Impact of spirituality on Health and Life

impact of spirituality

Spirituality is an approach to life where one tends to understand life on broadway. Instead of living a regular life with desires and struggles, one tries to overcome them and live with peace. Many consider … Read more

Why do Good People Suffer ? 6 Interesting Reasons

why do good people suffer the most

Good people are of two types, like the ones who are capable yet are good. The other type is they are weak or incapable who cannot defend or take care of themselves. So, the second … Read more

How to Test God? Tips from my Experience


God, as we believe, is a supreme authority who runs this universe. Man has been into believing him for ages, and his search for god is not complete. But, still, he is believed to be … Read more

Importance of Rivers for Humans and Environment

importance of rivers

Rivers are the lifeline of our civilizations. Most of the civilizations were established and flourished near the rivers. Importance of rivers Support living and civilizations For farming and agriculture Scope of transport Water storage and … Read more