Why Do People Hate Me|7 Basic Reasons to Think

If you are worried of why do people hate me then, remember you are not the only one. Almost everyone is hated by someone. People do hate us for varied reasons and it is difficult to convince everyone and make them like you.

Even great people like lord Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi were also hated by few and hence faced unnatural deaths. So just a liking is common, even hatred is common.

But still one needs to check why people hate us. Is it really problematic to the society around us or to our-self growth or to the betterment of our loved ones etc. If so we need to alter the glitches while dealing with people and if not be less concerned.

People do hate us for multiple reasons and some of them can be outlines as below.

# 1 Why do people hate me

Why do people hate me? few possible reasons

1. Not doing our duties properly: It is the most common reason why people can hate us and many people face this issue. This is because if you are into any official position or job which is needed for processing of other requirements like their salaries or pension or any other then the people expecting the thing to happen start hating your if you delay the work due to your laziness or negligence etc. Since this habit us troublesome to other, it better needs to be corrected for everyone’s benefit.

2. Not able to communicate properly: This is really a silly issue which is not troublesome to others but still if people find you to be unable to communicate properly they dislike you. People generally like those who are free to move around, communicate properly and have nice sense of humor. So check if your communication has some problems. You can overcome it to see that people like you.

3. Unable to mix with people: We Humans are social animals. So it is common that we mix up with each other and hence involve in chat or gathering for fun pr party etc. If you are unable to mix with others freely then many will dislike you. Hence you might have noticed that a person who mixes up freely with other is more happy and have more friends in life than those who does not like to mix up.

Mixing up is an art, it involves many aspects like helping each other, making fun, sharing jokes and teasing etc. Those who are sensitive to be teased end up alone and unable to mix up with others. Such people are not liked by those who like mixing up.

4. Not following rules: We are in a civilized society and are living in times where everyone has to abide by the rules of the constitution of the country or nation. Be it a democratic or communist sort still we need to live based on rules of the land or the community. If you are not abiding by the rules then you are hated by many. This may be sometime troublesome and may call for punishment from the governing authority. Hence people dislike those who are corrupt.

5. Out of jealous on you: Sometime people are jealous on you for reasons beyond thought. They have jealous for you personality, beauty, ability, possession, wealth, reputation or success etc. This is not harmful but sometimes very dangerous. As we can notice people causing intense harm to other just because they were jealous of the victim.

6. To have an extra edge on you in your office/work place: This is quite common. If there is someone who wish to have extra edge in career etc in your office, they try to spread bad rumors about you so that you are disliked by others. This is just a temporary effect and if you stand by your character and hard work people will again realise your worth and start liking and respecting you.

7. Your outlook: People can also hate you based on your outlook.

Dressing and grooming: If you are not neatly dressed or groomed, people might dislike you. It is a way we are accidentally making everyone hate us. So one needs to be dressed well and look neatly groomed. For gents it applies to groming of beard and having a hair cut regularly while for women it is about facial make ups.

Gloomy and depressed: Also you need to look cheerful and happy. If you look depressed or in pain, many people hate you instead of being sympathetic to you. One like to befriend those who are happy and exited with life than those who are depressed with life.

Lack of self confidence: People like those who are self-confident and smiling. If you lack confidence, it is seen in your face and people take you for granted and even dislike to stay with you.

You are selfish: People also dislike those who are selfish. It is worth to spend your time for yourself. But some part of it has to be spent for others to make them like you. Further it develops love and warmth with them. so limit your selfishness and try to share with others.

There can be many other minor reasons for the question of why people hate me. But not all reasons need concern and thinking. Trying to have few honest and dedicated friends is more important than having many friends who are not ready to help in need. So it is to be what you are but keep striving to be worthy in the society to make other love you at the end.

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