Why do we Need Trees | Their Usefulness & Important Functions

Climate change is very much true and we need to care about nature for the future survival of the human race.

Out of many measures that can be taken to bring the climate to normality, growing trees is of prime importance.

But humans are the main living beings responsible for widespread destruction and damage to trees.

Trees have many valuable functions that other living organisms or non-living systems can perform in terms of benefit to the climate.

Hence we need to grow and also save trees for the benefit of nature and also mankind.

Why do we Need Trees?

We need trees because of the valuable benefits which we derive from them.

The benefits are as follows.

1. They absorb heat from the sun

  • When sunlight falls onto the earth, it rises heat.
  • If not for the sun, the entire earth would be frozen by ice.
  • So the sun’s rays are the key source of heat on the earth.
  • Any substance on earth starts to get heated when sunlight falls on it.
  • But trees have a special mechanism by which they absorb entire sunlight without getting heated up.
  • They convert that heat energy into sugars and store them as food.
  • In the early days, the entire landmass on the earth was filled with forests.
  • Humans deforested some areas for their accommodation.
  • But this was not a problem to a certain extent.
  • But when deforestation has become much beyond the needed threshold, we are facing climate change.
  • To get back the climate to normal, the only thing we can do is plant as many trees as possible.

2. Trees are part of the food chain in the ecosystem

  • The food chain is a system where one animal is dependent on others for survival.
  • Trees and plants are the starting points in all the food chains in the environment.
  • If trees are not there, other animals cannot exist without whom even humans can’t exist.
  • So trees are needed for the food chain and balance in the ecosystem.

3. They provide foodstuff

apple tree
  • Trees like mango, apple, guava, oranges, etc., are a great source of food material.
  • These plants provide foodstuff for the sake of other living beings besides humans.
  • So we will lose the fruits and other foodstuffs without trees.

4. They provide shelter

  • Trees serve as shelter for many animals, birds, insects, etc. Without them, they will all be shelterless.
  • Even humans can depend on plants for shadow during sunny day work etc. Besides, we obtain essential furniture from trees.

5. They help bring rainfall.

  • Rainfall is a process that is linked to the water cycle.
  • This water cycle takes up moisture from the soil, air and forms clouds.
  • Trees take up moisture from the soil layers and release it to the air to add to the water cycle load.
  • Also, when the clouds are formed, these trees provide a cooling effect by which rains occur.

6. They purify the air by removing carbon dioxide.

  • Green Trees purify the air by removing carbon dioxide from the air.
  • So when we pollute the environment by using automobiles, this carbon dioxide-loaded pollution is removed by trees.

7. They enhance the oxygen concentration of air.

  • Also, plants release oxygen after taking up carbon dioxide.
  • Here carbon dioxide is used to form sugars. while oxygen formed is left out to the environment.

8. They act to prevent soil erosion.

Trees slow down the winds; they also act as resistance to soil carryover by winds.

Thus they minimize soil erosion from the top layer of the earth. Thus they preserve the valuable soil surface.

9. They prevent damage due to floods and tsunamis.

  • Whenever there are floods or tsunamis, the water flows into the land.
  • The presence of trees slows down the flow and helps prevent damage to human properties. 

10. They keep the environment around us cool.

  • Trees reduce the temperature by moisturizing the air and also taking up carbon dioxide.
  • Hence a large number of trees can help us keep the environment cool.
  • They also indirectly provide other essential materials like honey, lac, etc. Since many birds, insects live on trees; they act as stations for honey, lac, silk, etc.

Hence, based on the above benefits, we need to stop cutting down trees and also grow more plants.

Conservation of plants and trees is the only scope of our future survival.

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  1. This was a great resource to find and will certainly share with others. As we are starting a wood watch company , we most definitely will be doing our share to help with prevention of deforestation and the planning of trees.


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