Why Should We Protect the Environment | 5 Indispensable Reasons?

Planet earth is the only planet with an environment suitable for living beings.

Man and animals cannot live on any other planet perfectly.

Earth has been so stable and enriching life for millions of years.

It has seasons, climate, temperature changes that support life on earth.

But in the current century, the environment is losing its stability, attractiveness, and shape due to the advancement of technology and widespread exploitation of natural resources, and destruction of the environment by man.

As per many environmental scientists, the Antarctic ice is melting and could lead to a rise in sea levels.

There may be a day where a man cannot survive on earth anymore.

Though there are many expeditions and efforts to search for a new planet for human habitat, none is so beautiful and pleasant as earth to man.

It is quite easy to destroy this but very hard or almost impossible to correct it by man.

So it is everyone’s responsibility to save the environment on this planet earth.

But, we may be curious if there is really a need to save the environment. Below are the reasons for it.

Reasons for Why should we protect the environment

1. For enhanced lifespan
2. For better fruits, flowers with quality taste and scent
3. Decrease in suffering
4. To decrease stress
5. For future generations of man to survive

Enhanced lifespan

  • An environment that is polluted and not human-friendly leads to a lot of diseases and disorders.
  • This development of diseases and disorders can lead to faster chances for death.
  • Many people tend to develop diabetes, skin problems, lung disorders, etc., in certain places due to the environmental effect.
Why Should we Protect the Environment-Nature beauty in campus
  • So if the environment is pure and pleasant without pollution and contamination of soil, water, and air, we will have a healthy life.
  • We can breathe fresh air, drink pure water, and also eat uncontaminated food.
  • Just a few decades back, almost all the rivers, springs, waterfalls, and even groundwater were uncontaminated and very pure to drink.
  • People who lived on them also never got water-born diseases.
  • But now the condition is that we cannot drink any water purified by an R.O purifier.
  • Similarly, air and soil are also contaminated by pollutants and toxins.

They gain entry into the human body through air or food and can damage the health of the person.

For better fruits, flowers with quality.

Why Should we Protect the Environment flower with colors
  • Recently one scientist found that flower was deteriorating in their scent than before due to the use of petroleum fuels.
  • Similarly, due to contaminated soil, water the fruits also have lost their fragrance and taste.
  • You can notice this difference when you eat a mango from farm-grown on artificial methods and from that grown by natural or organic means.
  • The fragrance and taste of naturally grown fruits are so pleasant than the other ones.
  • Even you can notice that trees grown recently are not so rigid as those of the past.

They rarely grow like them and survive for so long. This is also because of the contamination of soil and groundwater.

The decrease in suffering

  • If the environment is pleasant, it would be very comfortable for all living beings.
  • But if it is harsh in the form of heavy heat, dust, pollution, heavy snow, drought,  excess flooding due to rains, we encounter frequent economic losses as well as loss in population.
  • These calamities result from climate change and can cause trouble for a long period before subsiding down.

Even we can notice that environmental damages caused long ago can still cause suffering to a man if he visits the place again.

For future generations of man to survive

  • This may seem not necessary to be worried about.
  • But, we need to remember that we were born because of the health history of man.
  • If we keep the environment safe, it contributes to human life’s sustenance on earth for infinite generations to come.
  • If we destroy it, we would be the last of man to remain to have lived on this beautiful planet called earth.

Even relying more on natural means like the use of animals, plants, and the use of nature-friendly technology can greatly decrease the widespread environmental destruction and provide the way for longer life on earth.

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