Why Relationships Fail? 10 possible reasons

Human is a social animal. For him relationships are everything.

If there are no proper relationships a person will not have a comfortable living and healthy life even.

So always he tries to have some relationships with fellow humans. But interestingly relations break, end, or fail on a regular basis.

Many of them wonder why relationships fail and go into depression or sorrow thinking of the broken relationship.

One can avoid this if he knows why relationships fail and what relationships are necessary.

Common Reasons Why relationships fail

Borrowing money & not returning it: Whenever you fall short of money then you immediately turn towards your friend or cousins or relatives. This is, in fact, the biggest problem in the long term. At a minimum, it removes respect in your relationship. There are very few relationships strong due to money matters. Since finances can be a toil, this even endangers relationships.

# Why relationships fail

Making comments on complaints in the back: Commenting can be fun on each other in most relationships. But the same comments done in the person’s absence in front of others pose a big problem. This happens when he knows about your comment through others. There arises suspicion and dishonesty gradually which might one day lead to a breakage of relationship.

Lack of respect: Mutual respect is a must in a relationship. When this is gone, almost everything slowly declines. No two people can continue to have a relationship without mutual respect arising with love.

Ego problems: A couple might find ego problems over time due to a change in success rates in career over time.

Fighting for the same object: This is a troublesome and sometimes dangerous factor. There are might also arise clashes and crimes due to the fight for the same object (love with a girl or property etc.). Someone has to win so the other if accepts it, there can be fewer problems. But, the relationship is not strong and loses its magnitude with time even after one wins.

Dishonesty If you are married and try to maintain a secret affair or open affair which is not liked by others or even wife. Honesty comes with mutual respect. When honesty prevails, other compatibility problems slowly soothe away and relationships prevail. This is a key factor in marriage, love, business, politics, etc. If there is a breach of honesty, the relationship can be said to have broken forever.  So honesty to your partner in marriage, business, politics, etc. is mandatory.

credit:Witthaya Phonsawat,
credit: Witthaya Phonsawat,

Not spending sufficient time for a relationship: If one is married or not, still if he has family-like parents, siblings, or wife, one must always devote some time to build relationships. Many problems in a relationship arise due to not spending sufficient time with family, friends, relatives, etc.

Not wishing or exchanging: We find many greeting cards, gifts in the market, not just business but because they are intended for building relationships.

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