3 Types of Spirituality | Based on Practice and Living Methods

Spirituality is the ultimate method of living. This way of living is possible only for humans on earth.

In the society around us, we can find very, very few people who live spiritually.

As per rough statistics, only one person among thousands tends to have a spiritual awakening.

Among thousands of those who have this inclination, only very few put effort into achieving enlightenment.

Among thousands of those who put effort, only a few can actually attain it.

So we can be sure that there would be a certain number of spiritual people, but only a few try to practice it.

The method of practice and the time spent in the process decides the success of the spiritual journey.

In a simple sense, spirituality is where a person is aware that the materialistic life is temporary and there is something more to life.

They tend to believe in some superpower ruling the universe. They may tend to seek him or even instead try to relieve themselves from life burdens.

As per Hinduism’s concept of rebirth, those in spiritual life wish to get out of this birth and death cycle. Others tend to achieve enlightenment with the spiritual path.

Types of spirituality

As per Bhagavad Gita, there are basically three types of spirituality.

Though the paths are different, all the spiritual people have similar characters. Get an idea of the features of people with spirituality and religiousness.


  • This is the easiest and sweetest mode of the spiritual path.
  • The person in this path is enjoying his life by spending time with his god or almighty. He prays, begs, cries in front of his god out of emotions.
devotion an easiest way for spirituality
  • He gets wisdom just by his attachment to his god and does not need to rely on books for that.
  • His spiritual growth is related to his life activities of pure devotion and tries to pray god very often.
  • He may even live his life without any worldly pleasures. Some of the spiritual greats in history who followed this path used to write songs in praise of God. Or else they used to serve in his temples or do odd works like cleaning streets etc. in the name of god.
  • The people with this sort of spiritual path are very few and sometimes lose their focus based on the society or environment around them.

For an idea of what devotional spirituality is, check out the Gospel of Ramakrishna.


  • This is also called the path of knowledge. Here one attains spiritual progress through gain of wisdom.
  • These persons are opinion and learning-based. They rely on books, teachings of others, and also self-experience in climbing the ladder of the spiritual path.
  • For them, practices like Japa (recitation), meditation, yoga, fasting are the tools for progress.
  • They may not be religious too but have respect for all the living beings around, kind, helpful, etc.
Types of Spirituality
  • They tend to find a master or guru to help in their path of spiritual progress.
  • This path of spirituality is followed by many and it is quite common.
  • Since they are teachers and also groups, one can easily get into them and make their way.

For more information, you can read Raja yoga and Jnana yoga

Duty based

  • This is based on karma and is an interesting type of path where you live your life normally but have a spiritual tilt in it.
  • You will carry out you duties as child, family man, employee etc., without favorable expectations from the end results.
  • Here the person believes he is born for some duty and takes up responsibilities with heart. He does not worry about the benefits of his work.
duty or karma based spiritual life
  • He is calm always dutiful and alert. He avoids the wrong company or in the path of injustice.
  • He tends to have a family and takes care of them well as his parents unlike the other two types mentioned above.
  • This path is one of the hardest as the practitioner tends to get into worldly life like grief, material pleasure, etc.
  • It is one of the very rare methods followed.

You can get a better view from the book Karma Yoga.

Features common to all the types of spirituality

  1. They would be kind and helpful
  2. They treat everyone equally and respect others.
  3. They do not desire for riches and materialistic life.
  4. They love peace and tend to have peace in life.
  5. They are also charitable and can relish poverty as a gift.

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