Why do Good People Suffer ? 6 Interesting Reasons

Good people are of two types, like the ones who are capable yet are good.

The other type is they are weak or incapable who cannot defend or take care of themselves.

So, the second type of good people suffers and not the first type.

But, it is also a fact that most of the good people present out there fall under the second type.

But why do good people suffer the most

Good people have few characters, which makes them prone to suffering like

  1. Being polite
  2. Being generous
  3. Helping others
  4. Believing that others are also good-hearted.
  5. Lack of desire to succeed at the cost of others.
  6. Spiritual reasons
why do good people suffer

Being polite

If a person is excessively polite to others, then there is a chance that he is considered a weak target, and others tend to cause trouble to him.

The so-called good people tend to be polite to everyone without judging those they encounter in life.

Due to this, they tend to face issues if the people they across are bad-minded.

Being generous

Good people are sometimes generous to others and tend to lend a helping hand.

And in return, they may suffer financially or reputation loses, causing them suffering.

So, good people can avoid getting into trouble while being careful in generosity.

This generosity is done mainly out of emotions and without awareness about the past history of the person receiving help.

Helping others

A person with a good heart tends to help others sometimes, even without asking.

They tend to provide help in job recruitments, availing financial, legal, or other government monitored support.

If the person who receives it is worthwhile and law-abiding, there is no issue with the helping hand.

If not, then the helping hand tends to get into trouble and repents later.

Believing that others are also good hearted.

The general tendency of good people is they assume others also have the same mindset as theirs.

They will believe that the opposite person also has a kind heart like them.

But, when they realize that the other person is not so, they tend to get hurt and affected emotionally.

Lack of desire to succeed at the cost of others.

Another feature of these people is that they do not try to achieve something by causing pain to others.

So, if they find an option for the growth or betterment of their life, they tend to avoid it if it hurts others.

But, in the end, that option will be lost as it could be taken up by others. When this happens, they get hurt and feel bad for it.

Spiritual reasons

As per spiritual life, everyone has to experience suffering for either of two reasons.

  • Due to Karma
  • For loss of interest in life.

Due to karma

Karma is part of life, and it affects every living being.

If one is suffering, it is said to be an experience of their past deeds in which they caused trouble to others.

By experiencing this suffering now, they are absolving of the past karma.

So based on karma, everyone, including the good, experiences the hardships of life.

One of my friends during our college was not merciful towards disabled colleagues.

When I asked him why, he mentioned that if not for that physical disability, that person would have been more rude and cruel to others.

He believed that the person with a disability was kind to others due to that disability.

Though I had doubts about his opinion, I many times felt he was correct.

For loss of interest in life and spiritual progress.

As per Bhagavad Gita, a person experiences emotional pain and suffering, leading to a detachment to life.

Due to this, he becomes more spiritual and is ready for enlightenment.

Because as long a there is love for a living, the soul goes on taking births. By pain and suffering, the soul loses love for life and goes for enlightenment.

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