Why is Democracy Important ? 12 Essential Points Discussed

Democracy, as you may have known, is a form of governance where people decide.

They decide on how to be ruled, who should rule for how long.

Due to this feature, people in a democratic country enjoy a lot of freedom.

They can work freely and perform well in whatever areas of interests they wish to.

A normal person can become president like in case of Abraham Lincoln with his sheer ability.

Unlike the king’s rule or dictatorship, the people would be not prone to restrictions of any sort.

Why is democracy important?

  1. Basic rights of the person are protected
  2. Chances for growth
  3. Combined decision making
  4. Fewer chances of misuse of power
  5. Equal rights to all
  6. Ability to express themselves
  7. Enhanced economic growth
  8. Provide food and minimizes famines
  9. Minimizes conflicts and violence
  10. Provide food and minimizes famines
  11. Separation of powers
  12. Transparency of systems and processes
  13. People with the right ability only will be given chance to perform

Rights of citizens:

The basic rights of citizens are protected. There is freedom of food, clothing, shelter. Even, the choices of work, religion etc are not controlled. None can compel him or prevent him in these aspects.

why is democracy important

Common law for all:

Any person found guilty is to be punished by law. Be it a poor man or the rich, strong or weak will have to undergo same punishment and judicial trial.

Also, to get into any position, all the people will have to follow the same procedures.

Chances for individual growth:

Due to freedom of life, a person can work without compulsions. This enables him to perform with passion in any field he desires. With this work by passion, there would be enhanced performance and growth.

Combined decision making:

For every issue, the entire representatives of people are responsible. Everyone will be involved in decision making. This limits the chances of wrong decisions for the country. Thereby everyone is safe and in agreement with happenings with the nation.why is democracy important

Fewer chances of misuse of power:

In autocratic rule, there are chances for misuse of power. None can question their actions; hence, people in power can take personal decisions. This happens sometimes based on their individual needs and wishes. So, they can take decisions even if it is harmful to the entire masses. But in democracy such misuse of power is not possible. Even a president or prime minister has to take his colleagues into consideration. He has to puts his views in practice only after their approval.

Equal rights to all:

In a democracy, everyone is equal before the law. One can take up studies, build homes, buy property, anywhere within the nation as per rules.

Ability to express themselves:

Every individual has his opinion. Democracy provides an opportunity to express his opinion without fear or censorship.

Enhanced economic growth:

Most countries with democracy have enormous economic growth. As governance is a collective effort; the economic growth is never hindered. The nation growth is done collectively and efficiently.

Minimizes conflicts and violence:

The chances of violence are minimal in democracy. Since the power transition is smooth by-elections; the chances of violence are low. The only way to get into power is through peoples trust. So, the persons will have to behave responsibly.

Provide food and minimizes famines:

In the case of calamities, people are deprived of basic amenities like food. The government will have to arrange for food and essentials from other places. This is done to support the public and win their support. So, the suffering of people due to famines would be low.

Separation of powers:

In a democracy, the powers of administration, justice are separate. So, those in power or those in the judiciary cannot over power themselves.

Transparency of systems :

Since all are equal by law, the systems are transparent. of elections, competitive exams, job selections are kept transparent. This leads to better support to those with ability and talent.

People are chosen by performance:

In autocratic rule or kingship, the power transit to children. In spite of not being capable enough, they can have complete power. This leads to insufficient administration and lack of long-term prosperity. In a democracy, only those with credible performance records would be given a chance.

why is democracy important

The right person with ability will be in the position to administer the governance.

Finance control:

The finances of the state have to be spent as per the constitution. This prevents misuse of funds and uses them only for the benefit of citizens. So, the chances of corruption can be reduced.

But still, there are also disadvantages of democracy which needs to be addressed.

However, as per current levels of education and technological development, democracy seems to be the best form of government.

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