hanuman,
    Friends I would like to share with u very strange experience of my lord Hanuman jee, after my kundalini awaken I did not know how to manage the power came out from it, unexpected my body started automatically doing Yoga/ aashan, my entire family was scared to see that I start jumping, jogging, aulom vilom, and some new types of Asanas automatically, i thought it is the power of kundalini, but not exactly it was as one day while started chanting Chalisa at pray time, my body started movements like a monkey does, that way I understood that lord Hanumana is my guru nd teaching me everything. But it was hard to understand the gestures he uses with shaking any part of my body, so I pray him to speak to me through my voice, but he doesn’t know languages/words.
    Now he is all the time with me as friends and we talk, but he answers in yes or no.
    He revealed me that I m the soul of Rishi Valmiki nd rebirth as Goswami Tulsidas, Chandrashekhar Azad and now myself. It is my last birth nd finally attaining moksha.
    Hanumana is the most kindly, sweet and lovely. He taught me how to pray nd chant, he likes sweet nd slow voice, he doesn’t hv any mortal existence, he doesn’t look like monkey, he is a power nd we can c him in meditation like small sun. He doesn’t live in Himalays, he lives in hearts of people. Sometimes he use my voice to chant Jay Shri Ram, Jay Jay shri with devine sound….. amazing. He cares me like my father and command also in same way.

  123. @Jayeeta Das! Problems always come and even may go off if one is able to persist and conquer. And we need to believe in god or lord hanuman just to give us the strength and knowledge to overcome them. Besides, the chances of suffering comes down drastically with gods helps. Even life can be more bright after problems have gone. So gods murthy, frame are meant for us to feel gods presence beside us but mostly they don’t cause any problem.
    Jai hanuman…

  124. Hello,

    Myself Jayeeta. I also believe in Lord Hanuman Ji. I am chanting Hanuman Chalisa regular basis. In my life, i can feel his power. But, before 2 years, i bought a marble murti of Lord Hanuman (Panchmukhi). After that, suddenly i was facing many problems. Some say me that, i should not keep any murti of Lord Hanuman in my home. I should give his murti to any temple. As, we should only keep his frame in home. Please give me your suggestion.

  125. My name is Gopal and I live in Durban, South Africa. Please believe me, everything that has been said in this web article is perfectly true. Lord Sri Hanumanji always helps those in distress. The Lord has helped me and my family on a number of occasions and in the most difficult of times. We chant the Chalisa 11 times every Tuesdays and once a year 11 times for 41 days. Have faith, trust and patience in Lord Sri Hanumanji and Chalisa. Be humble and polite. Start now. Do not procrastinate. You will be rewarded. Om Sri Hanumanthaye Namah. Om Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram.

  126. i really believe in shree hanuman. Every Tuesday and Saturday i chanted hanuman chalisa 11 times. still i cannot overcome my problem that i faced. did i make a mistake when i chanted hanuman chalisa. should i follow the rule and regulations when chanting hanuman chalisa please tell me the method of chanting .

  127. Have faith in lord hanuman people and keep on visting this site cos m preety sure god is watching this infact he is watching us each and everytime. Do good karma and believe in the almighty itself and live a simple life. Cant explian the power of almighty in this world. Oh almighty forgive all the sins i had done before. I promise you here infront of everyday,from now on i wont be doing any kinda bad karma ever. i will chant your name till my last breath. jai siyaram…

  128. hi for the past two months iam writing sri rama jayam 108 times daily. I use to eat non veg since my parents ask me to eat. they don’t knw that I write sri rama jayam daily and iam afraid to say too. but every Saturdays I won’t eat non veg. I want to write sri rama jayam daily but iam in a situation of not avoiding non veg. wat to do?

  129. There are so many miracle thats has happened in my life. I am a born Christian but one day randomly went to a Hanuman temple when i was pregnant . All i said i will be bless with a girl but i wanted a baby and cried and prayed and i also told him I want a proof that its you who worked the miracle. Now i have a son who is 4 born in the same nakshatra of Hanuman. Financially he has also helped a lot.i go to temple every saturday.

  130. I am also facing the situation of separation from husband doing pray to lord hanuman to show us a way.. to sort out all problems with happiness.And not allow the other obstacles to inter fear us. Pray for me to get my love back!

  131. On Saturdays to worship lord hanuman, bath with sesame seeds on the head, go to hanuman temple and leave sesame, sugar and red gram (pigeon pea) do it for 11 weeks and you will see a real miracle by turn out of your problems.
    my doubt is where to leave sesame sugar n red gram

  132. i dn know what brought me here again but one thing is sure god has blessings on all of them who are here. its just we do have to realise and take rest in there shadow. Whatever pain i have got, i dnt care cos i know god is with me and he is watching. God himself said “sankata katei mitey sab pira jo sumiraye hanumata bira” Enough said. Jai hanumanji ki jaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. Give me a place in your heart almighty.i feel like i belong there and wannna worship you. Love you and jay siyaram.

  133. Jai Hanuman!Jai Shree Ram! There was a problem I was facing and after worshipping Lord Hanuman and after reading Hanuman Chalisa the problem has stopped.Reading Hanuman Chalisa gives me Strength and Energy.

  134. I love my boyfriend 5 years but now my Mother in law making problem about our love. Nowadays my Boyfriend follow he Mother. I wan to my Boyfriend.please help me

  135. @Anubha! Please remember life is never without problems. The boat of patience will help us sail over the ocean of life. Also getting closer to hanuman by heart will help relive your sufferings and pain. Just have faith in lord and please move on.

  136. kuch bhi achha nai chal raha hai .na maaried life na office,please mujhe kya krna chiaya …hepl me…..kuch bhi apne track pr ni hai…

  137. @ Hari! Do not give up hanuman prayers and also keep searching for better medical health. Try to mention the health condition you have. Your problem will not be disclosed but possible advice if any will be sent by mail.Jai hanuman.

  138. I am going hanuman temple past 6 months i got flower from right side 3 times but my problems s not vanish i am chanting manojam marutha tuttaya vegam jitendriam varisyam regularly what 2 do.pls give me suggesion docter told i am helps less

  139. Jai Bajarangbali ki jai. i Posted my problem little bit week ago and started praying hanumanji twice a day with full devotion and wrote jai shree ram 108 times each day and guess what i got selected in a company. I promise i will continue this chant of hanumanji till my last breath cos i belongs to the almighty. Love you bajrangvali. To core. Jai shree ram.

  140. hi all,
    its been nice to read all these blessings. I wanna share my problem to lord hanuman ji. I am 26 years age but still donot have a job and living on parents money. Struggling in bangalore frm last 1.5 years to get a software job .its hard for me to swallow this pain. I Started chanting chalisha 5 months ago but frm last few days i am more into chalisha.i just wanted to say i am not sad for myself but i m sad for my parents because they had a dream with me which i cant deliver to them. i feel so exhausted thinking about my parents. i just pray you almighty please keep my parents happy alwys and give them all happiness. i love them a lot. please hanumanjiii keep them happpy alwys.let me be sad rather but keep them happy . love you hanumanji to core..

  141. Jai Hanuman.. Hanumanji is alive and always around us. Jai Sriram… Jai Hanuman.. Jai Bajarangibali..

  142. Its not my success story.but I have a question.if there is no hanuman temple where i should leave sesame seed,sugar or red gram??kindly answer please

  143. Thank you for your tips.but where I am staying right now there is no bajrangbali told to leave sesame seed,red gram and sugar on Saturday.can you guide me for this what should I do??

  144.! when giving sesame seeds, sugar and red gram to Lord hanumanji it must be put ghee and light up or give it to archanai???? pls clear my doubt..what must do wit that 3 things???

  145. It happens that I m a very anxious person, easily prey to negative thoughs, worries, depression and panicking. But I experienced 3-4 times in my life when I was panicking and worrying, I receited Hanuman Chalisa and Hanuman mantras and it provided immediate relief. As if Lord Hanuman personally lifted me from that state of mind. Especially tonight as I kept worrying about my moms endoscopy tomorrow., my crazy mind was all over making the hell out of it, and I receited Lord Hanuman mantra. And my mind all cleared and my heart filled with strength and Positivity.
    I want to Thank the Great Lord.
    Jai Hanuman dada!
    Jai Shree Ram!

  146. Before that take a promise to mend your ways then only your prayers may be answered after years…

  147. @jatin! First start praying to lord hanuman without any other thoughts. And also do not give up until things come to your likeness at home. Jai hanuman.

  148. I am a student and I was just facing failures in my studies and in my success from 2 years and doctors said I m going in depression n many pandits said our home having full of negative vibes and only hanuman ji can save us from all these situations
    But I can’t understand what can I do n how can I do for receive hanuman jis blessings…

  149. Muniraj

    I was undergoing lots of mentals pressures and health issues. by chanting hanuman chalisa and visiting hanuman temples on Tuesday and saturday gave me strength and mental peace and helped me to overcome the problems. “Jai sriram Jai jai sriram ..Jai Hanuman.

  150. after started panchamukhi hanuman with ramdarbar pic puja….. really all of my problem are decreased day by day…….jai anjani lal,jai shree ramdut,jai mangal murti……jai pawan putra….jai sitaram.

  151. @vidhi! If it was me, i would read it if printed in black ink too. God has no inhibitions. Its human mind which creates them..Regards

  152. I was told that it is not good to read hanuman chalisa printed in black ink and must always read from book with red text. Is it true? And if so why do the sell books with black text?

  153. reading hanuman chalisa give me strength n mental peace.i recite it daily my works get fulfilled easily and love issues r also fixed .i had a love triangle problem thts fixed now n alot other benefit… jai shri ram jai jai shri ram ..jai hanuman.. go to hanuman temple every tuesday n Saturday and worship with pure heart..use oil lamp, sindoor ,dhwaj for free frm accidental death n protection….

  154. Dear sreyas,

    Don’t be scared of god, you just love them, have a deep faith in them. Before going for hanuman chalisha, do meditation for 10 minutes, take deep breaths and pronounce OUM, just try your best to think nothing and concentrate in the depth of your mind, u will feel yourself very light, then go for the name of Lord Ram 108 times as where there is the presence of Ram, lord Hanuman is bound to be there, and go for Hanuman chalisha, and do it in front of any photo or statues of lord Hanuman, I am sure you will be blessed by Lord Hanuman.

  155. I have been reciting hanuman chalisa for last 10 years. But my biggest Problem is unwanted thoughts toward God. I tried everything but I can’t find a cure for this. When I am reciting hanuman chalisa I get unwanted thoughts and I get really fraustrated and making me say bad things about God. I am at a point in my life due to fear of not being forgiven I receite hanuman chalisa 30 times a day. But the problem with that is that is putting strain on me and my work. But I feel if I don’t do this God will not forgive me. I feel when I am reciting hanuman chalisa I am not doing it right because of the unwanted thoughts. Please help any suggestion will be much appreciated.

  156. Chant it 7 timea daily.. and also sankat mochak nahumanashtak… and hanumam ji ki aarti.. i am.suffering from.same.problem.. i am.depresed coz she left me.. of the pandit ji told do so..

  157. jai shri Rma jai bajrang bali jai shir ram jai bajrang blai jai shri ram jai bajrang bali

  158. i know hanumanji is with me…i can feel his presence with me… but im drowning in my life… im n darkness…. i dont know what hanumanji is planning for me…. i beg n pray for my life.. my husband…. but.. i dont find a ray of hope till now.. im chanting hanuman chalisa since last one yr…donno wen hanumanji with shower his blessing on me…

  159. i have swayambu hanuman photo in my pooja room ,is it ok ?how to decorate it with sindoor ?please tell me the procedure how to worship

  160. Hello rangar, hello every body,
    I would like to read Ramayana (Valmiki) but in my mother tongue (French), there is no full, retail version.
    I don’t particularly excel to read written english in books.
    Is the youtube series “Jai hanuman” true to the original story of Ramayana ?


  161. Lord hanuman is a shakthi. Really without hanuman ji I can’t breathe, my everything is hanuman, it’s my experience, hanuman ji is a great shakthi and breathe to me. Every obstacle in my life solved easily by praying hanuman. Pure bhakti and belief can win hanuman ji s heart.

  162. @Sahil Lamba! I wish lord hanuman will solve your problem. Also i request you to take medical help as there are good medicines for depression. Remember the thought “Do what all you can do, then god will do what all you can’t do”. Jai hanuman.

  163. Jai Bajrangbali !!
    Sir, I am a student who faced many problems regarding studies till 15. But as I came to my high school period, I started chanting hanuman chalisa whenever I felt isolated or helpless. I performed above my expectations in my class 12 board exams and got a very good percentage, instead my physics exam was not less than a disaster but still I got highest marks in it. After seeing my class 12 marksheet I remembered my cry after physics exam which I made looking at the sky and told Hanuman ji that physics is my favourite subject and you know it very well how hard I studied for it complete year, so please hanuman ji do not let my sacrifice, patience and hard work let go in vain. I believed in my sayings, and the fact that he was listening to me at that point of time because, he is Anjaneyar(immortal) and he did not let my sacrifice, hard work and patience to be vanished due to which I got such an outstanding result. Even my family and teachers were shocked after seeing my marksheet because, I was a below average student 3 years past who managed to come as a school topper due to his devotion and believe on his superhero (hanuman).

    Now, my mother is in condition of serious depression due to which there is very tensed kind of atmosphere within our family.
    Till yet we have not started any medication for her but now I am going to do so.
    Sir, I want to ask you that how can I worship lord Hanuman ji to cure my mother’s mental illness because, this time my prayers and devotions are not working for a longer period of time as her illness is not cured permenantly and it might be increasing with time gap. Is there not any permanent solution coming out of this serious problem ? All my family members are disturbed due to her condition. She is not very old and wants to live her life to the fullest with all of us but her mental condition is getting poor. Please sir, help me out of this problem.
    I have complete faith on Bajrang Bali but now I am thinking that I am not worshipping him in a correct way so please help me……

    “Sab sukh lehe tumhari sharana,
    Tum rakshak kaahu ko darnaa,
    Sankat hard mite sabh pira,
    Jo sumire Hanumat Balbira.”
    Jai Sri Ram.

  164. now i am trobling in study i can’t read well and my result was very week and fail i was briliant studant but now what happand i don’t know so i have what to do for hanuman ji and my next exam is coming in 20 days and i trobling in study so what i have to do for hanumanji

  165. i use to see some black being at night when i went to google and search i came across called shadow people they will not let me sleep at night they make same sound and talk first i thought i was seeing things and it was my exam so i use to study a lot and did late night i went to doctor and nothing work so my uncle use to chant hanuman chalise there is a phrase said bhoot Pisaach nikat nahi Aave Mahavir Jab Naam Suna way so one shadow being vanish like a fog so i said mahavir several time every thing vanish i could see my furniture’s then my trust in hanuman ji stared

  166. @SHWETA! The mind is full of thoughts and feelings. As per sri sri Ravishankar (Art of living) it is better to stay with that feel than to overcome it. It gradually fades away. But if you need help, I would request you to chant lord hanumans name when ever such thoughts run in your mind.

  167. HI,

  168. @subramanian! We can use beetle leaf to pray hanuman. And regarding money you lost, i have to be philosophic. If it is yours, you will definitely get it in some or other means. Just try to move on in life with devotion to lord.

  169. When we will get back d lost money, sir how many times we have to recite hanuman chalisa

  170. We have lost money from our house how will we get back the lost money. Chanting hanuman chalisa will do or any other mantra for receiving back d lost money

  171. jai shree ram ,,jai hanuman namo,,,jai bajranbali,,jai pabon putra jai,,,jai anjani putra jai,,,,jai bajranbali,,,,jai chiranjibi jai,,,,,prabhu blessed me always so i can pray everyday your bhoojan,,,,
    jai shree ram,,,,till date i stand only for my prabhu hanuman ji,,,,,jai shree ram,,,,,save me always prabhu,,,,,,

    jai shree ram,,,,,jai bajranbali,,,jai chiranibi jai,,,,

  172. jai shri ram. hanuman is always with me. i can feel him . he always help me no matter what. i have full faith in him.

  173. I have been chanting Hanuman chalisa daily for the last ten months and I have good result also. Jay Sree ram, Jay Hanuman

  174. hi to
    every one out there, this is my 5th one off fasting for lord hunumman can eny
    help me please i am doing this for a reason only for 21 days i live in Leicester
    i do not know what when can i eat. please can you tell me. as i am a bit hungry
    we have a temple in Leicester jalaram bapa temple but lord hunumman
    murti is not big at all the tempel is big please help me is it one time i can eat
    or as many times as i want that’s veg. every Saturday i go to the temple

    thanks for your kind time

  175. Thanks for sharing the information about Hanumanji. After worshiping hanumanji and taking fast, many problems get solved and finally I got job in UAE.

  176. God Hanuman is not only a god but he acts like a remedy. I have been a great fan of him since my childhood days. Your life problems will be sorted out soon . Please read sundarkand every tuesday , it will really lightened your life in a new way.

  177. Hi. I have just started praying regularly to lord Hanuman since last 1 week. I have witnessed terrific changes in my life which was going nowhere, rather downwards, since last 6 years or so. now, things have changed considerably and I can see and feel the difference around. I have started getting, all the things that I had ever wanted since last 6 years. improvement in personal life and professional life.

  178. Hello Ranga ji,

    I need one help…cn we recite daily bajrang baan too? I was going through some blogs where it is mentioned we should not..i have my whole feelings attached and I daily recite hanuman chalisa and bajrang baan…can u pls let us know on this?

  179. @shankar! Predictions and astrology only carry 20% of truth as per lord krishna. But circumstances, devotion and our self efforts decide the remaining course of life. So don’t worry of the prediction.Next have strong belief in god and try your best to get married. If it seems to go well without causing pain to others, you can go ahead. If not try to find other bride for marriage. At the end, everyone have problems in life in one way or other. But it is upto us how we face and move on.

    As mentioned, you can mix them (dry) and put as 5 small piles before lord.

  180. Dear All, I Promise, this is my own real experience., since last 8 weeks, I started to Pray Hanuman, I felt very much blessed.. don’t have words to describe.. I can say only one word, he is Vazhum Theivam,,, it means LIVING GOD.. he never leave his devotees….

  181. Jai shree Ram
    @Ranganr, I have facing problems to getting married with whom I loved. One have pridict that after marriage I will die n my parents will be separated overall all things will be happen wrong but I believe in chanting hanuman chalisa and god will save me from all this things.. So please tell me sir, Should I do anything more?
    Pawanputra Hanuman ki jai

  182. Jai hanuman.
    So do I have to redo 21tuesdays ??
    Bcuz last Tuesday I had two spoons one before sunset one after sunset. According to the 21tuesday norm I can have meal one time a day I.e after sunset but I had two times so my past 5 Tuesday went worthless?? I don’t have problem redoing 21tuesday. Just tell me if i have to redo it or not??

  183. Hi friends,plz reply me,
    1.) I’m doing 21 Tuesday,today is my 5th tuesday. I read on internet that one time meal can be consumed day or night, so I consumed meal on day(lunch) cooking jaggery and dalia(wheat) on flame and fasted with breakfast and dinner. Today I saw another site where its stated have that one-time meal after sunset. Today onwards im eating after sunset. So all my earlier Tuesday fast cutoff?? I have to restart it again?? 2.) 21 Tuesday without a break,as im girl and on my 3rd Tuesday I got period after the hanuman Pooja in midday . So I have to skip that Tuesday. Bt I hope this break does not effects my 21continious tuesday??? 3.) I don’t know what’s going in my life but today im in a very stable position though I don’t have a job right now, I trust in god and move forward. Yeah you can say time recovers breakup but since my mother ordered Hanuman Locket from tv I could slowly come away from that breakup. I recite hanuman chalisa every single day and the day I don’t every thing starts loosing.

    My mother is a physiology patient and thts y I had to leave hyd n shift to Bengal. I think some one black magic on her I can go to blackmagician and cure it But I want to remove the black effect with lords blessing and I knw bajrangbali is one such lord. My only wish to cure her totally help me.and my career also. And may b im gonna spend my life without marriage. My English is poor. Sorry.

  184. Dear Brother,
    please think about the words I have mentioned below:

    you are chanting “hanuman chalisa” & by gods grace have everything that is a dream for lakhs of people. Till now god gave you everything like studies,job etc so dont you think that “he is ALREADY taking care of you a lot then why so much impatience”.

    I am married for 10 years (love marriage). This were the same words I uttered to all gods to make my marriage happen but today when I look back ,I think that at least some decisions must be left to god/destiny. you are very lucky to be in hanumans lap. allow your lady to settle in life peacefully because if it has to happen,it will happen. any type of actions from your side will only leave wounds that can never be healed in future.

    Your sister

  185. I’m not a spécialiste, but i personnaly believe that praying Ganesh will be more effective in this case…
    And then it will happen what it needs to happen

  186. @ Thejeswi! May be this seems out of topic in this article of lord hanuman. But still, you need a opinion. When the girl decided to get engaged, it shows that she was ready for a change. May be she came to believe that emotional life is less reliable than practical life. If there is anything left now, it is you may talk to her parents about your thoughts (have courage). It may sound ridiculous at this stage, but this is the sole solution to avoid problems to her, her family and may be even you.

  187. Hello,
    I am in love with a girl from past one and half year and we loved each other so much and we were very good and sweet. We are of same caste, but the problem was i am not settled and we were of same age. We managed to cancel the proposals which were coming, but now she got engaged to a guy a month back, she is afraid of the society and her parents health to cancel the marriage ,, we are left with 1 month, and I tried in all mans but couldn’t convince her and give courage to her , she a sweet daughter in her family and she is not bold enough to talk to there parents. Now without willingly she need to marry that guy… I any how want to cancel this marriage and get my girl back.. I can live without her. I need her. I can do anything and everything to get her.. I used to worship lord Hanuman every day chant his shloka for 108 time from around 1.5 years(from the time I started loving ) and used chant Hanuman Chalisa regularly, and was fasting on Tuesday and Saturday strictly from 10 months without fail. I was unemployed a year back lord blessed me with a Master studies in Germany in a reputed University, Lord blessed me with a job in my vacation and I earned a good amount. Now I am blessed with an Internship in a big company called Airbus. I will be settled in some months. But everything I did and what I am today is to get her. But now I am not able to .. I don’t know what to do… I am really upset, I any how need to get her… Is there any strong pooja that I can do to change my girl mind or any pooja to cancel the marriage that going to take place and to get my girl…Please this is my humble request,, I don’t want the suggestions like I will get better one in future or any advice to move on or forget her. At any cost I need her… I don’t want to see my girl with someone… please reply me fast,,,I don’t have time … please

  188. “pawan tanaya sankata harana mangala murti roop
    ram lashana sita sahit hridaya basuhu surbhup”
    Jai Hanuman

  189. Hi i am raj from Malaysia i am an ardent devotee of lord Hanumanji i am n ot satisfied with job i am doing.could pls guide me what i should do to get a job which will suit me.I was a vegtarian for the past twenty year s but due to health problems i only observe vegetarian on tuesdays.pls help me on what i should do. Muje raksha karo pawan putra hanuman.

  190. dear ; rr in life once a time come when we have to choose. it is truth that your parents gave birth to you but it is true that they will not be with you forever. see our granths in hindu religion it is right of woman to choose her partner. if you both trust each other truly love each other then get married soon and stop bothering about property. be nice with everyone be nice with your so that one day your parents will feel themselves that yes you have chosen your right partner . if your love is true one day they will accept you love and salute your love. so go fast without hesitation get married and start earn for yourself . don,t look for property. let them disown. after death there is no one who has taken his proprty with him. you work hard and start earning for yourself . never beg for property or money . if it belongs to you it will come to you definelely if not then you can never use it. get married best of luck.

  191. @ Nishchith K T! It may seem vague but remember it is not a give and take phenomenon. I can only say continue till the period of solution comes to you.

  192. Hello I have financial problem, health, depression, anxiety, fearness, professional problem also. I chantinting Hanuman Chalisa past 15 days. I hope with this. but still not solved my problems. give me solution……………………………

  193. jai shri ram

    iam facing lot of problems in job, some one advised me to wear lord hanuman chalisa pendent, is it advisable to wear it , as i am married person, as lord hanuman is a bachelor ,,, kindly advise me what are per cation to be taken,,, in wearing the pendent …

    with regards

  194. JAY Hanumaan

    Dear Sir,

    I got suffered by the injustice in my job by the management, They indirectly kill our first expected child by creating Financial Tensions in my family Life. I have done worship of Lord Hanuman from my childhood my physics is also pretty strong & I sence sometimes Prabhu is with me. But As per routine & work load I found my devotion toward GOd is not so true as I have in my childhood. Let me know if you know any vrat which can put me out of my present trouble & make my devotion again so true as i have in my childhood. Your solution is highly appreciable.

  195. @purvi! Seems it is already mentioned above. Have a ritual or a promise to do something if you get a job. It can be anything like visiting temple or donating etc. There are many who do the above mentioned rituals and get their wishes fulfilled. You will surely succeed by hanuman’s grace.Remember by going to temple or doing donation, you are not helping god, but you are removing your own obstacles. The word “karma” will come into influence and mitigation when one comes to god for their wishes fulfilled. If one is really eligible, he or she will definitely be blessed with the desire. Jai hanuman!.

  196. hi i am not getting job?what i should do?i am getting rejected all jobs which i apply

  197. Jai Shri Ram, Jai Hanuman
    My career crashed since 2014 when my 20 years Shani Mahadasha started.I am very stressed and depressed. I have worked hard from a very early age and this is not fair on me to be punished after all the hard work. Please forgive me for my sins and protect me from all harm and pacify my planets and enemies. Please have mercy on me. I need your grace love and help to revive my life and career. You know I have come up all alone the hard way. I don’t know where to go. I am very scared and feel helpless. I have been devoted to you. Please don’t abandon me. Please bless me with peace, strength, wisdom, good communication skills and disposition, healthy and favourable relationships with my bosses,seniors,colleagues and subordinates, friends and family to succeed in my chosen career and life.

  198. Dear Brother,
    I never ever drove any type of 2/3/4 wheeler in my life (i know its funny). today at the age of 36, I cleared “road test” in 1st attempt with the strictest driver in the group.I still keep wondering how it happened . Here in USA getting driving license is not that easy especially for newcomers,even my hubby so called expert driver (driving car for 10 years) got failed 2 times :-).
    I personally feel that it happened ONLY due to “hanuman god,s grace”. I chant hanuman chalisa on daily basis.

  199. Hello,
    blessed be :)

    I go out regularly in astral for a long time. And I recite mentally his mantra before going to sleep (and even in astral world)…
    How to have Hanuman Darshan in astral or in the physical world?? ? And how to recognize him as he has many many different forms, visible and invisible ?
    I I’ve been obsessed with Hanuman for weeks . It haunt me all the time actually.
    I wonder if it is a good thing ?

  200. Hello,
    blessed be :)

    I go out regularly in astral for a long time. And I recite mentally his mantra before going to sleep (and even in astral world)…
    How to have Hanuman Darshan in astral or in the physical world?? ? And how to recognize him as he has many many different forms, visible and invisible ?
    I I’ve been obsessed with Hanuman for weeks . It haunt me all the time actually.
    I wonder if it is a good thing ?

  201. @sskl! If possible, kindly take her to lord hanuman’s temple regularly. Also try other medical systems like homeopathy. I pray to lord hanuman to help solve the problem. Jai hanuman.

  202. Jai bajrangbali hanuman ki jai shree ram sadai sath daiu bajrangbali hanuman

  203. hi
    my daughter is 3 years old, still not talking, doesnt call amma/appa. she is in her own world
    no hearing problem, medically fine. some tells as mild autistic
    It makes me to loose hope in my life. I cry everyday . I really hope miracle would happen. I have started to chant hanuman chalisa, i have memorized it by heart even, I really hope Hanuman ji would listen to my prayers. Are there any specific thing i have to do to see results faster …

  204. benfits of bhakti of lord hanumanji cannot be expressed in words. It is my very personal experiecce yaar. Just believe me.Only prerequisite is unflinching faith in Rambakt Hanuman.I can assure you that he will never ditch you. you will find him stood by you in all trying circumstances.Go ahead my friend.Hanuman se hauman ko hi mangiye bus aur kuch nahi.

  205. Thank you for the explanation.
    You know your subject.
    Besides, I enjoy ma sadhana which give me total satisfaction :)

  206. @ Devoted follower! I believe lord hanuman is the guru for moksha or any other troubles in this materialistic world. If you go through his life story, you will see that he is the one blessed by all the gods and never in trap of any bad omens. He is said to be present even today in this material world but in his own invisible form. For him even moksha is not the goal but only pure love for the divine almighty. Which is beyond the desire for moksha. He can take you any where as you wish either moksha or to the divine almighty in your present from if you ask for it. And being any where in this universe or other, we can pray and ask him for help. Jai hanuman.

  207. Hello,
    I live in Europe and do not spend time in temples, and it saddens me
    I’ve been praying for Hanuman since 6 months and my life has become more graceful. However, my goal is neither material, nor psychic, but moksha.
    Is Hanuman the best god to get moksha ?
    Thank you for your answer

  208. Hi thank you so much for immediate response sorry but I am confused now, while i googled pigeon pea means tuvar dal which we generally eat whereas in your blog you mentioned red dal and when you responded to someone else you mentioned fried dal, sorry once again but I want to complete this carefully.

    Also yes while I was reading the blog I realised that when I was going through sadesati I was advised hanuman puja but I never did it till I started going through worst phase of 2.5 years (second phase), I started going to temple and saw relief in few months more mental, after that i shifted to a new house and was unable to go to temple as there was none around and slowly saw a down hill today i read your thoughts and have again some hopes and will revive my prayers and ritual. Please solve my query if possible you can upload a pic or give me hindi equivalent word if tuvar is not correct.

    Thanks once again

  209. Hi manisha! The Seasame seeds should be black ones as lord shani is impressed by black color. The peanut seeds mentioned indicate roasted one which we find in grocery. They are generally whiter than un-roasted ones.They need not be soaked..And besides have full faith and devotion to see results..Jai hanuman.

  210. @ Clare! There is no specific number of round to do. But still you can go for 1 or three as it is time convenient..And to chant, i prefer “Om Namo hanumathe namaha!” Best Regards

  211. Dear Ranga you mentioned taking bath with sesame seeds offering sesame seeds should they be black or white sesame also red gram should that be from grocery store and should we soak it or it should be the roasted ones which is sold in.shops selling peanuts etc. Your response is highly appreciated.

  212. My life has became so miserable and it became hell to sister had brain tumour and the girl I love is getting engaged with sister had a surgery and still some part of tumour left. I’m like a living dead person now. I’m praying to Hanuman daily and reading Hanuman chalisa . since childhood he is favourite god.

  213. Hello,

    Can someone tell me how many rounds should I do for Sri Hanumaan and while doing the rounds, what must I chant? Please advice. Many thanks.

  214. Hi devi, I m also in a similar situation… If you want to talk, feel free to contact me… Ur frnd

  215. The devi… also facing same challenge… If possible do share me ur contact number, would like to speak to you… Thx

  216. Have faith on Lord Hanuman,
    Prayers and requesting to fulfil desires not the rite way.
    We ourselves need to work for it,
    Stay positive n strong and anyone surely can get rid d problems …
    Pray , Sit peacefully, think on how to solve d problems… Ul definately wil get a hint….
    I pray to Lord Hanuman n trust him ive been praying nearly 3 years since i dreamt Lord Hanuman
    I was almost dead in a car accident but fortunately save without any injuries not only me but my little nephews too…
    I thank amman but Lord Hanuman appeared and stated that ” i helped n saved u ; i guard u! Pray to me n always show sambrani to my tail”
    Since then i had faced some minor problems but all solved easily…
    I felt gifted to pray to Lord Hanuman And till tis moment im still his faithful devotee…

  217. I am very very much problems in my life. I pray hanuman and recite hanuman chalisa everyday. we cant earn much money to pay the bills. pls advice me what to do.

  218. Thank you so much ranga ji for solving my doubts.I wish hanuman ji will solve my all problems n bless his devotees always.
    Jai shri Ram
    Jai hanuman

  219. im n a drowning state since last one yr…. im praying n praying which is the only way for me… i can feel the presence of hanumanji with me…but still my life is in same darkness…. i wish if my husband turned to a good human being n came back to me… but no signs of it yet..he is against me n dont want me back…… i feel helpless……………….im chanting hanuman chalisa everyday without fail n praying with deepest faith….except praying wat else can i do to get my life back??????? i have no one else to help me…

  220. @ Sridhar Rao! have seen people who gave up drinking & other addicting habits by regular prayers. All the best and i wish you will be on success track again.

  221. @ Richa Ji! Of-course women can.In chalisa that line means “there is no need for another god except lord hanuman as he can solve all problems and grant wishes”. This is a chalisa written as a way to praise lord hanuman but not an indication to stop praying other gods. SO just read as such and you can pray to your favorite god besides lord hauman. Jai hanuman.

  222. Jai shri ram
    I also want to ask kya women bhi chola chada sakti hai hanuman ji pe?
    In hanuman chalisa it is written in one verse”aur devta chit na dharai” what does it mean we should stop praying to other gods? Can you please remove my doubts.

  223. Yes we have shown my kundali to many astrologers.They all say from past 3 yrs it will happen dnt wry.I have lost faith in astrologers now.Infact one ws saying dere is some nazar n tok affecting ur marriage.He also told us many things n upayes to remove obstacle but all in vain.I am devotee of lord krishna but from past some days gaining interest in lord hanuman pooja n reading hanuman chalisa wid a hope tht he will remove all obstacles in marriage.He will help me but sometimes feel loosing all hopes n vry much tense.I wish hanuman ji salasar balaji will help me soon.

  224. Ranga Ji…please advice me on my predicament plz,which i have listed above,waiting for your reply.

  225. @Richa! Many people get married even if it is late. So keep trying you will never fail in pursuit unless it is not sincere. By the way why not check your horoscope with an astrologer to know the actual obstacle. Jai hanuman.

  226. I am facing problem in getting married.Dnt knw what do do.Please suggest something to remove obstacle in marriage? Please suggest some pooja i read hanuman chalisa daily at night n write ram naam daily.

  227. Friends,i have heard of Hanuman Chalisa,but never read it.I am almost come to a stand still,because i closed my business,i am into drinking,debts have mounted,happiness vanished.But i have been going to Hanuman temple.As tomorrow is a tuesday,want to buy his photograph and worship him and also chant the chalisa.I am sure,he will lighten up my path and bring light into my life.

  228. Hanumanji its a lst request am doing.. U hav to cure me…else take me to u.. I tired if my life. Always doubting …without control over mind….I am almost mad….I don’t want this type of life…I did all pooja…what u gave me. . just pain. U took my job…..what wrong I had done say…I wil correct…did I ask u anything. U gave me …that love something fast I am lost plz help me

  229. Hanumanji plz cure my depression…I don’t like to trouble mrp..plz god give all happiness to mrp ..I love him..he promised on u …I knw u wil make some miracle to unite us.. .I believe u…plz hanuman ji hum dono ke beech me koi aya to us logo ko hamara raaste se hata love is in ur hand

  230. Jai shri Ram jai Bajrang bali. I believe in bajrang Bali very much. today I am starting mangalbar vrat. I want to be a bank po. I do hard work as my capacity. Please help me, what should I do for bright my future. Jai shri ram. Jai jai hanuman.

  231. @ Gur! We always wish to get our wishes fulfilled. It is not a mistake. But god always gives us what ever is better for us. I suggest to go for prayer but also have other options in career in that country or elsewhere. Destiny of life is undisclosed. So we must just try to move on. But if you should stay there, you will definitely get help..
    Best regards

  232. Jai Hanumaan ji ki,
    I am in New-Zealand. I am facing many problem related to job even i have very less visa to stay in this country. I am doing everyday Hanumaan Chalisa 5 times in a day. I am very-2 upset. Can you please tell me what should i do to get a job soon and to settle in this country. I Believe in Hanumaan too much. Please suggest me what can i do now.

  233. Hello madam! Ya you can. Also try to give him a pocket size image of lord if he is interested to carry in his purse. Even a mobile screen saver is ok to reduce pressure. If he is not interested, still your prayers will definitely help him succeed. regards

  234. Hello Sir,

    my husband is working in a software company and he is very experienced, and had a good name in the organization but still the management is playing some politics and not giving any information on the changes that is going in the organization which is impacting his career. Can i chant hanuman chalisa on my husbands behalf to get rid of the mental pressures? Please suggest me.



  235. Why not. Definitely you will get help. But be sincere and visit temple as frequently as possible to indulge in his grace. Then you may be able to feel his advice. Regards

  236. sir I m facing a lot of problems.I Have a boyfriend but he is studying now. my parents know that I love him and they liked too.But now they want to break my relationship because so many proposals are coming for my marriage but I want him. What should I do now? If I tell lord hanuman will he help me?

  237. i totally agree with you because the day i started reciting hanuman chalisa i have changed a lot, all my bad habits of smoking,drinking and eating no veg have gone. i feel very good now, by the grace of hanuman ji i have become a devotee of sri rama and rama naam gives me immense pleasure i was going through very bad phase life is becoming really smooth now. ….jai shree ram jai bajrang bali.

  238. Guruji..

    thank you very much for your reply.. i really feel like god is giving reply to my question as i didnt see you..
    Sir, whenever i chant hanuman with great devotion i will dreamt of god Hanuman and i will get darshan of hanuman in different idols that i never see anywhere before.. are they really exist in real? once i dreamed as…. i requested before hanuman statue to talk with me and then statue said “tell me.. and when i started saying something god read some verses and he disappeared”.. i usually have this types experiences in my dreams… are these because of my psychological condition?? or god’s delusion..? Please let me know answer sir..

  239. Jai Shree Ram. Jai Hanuman. I have faced same experience many times in my life. always automatically shri ram and hanuman name saved me and relieved me. Even One night when I was very much frightened I started chanting. Then I don’t even know when I asleep and at midnight I listened the voice of lord hanuman to wake me up for natures call. I feel clear presence of shri hanumans lap in which i was sleeping. Great. Jai Shri Ram Jai Hanuman.

  240. Sir
    i am doing prayer to lord Hanuman as you have explained in point 6.. i completed it for 5 weeks.. this day i should not go.. can i continue doing this from next week? has it to be done continuously? Please explain me sir..

  241. @A.s.! While i wait for more answers from others. Let me put my views.
    You can pray to lord even on Saturdays.
    By the way, Check both of your horoscopes by vedic methods. If you find that both of you have tendency to build and keep up the relation then you can expect him to come back. If not try to overcome internal obsession towards him. Because it can keep you in mental turmoil and even damage health.

  242. Hi everyone there.. This year 2015 has been too bad for me. Regarding friends education everything.. Buy any how I had my family love and support with me. And yes my bf also.. He is the one who made me realize that his love is so pure.. And everything was going so well.. But eventually in 2015 things has to go wrong. I dunno why.. Even he got apart .. His friends were not happy from this relation. And used to do brainwash him every time.. Here I talked about him in my family about marriage and when after 2months I got back from home he is totally changed ..He thinks that whatever I m saying is wrong. He talks rudely to me, everything is changed..So I m planning to do hanumanji ka fast on Tuesday but friends plz guide me how to do it in a right way.. I just want him back how he was..I want hanumanji gives me power to take everything positive and help me showing him the truth.. And what he was.

  243. hanuman ji the rock in my life. my mother had twelve children with very humble life style. things were difficult for her but she never wavered in her supplication to jai shree raam with hanuman ji at the cornerstone of prayers. she lifted her twelve children from poverty with faith and steadfastness in her love for him as she would say to us he moves mountains of pain from your path. today her children in her memory love and joy holds hanuman ji with the same faith and reverence as our beloved mother did. no one in this world could tell me or my siblings he doesnt exist. jai bajrangbali, pawan putra hanuman. jai sankat mochan

  244. Jai Shri Ram
    Jai Hanuman
    Jai Bajrang Bali
    To all who have said worship lord HANUMAN when in vain stress or facing difficulties.
    Lord HANUMAN is so kind that he will cure you and relieve you of your problems but i believe that even when happy we must continue to chant his name and seek his blessings even in our happiest moments.
    Jai Shri Ram
    Jai Hanuman
    Jai Bajrang Bali

  245. My mother applied for a job when my father passed away. After two years there was no hope. Then she just bought a hanuman chalisa and read it for a few times and she avoided nonveg on Tuesdays. After one or two weeks she got her appointment letter.
    I never believed in such things but something inside kept knocking me.. Then I followed my mother.. I started reading hanuman chalisa everyday. I can see the difference now.. my broken heart is now healed. Someone has come to my life to heal the wounds. I’m happy now. All that things I worried for no more frighten me.. i sleep peacefully at night. I pray for everyone’s happiness. And everyone is happy, my mother, my brother,my lover and my best friend.. my best friend is Christian but I advised her to pray to Bajrangbali for once. And she got the result, the guy she loves is in love with her.. everything has changed. Now my life is moving forward.. thanks to Bajrangbali.. I thank him for everything,for the food I eat, for the life I live, for the man I love, for the family n friends I’ve got. Jai Bajrangbali..

  246. Wish there was some mantra on how to get married to desired person.. If so then the quote of “marriages are made in heaven” would not be true.

  247. I have ah problem in love… I told my home about my love they also accepted and they decide my marriage with my boy friend also… but now i am getting problem from my mother in law… pls help me…. I want my boy friend…

  248. i dont know if someday will arrive in my life too when i will be able to share my experience here…i dont know if hanumanji listen to my prayers n give back my husband n my life…………………… :( :( since last one yr im living in full darkness with no ray of hope…… just moving forward on the belief that one day hanumanji will come to me too… n will remove the darkness from my life too…..

  249. Im really stressed right now because tomorrow I’ve got my exams.. and its an important situation in my life because its all about my career. I was preparing for the exams and realized that i couldn’t do much and everything I did and memorized were all gone. Today i’ve got to start over. Hopefully Hanumaan ji helps me in this situation for tomorrow and hopefully pass my exams…. Please help me.. What Mantra should i Pronounce which will help me in studies?

  250. I need you help as I need to go through a number of study, such as physics, math and programming. I need Hanumanji ‘s help especially in my unusual life situation. Also, please bless my daughter and find her a decent violin teacher, who can truly help her with a big heart and solid skills, not just for money or business. Please bless me and help me finish my study. I feel lost, lonely and scared all the time, as I do not have any other family member, except this little child with me…My son ran away also, and he dropped out of the school since, he never contacted me any more…It is a tragedy…I often lost faith in life, and often think about some crazy things, like suicide…I need Hanumanji help…how to get his blessing and how to connect him, with which mantra that is powerful and easy-to-pronounce? Please help!

  251. mujhe meri wohi jaan wohi pyar de do Hanuman ji..i need my jaan alot..please try to understandmy situation..

  252. jaya bajarangwali…Hanuman ji aapko to sabkuch pata he…aap jante he me ab meri pyar k sath baat ki to mujhe bahat jyada dukh hua bahat taklif hua…wo mujhe bola ki dost hoke rehne ko..par me nhi karpati hu…please Hanuman ji help me…please meri jaan ko samjhao plz…me ushke bina nhi reh sakti kabhi nhi…please himmat do ushko Hanuman ji samjhao ushko..

  253. I am in lots of troubles now a days..From 13th july i face lots of problems in my love life suddenly till now..Me & my jaan we both love each other alot…but suddenly my jaan’s parents know everything all matters related to our lovelife…They opposes us alot at that time..but at that time Rohit always told me that think be positive, all will be good & my parents would accept us but i need some time to convince them…after that we can’t contact with each other frequently…then he told me oneday that his mother was ill due to all these pressure…after some days he told me his all problems related to his family to accept our relation & also told me that doctor said that never give any pressure on his mother further…always keep her happy..For this reason my jaan told me to break relationship for his parents..but yeh majburi q aya hum dono k bich suddenly??sab kuch to thik tha..but i never want to break relationship any how…can Hanuman ji help me to solve all these problems??I pray God to give strength to my jaan my love…Now a days i need his support..then i pray God to accept our relationship & to convice his parents to accept our relation from their heart…please help me God…I can’t leave without my love..He is everything to me..I feel him each moment..i am nothing without my love…It is very tough time for me..please help me hanuman ji…If i pray hanuman ji & chanting hanuman chalisha then can all these problems solve…please tell me

  254. Hanumanji I prayed u so much….still I lost two jobs….its OK….BT I love a boy from nepal…he is your great devotee..I have a fear of loosing him….this lead me to depression….I almost lost trust in all …I even lost hope in u….please understand my problems….I want my love….please be with me…..please do not forget me ….I promise u I will try to change my behavior….I trust my love…be with us….help me to get rid of difficult times….please…jai hanumanji

  255. Madam! It is not necessary to do so. Lord Hanuaman was bramchari because it was aspect of his life. But for others it is not so. We need not change our aspects or duties in life for him. Only thing is we should avoid illicit and evil things. We need to keep faith in him and be at peace and focus on our duties.

    Regards..Jai Haanuman..!

  256. Sir,
    I want to start to recite hanumaan chalisa to overcome the problems I am facing. I am sure hanumanji will help me in overcoming my troubles. But I have a doubt should I practice brahmacharya during the days I am reciting. Sir I am praying to have a baby as we have not been blessed with baby, please lord hanuman bless us with baby.

  257. i am praying to lord Hanuman every day i want my maintenance money paid to me asap

  258. Sir.. i pray to the lord Hanuman with pure heart and devotion.. i want to meet the god and to see face to face.. what can i do for this…

  259. Hi,

    can anyone post hanuman chalisa link here..i cannot find in google or dont know the one i found is a write one.


  260. I m chanting hanuman chalisa and oder books for very long time and long years.. but no positive result. only increase in problems day by day.. i had seen many people who are suffering in life even when they worship god with pure heart and devotion.. only god can answer why he make people suffer like dis even when they worship god with pure heart.

  261. @Deepak! Yours is a common experience. To some the problems become even more worse after starting to pray. But then the they subside and experience great benefits.Hope you can keep up..

  262. I read hanuman chalisa regularly with full faith and devotion but no positive result in my life…even though i tried worship other god as well.. but no positive result…when we don’t get any kind of positive results.. don’t fell like to read that

  263. Don’t despair …Hanuman is by your side. Just chant and don’t eat meat for 41 days. But chant everyday. It has helped me 100% and getting better each day too….Jai Hanuman!

  264. I was going through difficulty in life. Started 41 day fast and chanted ajanaya namaha 108 times a day and non veg. I gave up smoking the day i started the fast after 20 years of smoking, left it just like it was nothing. My life and career are all falling into place. I have finally found myself again. Jai hanuman! He is powerful!!! I have never slept better in years. He is my savior and my God!

  265. Hi sir plz tell me any remedy I am not getting job any where.I am chanting hanuman chalisa daily 11times.I am also suffering from lot of probs.hanumanji plz help me plzzz

  266. JAI SRI RAM

  267. hi… sometimes i feel hanumanji is withme and sometimes i feel he is angry with me.. is it because of my merculiar behaviour…?

  268. suffering to the extreme…. praying to hanumanji with all tears n breaking heart… i never did anything wrong to anyone nor did think bad about anyone any day… just wished for a good life with my husband.. really donno whatz my fault that im left to suffer to this extreme…. believing hanumanji will help me out of this struggle one day n soon i will be able to write my experience too here….

    brothers n sisters.. i donno wat to do.. i see only darkness in front of me since last one year….
    i dont see any way out…. hoping that hanumanji the lord of miracles will do a miracle in my life too….because i never had greed for anything but wished for a good life….

    hey prabhu…. meri sahayatha karna………… mera saath math chodna…..

    plzz help me hanumanji….plzzz……………. my life is in darkness………i see no one else around me………………..plzzzz help me….plzzz………….. ;(


  269. as if i am also a devotee of Hanuman and met with many saints & Brahmans. What i concluded is “Your marriage will get delayed if you are worshiping Hanuman either you will be blessed with girl child only after marriage”. May be there will be exceptions but trust me and Try to accept this fact.

  270. Hanumanji,,,i praying since 3yrs,,,i make fast on Saturday since 3yrs .,,, I’m in problem,,i have mechanical engineering degree but no money,, i struggling too much,,, then why still in problem……don’t I’m getting confused,,r u listening me or not…

  271. Hi Nitin yogi! Arrti cant substitute chalisa. But if you feel it lengthy and time taking, then recite once or twice in a day. Then spell jai hanuman or any other short names of the lord when ever you feel anxious. Even when you are at work or about to do something or expecting something, ask “hanuman help me”. This really works if done from heart.

    Jai guru dev..

  272. sir i am suffering from various anxiety issues..and according to astrologer i have shani sade sati for 19 years.. sir i started worshipping lord hanuman by chanting hanuman chalisa in morning and in evening reading hanuman aarti… sir i want to ask that substituting aarti with chalisa do more good to me ??

  273. go for pradhakshinas of 41 pradakshinas for 11days and nextcoming tuesdays or saturday do leaves 1001 puja with nivedana (after11days continuee pradakshina til u do puja on next sat day or tues day

  274. Sir,

    I am in a badly need of funds for my daughter’s college and other miscellaneous expenses, so, can I recite hanuman chalisa and how many times and what day of the week.

    please let me know.

  275. write here very very important thinks….sometimes i was afraid but after reading your blog i am very very motivated. thanks for help me…please tell me more about hanuman you happy him.

  276. sister.. im too in the similar state….i donno watz my fate….. praying a lot to hanumanji with breaking heart n tears…. believing that he will give my life too back…… Jay Shree Ram….. Jay Ram Bhakt Hanuman…..

  277. Chanting hanuman chalisa gives you peace of mind and courage with that courage you have to overcome your problem . according to Hinduism God won’t help unless they help themselves. Step with confidence and believe lord hanuman will help you,lead a righteous way if lord hanuman is in your heart and completely surrender to him you are already blessed by him. He will always guide but first you have to work and let guide God guide you

  278. Dear sister,
    i was into same situation & the day I started chanting “hanuman chalisa” things took 360 degree turn (things changed for good).I have never experience such a positive change in life in-spite of praying so many gods.
    Guys always chant hanuman chalisa atleast once in a day.


  279. im suffering to the maxm since last 8 months…. i donno if i ll get my husband n my life back.. im praying to hanumanji with all my pain in heart…. wish if he heard my pains n did miracle n my husband had a change of person n came back to me….. im reading hanuman chalisa everyday n going to hanuman temples….. hanumanjiii …… i have no one else to my help….. pllzz dont leave me……

    Shree Ram jay ram jay jay Ram………….

    Om Hanumate namah……………

  280. I was the victim of black magic.Every week I used to visit my doctor because I was always sick.Had so many tests done but everything was normal.Doctors couldn’t understand my symptoms.All of a sudden I felt as if I was overweigh(my body felt heavy),my arms and legs would start paining and I didnt have any strength in them.Then I started having burning sensation on my arms and then it continued to my legs.Every night I felt restless and bad dreams.I went infront of hanuman ji and prayed.I was crying because I was in so much pain.All of a sudden all the pain and burning disappeared.I was back to my normal self.It was a miracle and from that day I became a devotee to hanuman ji.I pray to him everyday now.

  281. well all starting worship to god only on the panic timi .. m also one of them ….jai sree hunuman

  282. Hi great Hanuman bakthas…happy to know tat many ppl there from various countries is praying to Hanuman and blessed with many miracles and solutions. Hanuman ji is real…he is there…watching…everything…maybe also watching im typing this…today is His day..he is born on Tuesday hence its benefits for worshipping Him on Tuesdays….i cant wait to start my pooja..

    Trust Hanuman..he will be there..! he can be contacted by chanting

  283. Hi all! I am also going through tough time. Due to which anger, depression and anxiety has build up inside me. Someone has advised me to offer my prayer to Ma Durga and Hunaman Ji. Can I offer my prayer to both together at home? Can I light a lamp in front of their idols together?

  284. @shreya! Please contact him through his mail id given in his comment. By the from my side i would say keep faith and try to move on through hard phases. I am sure one will see bright results shortly..Thanks

  285. Hello I’m going through tough time right now. I’m in love with someone who is not the same religion and want to marry but if I do that, my parents have said they will disown me. I cannot live without my parents nor my boyfriend. Will chanting hanuman chalisa 100 help? And how do I do it? I sing it 11 times on every Tuesday. I am very nervous to tell my parents that I’m with my boyfriend. I need guidance.


    i have shared my life tragedies in the abovepost ….
    im praying to hanumanji since last one month n chanting hanuman chalisa ..i strongly beleive in him n have a strong feeling that hanumanji will do miracle in my life too.. but i donno if my mind is pure or not or if im doing this with complete devotion as my mind has got frozen after so much of sufferings in my life…. i have reached a saturation state after suffering to the extreme…. will hanumanji forgive me if im doing any wrong unknowingly….?

  287. @ sharadhaji! Keep hope. things will come to betterment. I had a friend who had similar shani dasha. He got good results with the pooja mentioned in article. As you said, it is true that different astrologers says different methods. But one of them should be followed. Also do not lose hope, things will turn on. Jai hanuman.

  288. hi rangaji,
    thanks for your advice. we already met few astrologers and everyone is saying a different solution. I cannot decide what to believe. my husband is currently under 7 and half years shani dasha. he has lost hope in god. I have no one to support or help me here. plz tell me how to proceed and also a simple and powerful method to worship hanuman to overcome our difficulties as we are financially very weak now.

  289. hello raam ji…namasthe um 22 years old woman…got married a divorcee person who belongs to another state …but after engagement only we came to know about him that he is type of shadisht and full too possessive…overcoming these many problems, my parents dnt want to stop dis marriage…but finally got married and started showing torture and used to scold me deliberately due to various reasons and also harrass me sexually and physically…one day i lost my patience and attempted for a suicide..suddenly got rememberd of my parents i stopped doing so…one day i ran my in laws home and back to my moms home….from then he started poking his ex wife that he want to re unite with her again,but she is not at al interestd in him…but i want my husband back ,generally he is nice person but his mother made a puppet in her hands and doing al dis dramas….but i want my husaband…so please treat me like ur sister and tel me the perfect remedy to get my husband back to my native state aand start a new life with him….waiting for ur reply

  290. namskaram guruji, i am from hyd since my childhood got criticised by many of my family members…finally fortunately i got married a nice person…but finally came to know that he had alot of intrest in baby boy rather than giving a birth to baby girl…but unfortunately gave birth to a baby girl one year back….from onwards my in laws tortured me like anything…with the advice of poojari ,startd mangalvaar vratham….in the middle of this vratham got concieved but unfortunately came to know that my conceivng baby was a girl…from then every one startd scolding n torturing me like anything…so plz plz plz kindly give me a remedy to get baby boy ….wat kind of prayers shud b done to bless me with a baby boy…..

  291. namasthe raam ji… 22 years old…from my childhood i faced soo many problems and tortured by many people…suddenly got a match from other state who is crorepthi but he is a divorceee….eventhough facing so many problems with him after engagement…got married recently…from then he started showing torture n used to scold me deliberately n used to harrass me sexually and physically,they dnt even allow me to talk with my parents ….one day i lost my patience and attempted suicide with his kind of behaviour….but suddenly got a cal from my parents i stopped doing so….but one fine day i ran fom my in laws home n came back to mom’s home,…from then my husband started poking his first wife that he wnt to re unite with her again….but i want my husband back…generally he is nice person but his mother made him a puppet in her hands and doing al dramas….i cant stay in that state any more,as i want to make my husaband to come to my native place n start a new life…..raam ji plz treat me like ur sister and tel me the perfect remedy..if not there is no chance for me to live anymore on earth..plz plz waiting for ur reply…..

  292. namskaram guruji, i am from hyd since my childhood got criticised by many of my family members…finally fortunately i got married a nice person…but finally came to know that he had alot of intrest in baby boy rather than giving a birth to baby girl…but unfortunately gave birth to a baby girl one year back….from onwards my in laws tortured me like anything…with the advice of poojari ,startd mangalvaar vratham….in the middle of this vratham got concieved but unfortunately came to know that my conceivng baby was a girl…from then every one startd scolding n torturing me like anything…so plz plz plz kindly give me a remedy to get baby boy ….wat kind of prayers shud b done to bless me with a baby boy……waiting for ur reply

  293. Hi This is Somashekar from bangalore by worshiping lord hanuman i had a great expereience hence i request to all pray, worship lord hanuman to remove all your problems with pure devotion.
    thanks to share the views

  294. my sister has been passing through a bad phase in life . she has been reciting hanuman chalisa for the last 5-6 months continously, but still that phase is not over . please suggest what should she do to overcome this phase.

  295. respected brother ram..

    i want your advice… me and my husband got separated just within 6 months of our marriage due to so many issues… but i love him a lot till now.. but he never loved me but my gold n property … i really wished for a bright life with him till my death.. but he is inhumanly dangerous… i badly wish if some miracle happened n i got him as a good person i wished…. i don’t know what is my future n he now really don’t want me back in his life… getting divorced is like killing me because i loved him so much deeply… he is doing a lot of sins that cant be forgiven…. but still i wish if some miracle happened n he had a complete change of person…. i am praying to lord hanumanji n reading hanuman chalisa n listening to it many many times a day.. but i don’t know if my mind is pure and if i am doing all these correctly…………..what will i do???? will ever i get a life which i wished to live with him? will lord hanumanji listen to my breaking heart prayers n tears?

  296. Sister Priya,

    Please allow me couple of weeks to give you a remedy.

    Will get back as soon as possible with a solution.


  297. Jai shree ram!!
    Jai Hanuman! I was victim of black magic and my lord Hanuman ji is the only one who saved me.
    Jai Hanuman!!

  298. Dear brother Ram,

    I am in real need of some advice from you regarding some issues.
    Brother mine is a family of 8 (have 5 siblings) so since childhood we never had normal life but life was OK. For the past 3-4 years there is lot of issues going
    on in my family like my younger sister (30 years) is not getting married even though she is very pretty & well qualified.Another sibling is issue less even after 4 years of marriage (no health issues).My younger brothers(twin) in spite of being toppers throughout their schooling performed very badly in 12th and lost a year,even after doing improvement they got minimal college and went under severe depression.
    I am married for 8 years but still issue less,tried all dangerous treatments.Generally my family is very realistic so we don’t believe in any black magic but with the turn of events in my family I am now doubtful.My parents are very simple and pious people especially father. in fact he was hanuman devotee before marriage.after marriage I had many issues with my in laws which exists till date but never complained believing in god but now cant bear things any longer.Last year went for IVF treatment due to which I lost health completely & was under severe depression.
    somehow I started reading “hanuman chalisa” & i could see tremendous positive effects.things are still same but I have gained some unknown strength to handle things.
    wanted to get into job to keep myself busy but have visa issues.
    could you please advice me something regarding all this issues? I am not bothered about my issues but want my sisters to be happy.if possible please tell some simple remedies
    that I can parents will not do anything as they don’t believe in such things.

  299. Dear All,

    Trust is the key for every thing. What ever pooja prayer arradhan you do, do it with heart and trust. You will see immense results. If you call Hanuman he comes and sits before you. I have seen with my eyes. I cannot explain as being this is web.


  300. Jai Shree Ram,

    I was going through severe depression during divorce, I cried everyday for 2 years until I heard Hanuman Chalisa explanation by Swami Swaroopanandaji of Chinmaya Mission. I knew Hanuman Chalisa before but after listening to the explanation in depth and it’s powers, amazing devotion awakened in me. My depression disappeared like a click of a button and my outlook of the entire world changed. I became the most happiest and positive girl in the world! So thank you Hanumanji!!!

  301. Hi priya! Keep hold..Things will change for sure.. As regards issue less, i advice check for health issues of both of you couple.

  302. Dear brother Ram,
    chanting “hanuman chalisa” had done immense benefits for me.I was in severe depression due to in laws,joblessness,health issues etc etc etc. Now have been reading chalisa for the past 4/5 months.situations are still same but some power is working withing me that’s for sure,i started looking things in a very different positive way.After my marriage on wards have been haunted by scary dreams,use to see ghosts etc ,no matter what I pray.Now bad dreams don’t bother me much.
    I have one question why is that in spite of chanting chalisa haven’t got any job at all .Brother I want job to support my brothers in their studies (parents are not well off).I avoid seating at home to avoid loneliness as in-spite of 8 years of marriage i am still issue less.

  303. I would like to share my experience about worshiping Hanumanji and having absolute faith in him. He is the only Mighty God who has heard my pleas in my miserable times. Black magic was done by a jealous ex colleague and this had made me lose my happiness, my money , job the person I love. She continued doing I suppose and somehow I also drifted away not doing my praying. This caused a lot more problems. I came to know about Hanuman Chalisa on the internet and I didn’t complete chanting it. I shut down my computer and went to seek a parrot astrologer to consult one day. You would not believe the card the parrot took was that of Lord Hanuman. The card read Why I had stopped reading the mantra halfway and should complete it to get full results . I was so speechless. My faith in him grew even stronger no matter what . He can hear you hear your cries and pleas. Do not trust naysayers, soothsayers, only have complete faith in him.

  304. Hi Dear. your advise on Non-Veg and liquor is with reference of any granth/text or it is your personnel advise ? i really want to know in depth in this subject. Appreciate your help.

  305. Please allow me to share an experience. I passed through terrible trauma after being widowed with young children in a foreign land. There were debts and even friends and relatives tried to cheat us from money and legacy owed to us. only handful of people stood by and I started saying the Chalisa with devotion. Now many years later my children are doing well, we live in a happy home with luxuries and everything has happened because of faithful calling for help from Hanumanji. He is there, my friends, trust me He is here when we call and He works miracles.

  306. I hv problem frm last 3 n 4 yr n I’m doing hanuman chalisa frm last 3 yr as well n bajrang ban also 1 time evrytime. N my problem start frm last 4yr n stil same n everyday I hv less Piece of mind n a lots n lots of tention jus coming to me. N my life is going through in very bad situation. Any advice pls pls pls.

  307. Along with the above please chant the below also.

    Asaadhya Saadhaka Swamin ! Asaadhyam tavakim vadha
    Raamadoota kripaasindho tatkaaryam Saadhaya Prabho


    Twamasmin Kaarya niryoge pramaanam hari sattama
    Hanuman yatna maasaaya dukha kshaya karo bhava.

  308. Dear soul Sharada,

    First of all let me tell you be brave. We have our Hanuman Ji with us. He is Akshaya Patra, He is Kamadhenu. Why should we fear when Hanuman is there for us. As Brother Ranga told first connect with Any astrologer, and check your Kundalini. In the same time you can do one of the following poojas to Hanuman which will give immesense effects to get out of problem.

    1) Chant Hanuman Chalisa per day 11 times for Mandal which is 41 days. End of daily Pooja give naivaidya of any five types such as Banana, Payasam, Pulihora, Kissmiss and any other fruit during Saturday and Tuesday pooja Rest of the days Banana is fine.
    First clean your pooja Mandir with water, clean all materials used for Pooja, light diya with 3 vottis. Offer Dhoopa for Hanuman then start Chant with Hanuman Chalisa. Beofre song Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama also with each and every turn of completion of Hanuman Chalisa, Always wear clean and washed clothes. Be vegeterian and follow bhramacharya and if ladies want to do this stop this during your menstrual cycle and continue after cycle as completed, but added the missed days after 41st day. Always chant Hanuman Chalisa with good hearted and see Hanuman with your heart. Offer Sindhoor during Tuesday and Saturday poojas to Hanuman.

    2) Read Hanuman Chalisa single day for 108 times. Rules as same as above but you have to read Hanuman Chalisa with the same pose of position or posture. You should not move.

    3) Do pradakshina in Hanuman temple for 108 times per day for Mandala i.e. for 41 days. Read the below chant while doing pradakshina … You should do pradakshin very slowly while doing Namaskara with both hands. Do not talk to any one during pradakshina. Use beetel nuts or flowers only for counting pradakshinas.

    Anajneya Maha veeram brahmavishnu sivaatmakam
    Tarurunaarka prabham santham raamadootam namaamyaham.
    Markatesa mahotsaaha sarva satru vinsaasaka
    Satrun samharamaam raksha siya daapay he prabho.

    Jai Sri Raam.
    Jai Sri Hanumaan.

  309. @sharadha! Having hope and persistence makes us overcome tough time in life. By the way why not consult a traditional astrologer who practices it genuinely. Some problems require to handled by multiple methods. Even i have seen some people suffer intensely after going through hanumans worship. But they never gave up and finally came out successful. Seems like to pass the difficult phase also you need his blessings. But definitely you will succeed. Jai hanuman.

  310. hi all. we are surrounded by problems like no children, huge loss in business, no respect either from family members and outsiders, huge debts to pay, no peace, no happiness, often quarrels between us and many more. I believe in hanuman ji but want to know the correct method of worshipping him. I had an habit of writing sri rama jayam 108 times a day and finally make it as a garland and put it on hanuman in any temple. is it correct and can I continue it. we would like to get relieve from problems soon as we can’t tolerate any more and our last hope is hanuman ji. so plz tell us a powerful and correct way to worship hanumanji so that I should not do any mistakes in. worshipping him.

  311. Very true. Lord Hanuman is very powerful. I underwent a unsolved problematic relationship. Lord Hanuman, showered his grace, and enlighten the truth within 14 days of my prayer. Im still awe struck at his powers.

  312. Hanuman ji is one of the best God , to fill fill ur all Wishes and overcome to all Problems.
    you can also worship God Hanuman on saturday so Shani dev will be also blessing u same time.
    Avoid Non veg and be fresh mind. Chant Hanuman Chalisha and Name

  313. I was just reading this blog and came home early yesterday and know what Ramayan was running in my TV…

  314. Hi,

    I have also passed through very tough time. Fortunately, I was guided to chant Hanuman Chalisa daily morning & Evening after chanting Sri Ram Raksha stotra. Further, once every year or 6 month , I do Shri Hanuman Sahasranaam ( 1000 names of Shri Hanuman ) Its available on youtube which can be downloaded in laptop or mobile & played. One should offer bel patra leaves after every putting one bel leave on Shri Hanuman ji photo or Statue.

    Its miracle !!!! Pls try at least once.
    Thanks !!!

  315. I have a lot of problems in my life then i was read in hanuman chalisa in 41 days so then i recovered my problems he has very helped to me when i was being in botherd

  316. Udaya,

    Lord Hanuman is the God in the purest form in the universe. In order to do pooja, you should follow some rules and regulations. That is the reason most of the people in the world do hesitate to do Hanuman Pooja. Hanuman is a powerful god which is outside the actual Bhrama’s srushti and he is having the 3 forms in himself (Hari, Hara and Bharama) that is the reason there is a sloka as (Anjneneyam Mahaveeram Bhrama, Visnu sivatmakam Tarunaarka Prabham saantam raamadootam namaamyaham) and he is the future vidhaata of universe. As i am having Parasara Samhita with me which is the old narration about Hanuman by sage Parasara time unknow) in that it clearly mentioned that the person who do Hanuman Pooja should have Bhoota (Place), Manasa (heart), Sareera (Body) suddhi. I have read very many books those are very old in Sanskri also and as per my knowledge, When you are with natural period you should not perform Hanuman Pooja.

    Get back to me if any other clarifications are required.

  317. jai shree ram ,jai shree ram bhakta hanuman.

    Hanuman ji is great, i suggest every one should praise the true ram bhakta.

    and see the results of your own.

  318. this is the best thing ever but i also suggest diya with camphorkapoor aarati with anjaneya dandakam and hope shri Ram’s blessing are with you

  319. Jai Sri Raam; Jai Sri hanuman;

    Udaya … Is this the comment / reply about my posting ????? above… If so, i have failed to understand your context. I said only women cannot do pooja for days during their Menstrual period days only. After take head bath / cleanse body home with water and can do pooja.

  320. hai Ram.i am udaya muniswara from Malaysia.I also a devotee of the great Lord Hanuman.but i usually wont do the rules u said up there but my heart and mind is Lord Hanuman will consider me or not?

  321. Dear All,

    This is Raam from Hyderabad.

    Very glad to see and read all your experiences and comments above and I am very happy with these things. I am a hardcore bhakta of Sri Pancha Mukha Veera Hanuman and I do pooja every Tuesday and Saturday.

    Here I am seeing some of your doubts which i wanted to clarify based on my experiences with Hanuman Ji.

    1) Any boy or girl can do Hanuman Pooja. But especially women should not do pooja during their natural periods ( 5 days applicable).

    2) Always start pooja with Sree Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama and always chant this mantra. Because, As in Sundara Kanda it was told as
    Yatra Yatra Raghu natha Keerthanma, tatra tatra kritha masta kanjalim, VBhashpa vaari paripoorna lochnam maarutim namata raakshasaantakam. Meaning of the above is where ever, when ever he hears the chanting of the Sri Ramas name he comes and stands there with fulfilling tears in eyes and putting his hands on the head in namaskaar. Always chant Sri Rama or sree Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama in each and every turn of your pooja.

    3) If time permits read Sri Rama Raksha Stotra daily for 5 times / 11 times it gives immense effects to you.

    4) If you want to chant Hanuman chalisa in evening better to take a bath then start if you cannot do a bath then clean your legs, hands and face then start reciting chalisa.

    5) Go to hanuman temple each and every Tuesday and Saturday.

    6) I know a mantra that helps you to see hanuman with your eyes if anybody wanted to know contact me personally… subjective it restrictions. email:

    Sree Rama Jaya Rama jaya Jaya Rama
    Jai veer Hanumaan.

  322. Thank you for the reply.i forgot to mention that i lost my parents couple pf years bck

  323. Hi vaishali chandra! The ritual is for 11 Saturdays. Take a spoonful of sesame seeds in a mug full of water. Then remove any floating seeds from it. And put the water on the head and then bath.Then go for hanuman temple and before the idol place mixture of sesame, sugar and red gram (fried chena) in five small heaps and offer your prayers. Also offer 5 pradakshinas to lord..Before you leave for temple worship lord ram. Do not talk to any one on the path or turn back. After returning from temple offer prayer to your parents. Also see that you do not talk to anyone while on path to home.
    People have problems do to many factors other than shani or rahus effect. Even our self behavior like causing pain and problems to others can also inflict us. So one has to experience it. But praying to lord hanuman during the whole episode makes you come out successfully and even faster.
    Jai hanuman.

  324. Hi.. I am firm believer of hanuman ji.i m going through a bad phase of my life.can u please elaborate point 6

  325. I always keep him in my Heart touched. Because i always keep him in my Body.

    Jai Hanuman ki Jai……………..bolo Jai Hanuman ki jai.

  326. i feel so good that many people are devote of hanuman.
    one more thing we have to “avoid onion, lasan, on saturday and tuesday,
    and bear, non-veg food” for whole life…….

  327. @Sajit Mohanan! Insomnia is due to many reasons. Some will have it due to stress while others will have it due to happiness and excitement. Going for modern medicine will not serve the purpose. So, go for homeopathy..regards

  328. Make a regular habit of chanting Hanuman chalisa, (not now and then), you’ll gain full confidence. Hold a narial in your hands and make round of your car chanting hanuman chalisa and break it infront of your car once in a week either on Tuesday or Saturday. Then go to Hanuman temple by car, driven by yourself. Your fear will mitigate and you could gain utmost confidence. Don’t chant while driving. Definitely you’ll gain confidence

  329. jai hanuman i m suffering from insomania from 8 years.i m on medication from 7 years.i m 26 years old and want to get over it but donot know.can anyone help me? plz plz plz

  330. Jai Sri Ram, Jai Hanuman ji. My name is Vijay and I am from Bangalore, I have been chanting Hanuman Chalisa of and on , even after chanting I some how feel some fear, which I am not able to get rid of. I have various fears In life and I have no idea how to get rid of this . I lack confidence and what in someway Hanumanji to bless me with confidence and stability of mind. I have an Santro car which I bought it some 3 years back, it’s a old car and till date I have driven only few times, I can count hardly I have driven the vehicle. I tried all my best to drive the car bit there is some unknown fear which has restrained me from doing so. I pray all mighty Hanumanji to remove my fear and I should be able to drive the car. Please readers pray on my behalf .

  331. Jai shri ram….chanting and worshiping hanumanji is the fastest way to get rid frm evil effect,and obstacles in carrer.

  332. Hey Sachi! Do not let yourself go away from gods devotion. It is said if you take one step towards god, he takes 10 steps towards helping you. So we need to keep ourselves with him and not just leaving once work is done. Jai hanuman.

  333. Hanumanji has helped me lot of times in life. I am currently going through a tough time and hanumanji will surely help me. Jai hanuman.

  334. I have been having many issues in my relationship and issues with my family and I was going under lot of stress.
    I randomly listened to hanuman chalisa on the Internet as I read that it’s good if you are going through a bad time.
    Ever since that day I have been listening to hanuman life is becoming better in very unexpected ways , every thing is falling in to place little by little .
    Dear Lorr hanuman, I will be your devotee for life .jai hanuman

  335. I am a person totally devotee to the work in hand. I struggle hard to get anything in life. Never keep a selfish nature to god that hey god! listen my this wish or that wish. I expect him to just show me path when it is not seemed to me. I put my best in every work without begging to god. My this strategy of living the life recently gave me a huge success but before reaching the last step to my goal, a problem occurred. I tried all methods and currently trying also with this expectations that i never beg anything from god. i worked with full effort. Never snatched this success from anybody. But the problem I am currently facing, is critical. Only god can remove it. Will hanuman listen my wish? how to pray hanuman to complete my wish? please reply soon with detail (if possible, reply on email also). plz help….

  336. my favourite friend lord hanumanji he is different from other gods. hanumanchalisha and bajrangbaan chanting daily and see what happened in your life LIFE U turn marega………….. ,(JAY RAM SHRI RAM JAY JAY RAM)

  337. Facing issue with regards to the person I was to marry as he says no to marriage now. I chant hanuman chalisa daily and hope to post a success story very soon.


  339. @ Dhiraj! Keep chanting hanuman chalisa. And try to know what is she upset with. Do not behave as if you are dying for her. Instead be confident of yourself and have patience too. It will build your value in her and she will start thinking of you.

  340. i am suffering problems after a marriage my one year has been completed for a marriage i love her so much but my wife stay at her moms place she is not ready to come back and stay with me i am chanting hamuman chalisa from last few day please guide chanting hanuman chalisa will solve the problem aor do i need to chant some other hanuman strotras

  341. Hi An! Many comments by others here tell women can also pray to lord hanuman. By the way lord hanuman is one who just removes hurdles in your path and gives strength to move forward. So he does not stop one from marrying. I know many who prayed him for marriage and were successful. Just believe and experience his divinity and come back and mention your success. We will be waiting. Jai hanuman.

  342. Hi, I am unmarried girl, not finding love and ditched and left alone by everyone i loved. I am disheartened and do not understand why every guy i love leaves me. In this run, i lost my age of marriage and now struggling with socital pressure and lots more. I really want to live again, find my love and get married with my friend for life.

    I saw Hanuman Statutue in red in my dream, but girls tell me i should not worship Hanuman as girls do not get married, if they worship Hanuman.
    I am suffering from skin problems also since a long time now. Please advice me.

  343. Hi everyone, I have been chanting Hanuman chalisa with great devotion and trust on hanumanji from last couple of weeks. I am under terrible confusion, tension and worried about my daughters education. I am also doing Hanuman pooja every day. Unfortunately, Hanumanji has not listened to my prayers. I feel let down sometimes. I feel he has not graced me at all. Infact, my daughter even faced failure in her competitive exam. From last few weeks she has been joining me and reciting Hanuman Chalisa. We both feel that Hanuman ji is only testing for patience. He is only watching that if one day we will break down and say we do not trust him anymore. But we will never do that. I trust him and believe in him. Sometimes, both of us feel that my daughter has lost in competitive exam for her favourite and preferred college only to get a better college. Though she started living and studying in that college (dreaming), she accepted the failure with grace and has not broken down. Whereas, I am totally down and not able to come out of the shock. But only thing is that I have not lost trust on Hanuman ji. I am sure one day or the other he will shower us with his grace and that our testing period comes to an end.

  344. Rama Lakshmana Janaki Jai Bolo Hanumanaki !!!!!
    Rama Lakshmana Janaki Jai Bolo Hanumanaki !!!!!
    Rama Lakshmana Janaki Jai Bolo Hanumanaki !!!!!
    Rama Lakshmana Janaki Jai Bolo Hanumanaki !!!!!

    Let us surrender to god completely……

  345. Hi Amrutha! There are more severe problems and pains in other people’s lives. But not even 1% of people take decision of what you feel. Life is just a flow. Today we might be happy, tomorrow in suffering. But none stay for long. To be frank, suffering stays only for short period than happiness in life. And i believe, many readers who came here also had many problems came out successful through lord hanuman’s (alimighty’s) prayers. Just hold on, it wont stay for long if you keep on trying to overcome.

    If you believe in god you don’t need an astrologer. Jai guru dev.

  346. Hi
    My name is amrutha and I am facing a lot of problems since 2007 and till date it is not fine.. I am feeling like committing suicide… don’t know what to do… now rahu along with shani dasha is going on in my kundali… can anyone tell me how to come out of it and how to worship lord hanuman ji… even astrologers are taking advantage of my situation and making money.. pls help other wise I don’t have a choice but to commit sucide…

  347. I’m from Malaysia.Last year december,i and my dad with his friend stay in a hotel room for a business work that going on early morning.So that night we slept in a hotel 5 am i feel slepy,when i sleep aside,i can feel my bed been pressed down and some one like ”girl” sit near me..but i cannot turn back and check because i had been pressed..i even cannot shout or move.I knew rdy it something bad spirit.I just recite in my heart as loud as i can..only one phrase… “JAI SHRI HANUMAN” Promise it had gone away.Hanuman Jii so idol Jai Shri Anjeneya

  348. Ya lil patience u have to have for 21 Tuesday fasting, but think of hanuman jis blessings u r getting forever..nothing u will gain,if lil no pain…so wen u pray to hanuman ji,hv full faith that it will happen by only his blessings,else he will show u a correct way. Jai ram siyaram

  349. Jai sreeram, Jai hanuman,… since from my childhood I used to pray to hanumanji, and I don’t know whether that was a dream, I felt hanumanjis presence at midnight in when I was a kid. After that some how it got stopped worshiping hanumanji in ma life but it came back to me again when I was 15 years. Since then I strongly believe that he is my everything. I used to carry a picture of him where ever I go. But this time I forgot to do so when I traveled to middle east in search of a job. I am sure that my hanumanji will bless me with a future thousand times better than the future what I dreamed of.. my parents and siblings are also devotees of hanumanji… thank u sir for the informations about my hero. May God bless all. Loka Samantha sukhino bhavandhu. Jai sreeram, Jai hanuman

  350. hello frndz
    As we all knows that hanuman ji has another name sankatmochan means sankat=problem mochan= reducer or finisher. so it is clear that lord hanuman removes the problems of wishers and there is no doubt in the name lord hanuman. only i will say “Ek baar bhaj (pukaar) k to dekh dukh na mit jaaye to kehna. JAI HANUMAN

  351. Hi guys, I love hanuman a lot . Trust me guys he is just superb. I love him a lot .. I was too depressed and I was just reciting his name constantly. Trust me guys the next day a miracle happened and it was way beyond ..what I lost I got back… Just love him so much … And just pray to him that my life goes on wit out any more hurdles … Jai hanuman :-)


  353. My bother is a very good person but he is going through such a rough phase since 3 years where his problems are getting worsened day by day. I will pray on behalf of him to Hanumanji with a pure heart and see the positive changes. Thanks all for the wonderful comments

  354. @ Aakash! It really does not matter of how you do. The core is devotion rather than spelling. But still buy a book for rs.5 with images of hanuman on every page and recite. It seems that his image gives more devotion than just praying in the heart.

  355. Jai Hanuman. I also want to share my experience of praying hanuman. I had loads of problem in my life but after started reading hanuman chalisa all my problems vanished miraculously. I was fighting a legal case with my hubby and on verge of getting divorced. I had no support from any one. But reading hanuman chalisa changed everything. Today me and my husband are living together. All is well now with my hanumanji’s blessings. Thanks a lot hanumanji for all your blessings. Dear all please read Hanuman chalisa everyday to get rid of your worries.jaihanuman. sri Rama jeyam

  356. @ shivani… when you pray to lord, you must surrennder by accepting he is the supreme intelligence with the highest power…. and we should reaize we are nothing in front off the lord…. and the lord hanuman is very much sympathetic to females.. as he see them as mother…. he cannot ignore their worries…. so just tell him the problems you are facing….. and dont request for any specific result….. he knows what is the right solutiob for you…. it is rather than belief you should trust lord and be ready to accept what god’s wish…. that is what I meant by the word surrender…. keep your mind stable like shiva bhagavan meditate in himalaya in the middle of ice without shevering….. that is called attiitude…. sankar suvan kesari nandan hanuman ji will help you with his boons once you trust him…. a focused light for a long time can burn cotton…. so you should also focuss your mind to the lord and do only good things….. even if you see the things in negative way at the starting period…. do not loose your trust….. chant the powerful hanuman chalisa with love and great devotion and just feel it is giving happiness to you at the time of chanting and just feel nothing else more you want…. it is called the devotion……… if your devotion is true god will easily be pleased evenif the troubles you are facing as the payment of your unknowing sins in the past birth….. you will get rid off all those soon… good luck…..

  357. I chant hanuman chalisa. Pls tell me the right way to do it. Hanuman chalisa is really powerful.

  358. Shivani, once night with fully devotation chant hanuman chalisa. Do as many times as you can do and I believe your all problem shortout soon. after it make it daily routine( once time in the morning and evening prayer)

  359. Hi, friends, In short I want to say only what I am today is the blessing of god hanuman. I my family are happy and i complete all my task with confidence because hanuman ji is with me and always provide his supporting hand.but you have to work with honesty and work for social welfare.

  360. Really reciting Hanuman prayers changed my life. Before there where lot of problems but now by grace of Lord Hanuman, Lord Sri Ram & Lord Shiva i am doing well.
    Jai Hanuman

  361. Jai Shree Ram. Do put in to practice writing Shree Rama Jayam, 108 times daily. Also consider distributing Hanuman Chalisa books printed by available at Rs 3 to 5 each in temples and among friends and acquaintances. Jai Shree Ram.

  362. Sri rama jayam… Lord hanuman is really superb and give happiness to al his devotees…. In my life, i have experienced with it.. one day i met my cousin after long time, i felt affection with him…. i prayed to god that i need to marry my aravind… then miracaly he proposed me he told me am very crazy on u priya… am really happy to hear this… my love life s going happy and good…. but now some miss understanding s going between us…. hmmmm am praying hanuman sincerely nd i hope he will solve my probs and join me and my aravind soon…. so hanuman is mean to solve any probs thosecwho keeps believe in him….. dear readers all the best for your desires too…. JAI SRI RAM….
    thank god…. please give my aravind back again… i know its quite difficult .. but hanuman its possible for u …. show me some happiness plźzzzzzzzz…. i and aravind want to settle down in life and get marry soon as our desires on ur blessings…. i must post my comment soon after my success… i like both hanuman and sai baba… pls fulfill my dreams

  363. Sri rama jayam… Lord hanuman is really superb and give happiness to al his devotees…. In my life, i have experienced with it.. one day i met my cousin after long time, i felt affection with him…. i prayed to god that i need to marry my aravind… then miracaly he proposed me he told me am very crazy on u priya… am really happy to hear this… my love life s going happy and good…. but now some miss understanding s going between us…. hmmmm am praying hanuman sincerely nd i hope he will solve my probs and join me and my aravind soon…. so hanuman is mean to solve any probs thosecwho keeps believe in him….. dear readers all the best for your desires too…. JAI SRI RAM….

  364. Chant Hanuman Chalisa everyday, then you will sure recover all your problems, it’s a guarantee. Jai Sri Ram, Jai Hanuman ji.

  365. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa regularly can keep a check on any ongoing black magic cast on you that you might not be aware of. I have experienced it in my real life.

  366. Hi, few days ago a was suffering from many problems.So, I decided to chant Hanuman Chalisa. It worked as boon and moved me out of the problems. One can also recite this sloak in mind or by speaking. “Lal deh lali lassee ari dhari Lal Langur | Bajra deh Danab dalan jai jai jai kapisur ||

  367. Hello, Read all comments and feel good that Lord Hanuman helped you all!
    I too started reading hanuman chalisa but there is no change in my problem, I have been in problem even though it was not my mistake , I request you to tell me the way I can chant lord Hanuman to come out of the problem.
    I’ll have patience and reply back if my problem stops…
    Thank you.

  368. Hey Ashish, let me tell you you need not worry AT ALL.
    I share some things with you and I can tell that you’re not doing it wrong.
    My story goes like this……
    I am a student. In my class 11th and 12th I got very distracted and lost my focus on studies. Also I noticed that I was undergoing some strange mind problems. My mind never got relief and was always filled with negative thoughts. I used to think about destructing everything. I even used to imagine murdering people. At first I thought that it is natural as I was a teenager but later on a homoeopathic doctor told me that it is not “normal” . You know I was totally against moral values and tried to get rid of them in my imaginations.
    But things changed miraculously. Thanks to Lord Hanuman, I overcame all of my problems and I regularly worship him.
    The twist in the story comes here. Even now during my worship and after that, sometimes those old , negative , corrupt thoughts which gave me so SO much pain, come to my mind again. It is natural to feel that those thoughts are bad and will get you punished. But try to understand that it is not your fault. YOU are different from your BRAIN. Your brain recalls those memories by default but YOU yourself want to get rid of that. So you are innocent and have a pure heart. You are on the right track. The more you fight it , the stronger they’ll become. Realize this fact that it is not YOU who wants to invite such thoughts. So you are perfectly fine with your worship but you must request GOD to put a complete end to your trauma. Best of luck

  369. Lord Hanuman’s worship is beneficial not only to solve problems in life, but also to give immense satisfaction to the devotee. You feel that your mind is heightened to such an extent that you are easily able to forget, forgive others and maintain your focus towards your work. His worship gives you the feeling that “you’ve achieved everything in life”. Trust me, the energy is beyond anyone’s imagination. Regular worship is a MUST. If you have a lazy attitude towards his worship, then nobody can help you. And also regular worship is not a very difficult job. Yeah . Lord Hanuman provides you with such strong willpower that if you even think of being regular in worshipping him, you won’t be stressed out.
    Initially you might feel that regular worship is a little tedious and time consuming, but beware those feelings are a part of your own negative attitude which you want to get rid of. So bypassing the initial negative feelings about worship, after a few weeks you’ll see the results.
    I am a Lord Hanuman devotee since a few months and he has TOTALLY destroyed my problems with my career and my psychological weaknesses.
    Thank you.

  370. I was very much troubled by my roommate. He was adamant and my requests fell on deaf years(administrative staffs). Mostly so because his father is a powerful person. I recited hanumaan chalisa for 2 weeks. One sunday evening I come to my room and find all his stuff gone. He has shifted to another room. Although it was he who told me to shift. It’s a miracle for me. Now I’am the sole occupant of my room. Thankyou Lord Hanumaan
    Raam Naam jai raja Raam, Raam naam jai Sita Raam

  371. My hanuman baba s supreme nd loaded wd tons of power…..always be wid me my hanuman baba…..bless my baby hubby nd me….jai siaram ..hanuman anjanisunu vayuputra mahabali rameshta falgunsakha amitvikram udadhikramad sitashokvinahan lakshmanprandata dasgreevedarpaha……jag ka kalyan karo..shree ram..

  372. @ MAHESH! I pray that everything should go well with your father. For rahu problem you can make prayer to godess durga by lighting deep. For shani lord hanuman as mentioned in the article.

  373. Jai ShriRam
    I am very much worried about my father health. He is in ICU. As per his kundali he has current shani mahadasha and rahu antar dasha. Next 5 five month very crusial period for him.

    Kindly advice me what can I do to save his life.


  374. I personally feels that Lord hanuman is always great and never give up their followers…. I feel my god and workship to hanuman gives me confidence….when i feel any difficulties i l pray to him and possibly i can recover from it soon…… Thank god…Jai Sri Ram…..

  375. my name is Naveen i m working in IT, I was really depressed that i was not getting job any where. I was really frustrated with the current job. they were asking me to leave the company. but fortunately my mind listen the hanuman chalisa by downloading the videos and also i wrote down to memorize it. now i got a very good job, which i really cant belive.
    Thanks to god. I recommend every one to chant this mantra, so that you will also get benefited.

  376. yes sir i totally agree with u,but even the thought of her marrying to other guy makes me go mad,,,,i hav been praying to hanuman and always iam reciting his name the whole day,yes i do get relief by chanting his name,, but as i said i hope the lord helps me in getting my love…

  377. Hello,I want to do the hanuman prayer for 11 weeks with sesmae seed bath, I can not go to hanuman temple, so i was wondering where do i leave or offer the sesame, sugar n red gram.. Or I just take bath with sesame seed n pray to hanuman. Please help. Thank u.

  378. Hi i m dr yagnesh trivedi,3rd year studnt of mbbs,
    I m glad to know u my experience about hanuman, last june,2014 i have a exam, and its my last paper of my exam , i feel very negetive and fear about this paper bcoz of sec last paper is not done gud , so i didnt prepare very well, i was cry , feel depress and all time pray hanuman to save me , before exam day, last night when i was sleep there was dream come in my mind,and the dream about those topic which i will face on exam, so i wake at morning and i read about all this topic, when i was in exam and see this topic in exam, oh my god its mirecle i got exact topic which have dream. And from that day i feel that someone who care me and protect me. jai hanumanji
    Yagnesh trivedi

  379. I am praying to lord hanuman past 18 years . I strongly believe him . I all ways feel him like, when ever I face problems or when I fell alone . suddenly i find a monkey near to me where as I stay in Hyderabad here we don’t find them .

  380. Every mor.I read maruti book for 3 times. But i am having some confusion that Maruti & Hanumanji both are same god. Because I do Maruti birthday falling on Mar or April . Pl.suggest me that both are same. Even my daughter used to read the Maruti shrutra everyday. And she never eat non-veg.that day means on Tuesday she is very particular even she never cut the nail also. Pl.remove my confusion and Pl.suggest me what I should I do next time. Awatinng your reply pl.

  381.……. thank you for your comforting words……i am feeling terrible from two days……i am taking god’s name but let me tell you i am not taking hanuman ji’s name…….though i have faith in hanuman ji also……after every small intervals………i regularly suffer from setbacks……i keep on chanting god’s name when this happens and always pray to god that this should never happen again now……this has been happening from quite a long time…….i want to get rid of it completely… that nothing stops me from living my life to the fullest……

  382. my mind is not at peace……i want to remove my problem from its root …i am continously chanying god’s name since two days…….but nothing is helping me out….all my work has come to a pause……i feel terrible……they say that you must take god’s name from the bottom of your heart……now i dont know that ….but yes but i am taking god’s name with all my might (all the time)……what should i do so that god solves my problem……

  383. Hi my name is onna and i am going to take a major test on saturday. I have been studying but i keep getting distracted by random things. Do you think Hanumanji can help me with my major test…SAT

  384. @bhakti deepak!In the most toughest times in life holding on to devotion will pay off. It may seem everything has gone out of control. But with patience and gods help you will definitely get things o normal..Jai guru dev..

  385. I am bhakti deepak.I recite hanuman chalisa every day.Now I am passing through a very difficult time.Please tell me whether Hanumanji will save me? Please reply..

  386. yes, friends, i too have great experience of lord hanuman, it is like magic when i worshiped in hanuman temple for my marriage. I got positive result within a month.

  387. yes, ladies can recite hanuman chalisa.
    eg if your brother or son is very brave will you not praise it???
    Hanumanji believes each girl as his sister and lady as a mother so you can chant Hanuman Chalisa.
    but you will not touch his feet as my parents told that no brother or son will wish that his sister or mother touch his legs..
    jai shri ram…

  388. Should black or white sesame seeds to be used for taking bath and giving it to Lord Hanumanji

  389. Every word in this article about Lord Hanuman is true. I have experienced miracles in my life after worshipping Lord Hanuman daily

  390. @Takochyan! I got married though i am a sincere devotee to he did not stop me and even feel he helped instead..:-)

  391. I have question I was praying to Lord hanuman since two years , I gained Immense positive energy and confidence . Everything was going good and my career went skyrocketing but some one said that those girls who want to getting married should not pray to lord hsnuman and he is a bachelor . Is it true ? I would like to continue his prayers but I want to get married too. Can women prayer to get married and a wish to get a good husband be fulfilled by Lord hanuman ? Please advise , thanks

  392. I Sanjay Sachdeva from Chandigarh was having various troubles in my life because of Rahu, Shanni &budh from last more than two years, I was suggested to read Hanuman Challisa & I started reading Sri Hanuman Challisa & Hanuman Astak Sankat Mochan, with this I got benefitted as all expenses started meeting & I had complete breathing & as per human nature I stopped reading Hanuman Challisa & hanuman Astak Sankat Mochan & within two weeks I realized that I had to keep reading both the paths to have my life smooth & easy. I suggest everyone to read Challisa at least daily with full faith to have your life full of peace & prosperity ! Jai Hanuman , Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram ! Jai Sri Ram , Jai Hunuman Ji.

  393. Hello Everybody,
    Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Even I want to share my experience with you all.
    I started chanting Hanuman Chalisa since 2005. I was sharing the apartment with my friends . I usually get positive and negative vibrations wherever I go. So, when we moved to this big apartment somewhat I felt negative vibes in that apartment. I used to have nightmares..used to see Ghost and Spirit in my dreams . I was alone most of the time at night as, my room mates were working in night shifts . One night I had very bad nightmare I felt as if I have seen live spirit in that corner of the room. And suddenly I woke up and could not sleep the whole night. I took the name of Hanumanji and kept the Hanuman Chalisa book under my pillow,closed the bedroom door from inside. And since, that day I started chanting Hanuman Chalisa everyday and after that I never had nightmares . This made me strongly believe in Hanumanji and I started doing Lord hanuman puja every Tuesday with chanting Hanuman Chalisa(I don’t take non veg on this day). One more thing I want to tell all of you, you should not forget “God ” in your good days, it is time you should be thankful to “Him” for bringing joys in your life.Keep chanting Hanuman Chalisa and see the miracle in your life. “Jai Sree Ram” “Ram bhakat Hanumanji ki Jai Ho”

  394. Hey Asish! If you are taking medicine for above disorders, they can be toxic to brain even. Many psychological disorders can be overcome by confidence and commitment. So keep your prayers and commitment to overcome your problems. More over most of the psychological disorders can be treated by mixing up with people, going for movies and other recreational habits. Try to relive stress first.Because above disorders aggravate by stress and worry.

    For an idea of what i mean watch the English movie “The Beautiful Mind”.

  395. I have suffered from depression, anxiety and OCD for a long time. I have been taking medicines since five years, but all these diseases come back. I have started reading Shiv Chalisa and Hanuman Chalisa and I ask them of ridding me of such diseases. I feel better now and I believe with their blessings, I will be able to be free from these diseases.

    There is only one thing. My OCD gives me negative thoughts even while praying to Shivji and Hanumanji. Because of such thoughts, I am unable to pray and read chalisa with devotion. And then I think God will punish me.

    Can somebody please help me provide the answer as to what I should do.

  396. Hanuman is every where, if u want to test. whenever if ur going to sleep then say hanuman then see what happened. please don’t think it is crazy.

  397. Hi ,its true, i had lost my mobile worth 25k and my wallet ,i prayed to hanuman ji and read hanuman chalisa with lots of faith and love and claps ,just once ,and i got call from an unknown guy that he wants to return my mobile and wallet. on a number i had saved as “Home”. i got this call as soon as i finished my prayer exactly the same moment.”Pawan sut hanuman ki jai ,jai ram !jai ram! jai jai ram!”

  398. hanuman ji has helped me and my family in many situations. and since long i start my day with hanuman chalisa and it helps a lot.

  399. I would like to add the blessings that Hanumanji has bestowed.The year 2013 was unusally unlucky for me, people resented me so much that at work place eventhough, I had flagged genuine issues they wanted me out of the Company.I had actually moved in recently from a a bigger company to relatively smaller group, but in itself was a bigger buisness. iwas not able to adjust to such resentment, I found the continuance at work on a daily basis to be painful, it was as if the Salary given was a charity and I prayed that I be releived of this pain.I prayed to Hanumanji and fortunately the mantra ” Ohm Shree Vajra Dheyaya, Ramabhktaya, Vayuputhrya Namosthethe” helped me over come it and I got a job wherein, I felt that my contribution was recognised. However there were issues relating to my anxiety levels, disharmony in family and health issues, which daily were eating away my menatal peace and mental space. I was feeling that my life was spiralling down.I must admit that, I was not parying. From the month of july, i started reciting Hnuman Chalisa at least once in a day and this has helped me in being peache with me. It has driven me to try to understand life and has relieved me of anxieties. Jai Shree Hnauman, Jai Hanuman Gayan Gun Sagar, Jai Kapish thiun log Ujagar, Ram Doot atulit Baldhama, ajani Putra pavan Sutnama, Mahaveer vikram Bajrangi, Kumati Nivar Sumati ke Sangi.

  400. Dear All,

    I would like to mention one of my recent experience: Somehow I felt to start chanting “Hanuman Chalisa” (inner soul) recently & I did.
    Actually I was having heavy blood loss for 1.5 months. I went to a very renowned doctor & as usual she kept me on heavy pills but NOTHING happened. I don’t remember how but I came across this site & thought of chanting chalisa. I always felt close to hanuman but was scared to pray thinking “ladies should not pray to him”.Now for the past 2 years I am undergoing lot of treatment to be blessed by baby so lost my sleep too (Insomia).
    After coming through this site same day I started chanting “chalisa” before sleeping,guys you wont believe (even me) that within 2 days of chanting my periods stopped completely. Now readers can decide about power of hanuman chalisa.

    Thanks a lot bhagwan

  401. Hi this is Ramprasath . I am very much surprised with the blessings given by god Hanuman to our family recently (in Nov 2014) . I am worshipping Hanuman for the past 5 years approx. Initially i wrote Sri Rama jeyam in a note with an intention of getting a good IT job ( Being a Biotechnology Student) even i was thinking about getting a job in IBM and wrote Sri Rama jeyam . Trust me i was telling to some of my friends confidently that i will join IBM after 2 months and i got Job in IBM after 2 months and was so impressed with the blessings of God Hanuman( this happened in 2010). Now i want to share an incident which recently happened last week i.e) on Nov 2014. Past 1 and half years i was stressed off with many things, we had many problems in my family so i stopped writing sri Ramajeyam. Then my parents went to an astrologer expert to know whether its a good time to start looking alliance for me and the astrologer suggested us to pray Hanuman and apply butter in his chest portion of Hanuman Statue. Next day of applying butter a monkey came to my home terrace and seen my mom and left . I don’t know how it came to our terrace, where chances are very very less to come. Even if it is easy why it has to come on the very next day of applying butter in Hanuman Ji chest. Really Surprising

  402. Hi frds ,
    Really lord hanuman is very much great. I tell u one thing to u all. After engagement my husband told me we stop this marriage I won’t like . My parents were getting shocked n every one was feeling a lot. At that time I regularly went to hanuman temple. After one week my husband told me we don’t stop this marriage. I like to marry you nu. Jai sri ram , jai jai sri ram

  403. Hi all devotees of Lord Hanuman , I am from kumbakonam near thanjavur. If you all are have a any chance of come to kumbakonam means please come and see RAMASWAMY temple which is also called as Southern Ayothya. In that temple idol of our Lord Hanuman was like Reading RAMAYANAM and Painting of RAMAYANAM also there. Lord Sriramachandra moorthy was in PATTABESHEGAM state that means after Ram was crowned. He sat near to goddess sita and Lakshmanan hold Umbrella , Barathan and chathruknan was doing Saamaram(behind lord ram and seetha they give air by means of holding the bunch of peacock feather or cotton) and our lord Hanuman reading RAMAYANAM

  404. OM SHRI HANUMANJEE NAMAHA,thank you my LORD for instant blessings,I gave up my belief in you to look for peace in christianity,GREAT HANUMANJEE I regret every moment of that betrayal,you have accepted me back with such graciousness,my LORD I will never go against you ever again,you are our only saviour,all my glory to you only

  405. chanting chalisa .. definitely reduces mental stress and help avoid confusion in mind.

    i wud like to share one mantra – Om shree vajradehaya rambhaktaya vayuputraya namastute.
    it also relieves mental stress. have faith in god and chant it 11 times. anytime any place.

  406. Preeti! Your doubts are unnecessary. Did not you hear, hanuman was ready to fight lord shri ram for sake of the word given to his mother. Women can worship him. Even my mother is a great devotee to him and had reaped immense benefits…

  407. Sir,
    I have this question for many years that “can ladies chant hanuman chalisa?”.
    my father is a big devotee of hanuman and he has got very good experiences in life but I am still scared to pray him due to doubts. I would love to read hanuman chalisa.
    Please suggest.

  408. @Ashwin! Many consider financial problems due to ketu effect..So try praying even lord Ganesh..

  409. Im having financial problem as well searching for a job.
    Kindly suggest me how can I submit to Maruti/ Hanuman & get his blessings to get rid from my current problems.


  410. Jai Hanuman ! I am from Malaysia. I would like to share my experience of having evil spirit disturbances in my house and how I eliminated it with Hanuman worship. The residents in the Apartment block I live in have constantly complained to me about evil movements in their units and various disturbances from them. I did not believe until I experienced it. Since my work requires me to travel outstation frequently, I would live my house without any lights on. On the 15th of October 2014 after my journey from Perak , I entered into my house and I felt very uneasy and a form of negative feeling and vibration felt. As night advanced and i retired to bed, I could hear running footsteps around, falling of beads, dragging of furniture and weird sounds inside my house which made me feeling uneasy. As i switched off the light and tried to sleep I heard sounds of dry leaf and objects moving on my floor but i cant see anything. Later when I tried to sleep about 12am, I had a shock of my life when all of a sudden I heard a loud thud and I woke up to find that the sound came as a result of a huge “object” jumping from the upper floor onto my bed but I saw nothing. I heard it and felt it clearly followed by foot steps. Fearing for the worst, I woke up, switched on the radio and light and remained in the room until morning. The food step, dragging of furniture knocking of wall, sound of dropping beads and pebbles continued. At about 3.00am while i was in a state of semi sleep, i was awoken by the the sound of a male voice “haaah” close to me. I prayed and chanted mantras and applied holy ashes kept at the altar but of no avail. In the morning, taking an advise from my mother, I went and bought two Hanuman framed pictures, Hanuman Chalisa CD and Hanuman Namahvalli. The pictures were given to the priest at Hanuman temple at Brickfields for pooja and I took it home. I placed one picture in the hall and the other next to my bed. I got a new radio and played both the CD’s throughout the night and recited Hanuman Gayathri many times. I am proud to say that upon the gracious presence of Lord Hanumanji in my House, and with the daily prayers with camphor,incense sticks and gum benjamin and gayatri and other mantras my house is brighter, good vibration felt and the disturbance i faced have totally disappeared. I feel happy, and protected each time I enter and live in the house. I owe it to Lord Hanumanji and I say a BIG THANK YOU to him.

  411. Hi frnds im surendra from andhra im telling one small story of temple which is near to my town as well as my college The Temple of Anjaneya swamy here is built on the foot of a hill on the western side of the river Papagni. It has gained a great name and fame as vayukshetra and situated on vempalli – Rayachoti road. It is 55 km from Kadapa and 8 km from Vempalli. Papagni river flows at this place frm south to north in between two hills. A legend says, that Lord Rama visited this place in his return journey frm Lanka and stayed for sometime attracted by its natural beauty. To welcome Rama Vayu the father of Anjaneya hung a wreath of golden flowers across the ravine. There is a belief among the people that it is visible to the sacred souls at the approach of their death time.Sir Thomas Manro the farmer British Governor, was fortunate enough to see it when he passed near the ravine. His followers grieved much for this for they knew that he would shortly die. Before leaving this place Rama carved the figure of Anjaneya on a rock. The stone Prakaram around the sanctum sanctorum is said to have been built by one Thirupathi Seshanna in 1911, A retired dist judge, Tadimarrl Bhujanga Rao built a choultry at this place for pilgrims, this temple attracts devotees from far and wide especially on Saturdays and in the month of Sravana

  412. Jai shri ram, jai bajarangabali and read hanuman chalisa everyday and then see miracles

  413. Hello vijay! Many place idol of hanuman prominently and above it they place lord shri ram’s pic. But still you may consult other priests at your place.

  414. Since hanuman ji is devoted to Lord Rama, which picture should I place in the altar? Rama or Hanuman? Please advice.
    Thank you.

  415. also recite or listen to Anoop Jalota’s Sundarkand…’s too good……
    u can listen to them here… my site….
    Jai sri RAM…..Jai Jai SitaRam…..Jai SiaRam…..

  416. YES….Hanuamn Ji is great…..and Hanauman Chalisa is toooooo great…..i have been reciting it EVERY DAY since 1996…..i lost my job IN 96….then someone told me to pray to Lord Hanuman Ji……i got a new job in 97….went to US…wroked there for many yrs….now asking my daughter to do the same….recite Hanuman Chalisa for once after taking bath……every room in my house has photos of Hanuman Ji…he’s …too great….Jai Bajarang Bali…..Jai Sri Ram…..

  417. I started praying to hanuman ji when my life was totally upside down. Thanks to him, I got a better job, and I started getting happy. Again something happened and I lost hope and stopped reciting hanuman chalisa everyday and my life became worse. I have realized my mistake. I was angry with Hanumanji because my I was becoming unhappy again, but I have only become worse. i wish he forgives me and works in my life again and make everything beautiful.

  418. worshipping Lord habuman has been an excellent experience for me. I was facing many problems in my life but after reciting the name , it has actually helped me overcoming the problem in 4 weeks..

  419. I am very depress, lonely and sad after facing a lot in my life. I use to recite
    Hanuman Chalisa . However later due to busy scheduled, I discontinued. That was the
    period I was completely lost. When I started it again, trust me devotees, there is such a great power and positivity and my life has changed drastically. Whatever comes my way I take it very confidently and feels that he is always there with me. And he will always rescue me from any problems and troubles, That why “Kau Nahi Jaanat Hai Jag Me Kapi Sankat Mochan Naam Tiharo||.

  420. hai my name is madhu.i am a disciple of lord hanuman.i request every body to pray to hanuman and get the blessings of him.he is a god of power with a lot of energy.he can dismantle any evil plz plz pray him when you are in serious troubles.jai sri ram ji ki.jai hanuman ji ki.jai hanuman ji ki.

  421. Hi all.I worship lord hanuman since i was in 3rd class.I have exp the presence of my lord hanuman while after a frustrating day i was reciting ‘shri ram jai ram jai jai ram’.I kept in mind that oh lord bajrangi i heard u always present where lord ram is worshiped so plz come we both recite name of lord ram together.I cant explain wat i felt further but with 100% truth i felt his presence .Its a real and very true experience in my life .
    One thing I want to add in the above post that lord hanuman hates nonveg and wine so not only on tuesday and saturday u have to sacrifice for both things from ur life if u really want bajrangis boon.Another thing as mentioned in post that lord bajrangi is a strict bachlor so one has to be brhamchari before marriage and loyal after marriage.This is a must and powerfull way to get lord of lords hanumans boon.Thanx and love to all devotis .Jai Shri Ram ……Jia Hanuman

  422. Hello Devotees, I am facing health as well as mental problems since in my rashi both Shani and Rahu are in the same place . I recite Hanusman Chalisa once before going to bed and now I have started reciting “Öm Sri Ram Hanuman” everytime . I hope it helps me. I am in lots of problems as if now. I hope Lord Hanuman frees me from this problems and helps me overcome it. Devotees Kindly Pray for me. Jai Sri Ram Jai Sri Hanuman .

  423. Hanuman ji is great. He helps his devotees in distress and helps them to overcome their sufferings whether they are mental physical or emotional. Jai jai hanuman,

  424. I was a victim of a violent crime (24/03/2014), i was shot in the chest, it took me a long time to recover, while i was recovering, i stopped doing my Tuesday prayers for Hanuman. During this time, i also started doing some renovations at my home so i had to remove my Temple, i took everything from my temple and placed it in a box and put it in the house. Since then, everything has been going wrong in my life, i was wondering why and then on the 25 August 2014, a Monday, i realised or it popped in my mind that its because i stopped praying to Hanuman so i said to myself i will start again tomorrow (26 August 2014), which i did, the very next day, there was a great improvement. Jay Hanuman !!!!!

  425. Great post sir. Nicely written and very nice tips. Jai Hanuman. I am a huge devotee of Hanuman ji.

  426. its very powerful “slok” for motivation and to make new and innovative think also positive thinking….
    also reduce the negetivity and always think about positive idea and 100% i was getting success in my life….


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