Yellow Sapphire Astrological Benefits from Planet Jupiter

Yellow Sapphire Benefits
Yellow sapphire gemstone

This is the gemstone representing the planet lord Jupiter or Brihaspati.

It is a yellowish-colored crystal stone to help strengthen or alleviate the effects of Jupiter.

Jupiter is one of the prominent planets in astrology.

If he is friendly and strong, then all the other planets will be controlled by him.

Jupiter will nullify any mal effects of other planets.

So having a strong and friendly Jupiter is advantageous for an individual.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire as per Astrology

If in your horoscope, Jupiter is located in a friendly position; you can wear the Yellow sapphire to enhance its effects.

Jupiter brings in spiritualness, wealth and intelligence, peace of mind, and also a sense of justice.

One can get blessings and also support from elders and teachers.

Having Jupiter in a friendly place also enhances the health of an individual.

It is auspicious for marriage and also family life.

It enhances the chances of getting employment and growth in your career.

It helps in case of lung infections, digestive troubles, and also problems related to the heart.

Jupiter regulates every aspect of life, and hence one can experience spiritual growth with it.

If Jupiter is weak or even strong, one can wear Yellow sapphire.

How to wear yellow sapphire.

Get the Yellow Sapphire studded in gold or silver metal to be worn on the index finger (i.e., the finger next to the thumb).

For men, it is recommended to wear on a right-hand finger, while for women, it is to be worn on the left-hand finger.

But even women can wear it on their right hand. There is no steadfast rule.

Also, it can also be worn as a locket on a necklace.

The stone should be worn on a Thursday after prayer to lord Jupiter.

Spell the mantra by placing the stone in your place of worship.

Then spell the mantra “Om Graam Greem Graum Saha Brihapstaey Namaha.” 108 times and wear the stone.

How to check if yellow sapphire suits you

Wearing a non-compatible stone can be harmful. So testing yellow sapphire is good.

First, get the gemstone, cover it in a yellow cloth, and tie the cloth to your arm for a week.

If you do not notice any negative effects, you can go ahead to wear it.

If not on the arm, you can place the stone in your place of worship at home and test it.


Avoid wearing a used yellow sapphire or those that have cracks or breaks in the stone.

Do not wear it in combination with gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, cat’s eyes, or hessonite.

If you find the yellow sapphire to be expensive, you can also use substitutes for it.

These include Yellow Pearl and Yellow Zircon. The substitutes also provide equivalent benefits to pure yellow sapphire.

The weight of the stone should be at least one carat. But recommended weight is 4 carats or more.

Where to buy yellow sapphire

ring studded with yellow gemstone

It is safe to buy from a vendor who is engaged in gemstones specifically.

Also, the stone should be studded in such a way that the lower portion of the stone in the ring should touch the skin on the finger.

One can wear this stone in combination with ruby, pearl, and red coral without issues.

Combination with pearl enhances peace of mind and brings peace to the family too.

While in combination with ruby, it can improve fathers’ health and income.

One can experience enhanced confidence and growth in career pursuits when it is worn in combination with red coral stone.

Frequently asked questions and answers.

How long does it take for yellow sapphire to work?
It mostly shows its effects within 36 hours of wearing it. For many, the results start within a few hours of wearing it.
How to identify the original yellow sapphire
The stone should have uniform color and texture throughout. The presence of any cracks or discoloration indicates it is not original.

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