why work in social services ?10 Benefits

As per U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, social service work is one of the fastest growing careers with 708,000 and a potential to grow by 9% by 2031.

This indicates, the extent of people desirous of working in social causes.

So, let us see the benefits and why opt for these services.

  1. Satisfaction
  2. For personal growth
  3. Recognition
  4. Mental or psychological wellness
  5. Better environment
  6. Better health
  7. Clean surroundings
  8. Gain People support
  9. To manipulate governments (for Money)
  10. For higher education

Social service is a method followed by men for ages. This is an inherent quality of pious men in the past. It was practiced by holy men, religious people, political leaders, students, teachers, etc.

But, the intention of this social service varies from person to person, region, and the circumstances.

However, everyone involved in social service can get the benefits in different ways.

Social Service Benefits

Self Satisfaction

  • This is a service that is done only to give without expecting any returns.
  • People inherently opt for social service to gain personal satisfaction.
  • This aspect of giving is seen in nature too.
  • Plants give out flowers and fruits to animals while they get fertilized and their seeds dispersed.
Military man with dog
  • But for a human, social service gives immense satisfaction which cannot be attained by any amount of wealth or any level of position in society.
  • A person doing the service out of satisfaction would be more happy and content with life.
  • There are many notable people with the greatest service attitude in human history.
  • But very few of them could go beyond wealth, fame, or power.

Gain higher education

  • Many educational grants or scholarships are provided for the students by some governments or clubs.
  • They expect the students for voluntary service in return. This is good in two ways.
  • The students get the benefit of higher education and in return, the society around them receives their honest services.

Supports personal growth

  • Service to others helps in improving yourself a lot.
  • You will learn how to communicate, how to behave, how to get things done, how to control your emotions, and many more.
  • It is one of the best gifts one can get.

Recognition and respect

  • Social service involves people and sometimes a large number of people keep talking about it and who is behind it.
  • So, if one is into social service, he gets a lot of recognition. But the work has to be genuine and helpful to people to gain recognition.

Mental or psychological wellness

  • This is one of the important social service benefits to a person.
  • Being in the company of people and actively engaging with others is one of the best ways to keep your mental health well.

Because you have a few things here.
1. You are not idle, i.e., not a devil’s workshop mind

2. As a part of noble and selfless service, you will be happy, smiling, and receiving compliments that can raise your spirit.

3. You are constantly at work in what you love, so you will get tired physically and have a pleasant sleep.

Social Service Benefits by volunteering

So, older people who have retired, mothers who are homemakers, and students can participate in social services.

Better environment

  • Social services sometimes also include work for the betterment of the environment.
  • Like growing trees, spreading awareness on minimal wastage of water, petroleum, electricity, etc.

Better health

  • Many people are into service in the name of providing health services to others for free or at a nominal cost.
  • In doing so one will contribute to better health and well-being of the society around.

Clean surroundings

  • Services involving cleaning of the counties, streets are a great way of service to the community.
  • It brings in a feeling of being responsible and keeping the surroundings clean and tidy.
  • If you are involved in such campaigns at least once, then you will try to keep in mind to never litter outside.

To gain People support

  • Anyone without dedicated and selfless service gains people’s goodwill and support.
  • The people will be ready to listen to you and work according to you for everyone’s benefit.
  • This is more possible when one is working for the poor or downtrodden people.
  • To manipulate governments
  1. This looks quite nasty to say, but many foundations try to provide financial support to the so-called NGOs or social service firms to manipulate or threaten governments.
  2. Though it is not beneficial for that particular country, still the persons involved will be benefited.
  3. Since they influence the people by their goodwill; governments would be wary of them.
  4. Though it could be helpful to the people of the nation, sometimes it is also misused.
  5. Hence, you can notice that few nations reject foreign funding in the name of services.
  • This is because those who receive funds will try to fight the democratically elected governments in power through legal systems.
  • They can delay the government’s tasks enormously.

This can sometimes lead to hindrance of progress for that country. But still, people would not be aware of what’s happening, and the government will face setbacks.

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