What to teach Your Child About His Life

Growing your child is your responsibility. And you are also doing the service to the society by making him a responsible citizen. We need to make him a person is responsible due to his ethics and not out of fear of law.

  1. Life is a mix of sorrow and happiness
  2. Life is like a bubble
  3. Hard work is essential for growth
  4. Protect the environment
  5. Take care of your health
  6. Happiness lasts for a greater time than grief
  7. Mind remember sorrow a lot than happy moments
  8. Nothing is permanent in life
  9. Add Value to life.

Life is a mix of sorrow and happiness: Say him or her, life is a mixture of happiness and sorrow. None can be either completely happy or unhappy in their entire life. There is a saying as “One can cross an ocean without wetting his feet but can never cross the ocean called life without getting his eyes wet.what to teach your child about lifeLife is like a bubble: It means one cannot say when he or she dies. It is the most unpredictable thing. Hence, one needs to live a life of contentment. For this he should have a good education, career, family, parents, children, friends and also should provide some service to society.

Believe in destiny but work hard in life: Everyone will have a destiny. But that does not mean you have not to work and give up. Instead, have goals in life and work hard towards them. Because you never know what is in store for you in the future.

Protect the environment and nature: Tell your child that he is the product of nature and he has to live in nature. Also tell him he is responsible for nature around as he derives food, air, water and other benefits from it. Ask him to plant a tree, minimize electricity, water wastage and lead an environment-friendly life.

Take care of health: Healthy is essential and critical and none can share the disease for you. Anyone can fall sick in their life. Only thing is they can avoid falling sick more often. This depends on their lifestyle, habits and the food, water, and air they consume.

Also, one should sleep at the right time at night and wake up to carry on days work. Minimizing stress and not taking risk beyond a certain capacity is essential.

Mind remember sorrow a lot than happy moments: It is a fact that we do not laugh for the same joke again. But we do cry for the same painful news again. So, the mind tends to have sorrow memories again and again. So, one should move on with life instead of staying with the sorrow memories.

Happiness lasts for a greater time than grief: But, it is true that many people are in happy or at least in non-sorrow moments in most of their life span. Only in a few moments of life, they spend in greif.

what to teach your child about life

Nothing is permanent in life: A person could have many things as a part of his life like parents, friends, grand parents, marriage, wealth, etc. But you must remind him that nothing is permanent in his life. Everyone and everything could move away from in due course of life while adding new things in place.

Add value to life: Though many things in life are tangible and never lasting, one can still add value to life. They can do this with a good education, a happy marriage, earning good friends, etc.

Living for self is quite easy, but striving to serve others welfare while living your life is a great deed in life.

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