Why Should Parents have more than One Child?

I would say never have a single child and try to have at least two children.

I being a single child of my parents, I write this with my personal experience. Having a single child might be easy and comfortable for parents.

But, it would really harm the child in his life.

I was born single because my mother had two stillbirths before and had no more after my birth. 

If there is a problem, parents can refrain from going for a second child, but it is better to have more than one if it is fine.

I have heard many of my educated friends say single is better. I feel they are selfish in their thoughts and never thought of their child’s future security. 

So Why Should Parents have more than One Child?

  1. Leave a blood relative behind after you.
  2. Have a better peace of mind.
  3. Give a sense of family
  4. Ensure his self-confidence
  5. Preserve him memories
  6. Let him share his emotions.
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Leave a blood relative behind

I asked my father once who will be with me once you leave. He instantly said, “God will be with you.”

Maybe he was right as I saw that I always got support from others when I tried to solve problems.

But I never had the sense of security and confidence that I possessed while I had my father. 

For this, I stopped moving from one place to another and relocated to my native place, where my father and I were born.

This I did because many have seen my father and me.

This helped me, to some extent, gain confidence and a sense of security. But I would say it is not complete. 

While I see others with their brothers and sisters, they are more confident and secure in life despite having less education and wealth.

This, I believe, is due to their blood brother and sisters being still alive with them in this world.

Have a better peace of mind

Parents of single children are more insecure than those with more.

I saw my brother-in-law who had a single child.

He was worried about his child if he had even a minor fall while playing.

He used to go for doctor checks for even minute injuries.

He never used to be strict with his child, and maybe he was pampering a lot.

I feel this is due to having a single child.

On the other hand, I have seen many parents who had multiple children were least worried even if one of the children did not return home tonight.

Give a sense of family

Everyone wishes to share their opinions or get their doubts cleared with their near ones.

And no one is as near to them as their blood relatives. So having a single child will disable that child from virtue.

If the child has a brother or sister, he would have family and share his problems.

Though he may not share it with his parents, he would definitely share it with his brothers or sisters.

Ensure his self-confidence

I have some less educated friends. They have many brothers and sisters.

And though they were of the middle class economically, they were more confident. 

The reason was, if there is a quarrel or any legal issue, their brothers will support each other till the issue is resolved.

Now imagine what if it is a single child? He would be tense and insecure in the same crisis.

Preserve him memories

A single child will have fewer memories of his parents and grandparents.

On the other hand, if the child has brothers and sisters, he would have more memories for life.

Let him share his emotion.

Did you notice a successful sportsperson or anyone sharing his home and all the comforts with his brothers or sisters?

Successful people tend to share with their direct blood relations by heart. This is because they feel more secure and happy in doing so.

Though there may be fights among siblings for property, it is due to narrow-mindedness.

But in most cases, you will see, when someone is wealthy, they can feel more secure when they share their life with direct siblings.

It is easy to feel belonging with a close blood relation than a stranger.

Single Child vs Siblings

Sr.NoSingle childSiblings
1Can be alone to playCan play with siblings
2Depends on parents for most thingsCan depend on siblings and easily habituate with others too
3In-sequre in life dealingsFully confident and secure emotionally.
4Cannot take chances and risks with easeCan take chances and risks and get opinions to do so.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Does a single child feel lonely?
Most of the single children feel lonely and comparatively insecure. But it also depends on the circumstances.
How being an only child affects relationships
If you are an only child, most of the time you will be yielding to others’ demands to keep up the relationships. You will be less confident in dealing with personal life relationships.
Why do i love one child more than the other
In general mothers have more affection to their first child and father may have towards the younger one.
The reasons are emotional experiances with the baby during birth and latter.
Sometimes if one child has a weakness, out of sympathy, parents may shower more love comparatively.

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