What is Corruption | 3 Types of corruption & their consequences

Corruption is a social evil where the quality of service is lost for the unaccounted benefit.

The crime is prevalent worldwide in most countries. Only the degree and extent of it varies.

Corruption types are many based on the means used for the purpose, the level, effect, and impact, etc. But since corruption is a social cause, the best way of its classification is based on its social impact.

Types of corruption

  1. Those with a loss to the public
  2. Those with no loss to the public but for one individual or group.
  3. Those with no loss to anyone else including the public.

Let’s see in detail consequences of corruption of 3 types:

Those with the loss to the public: These are corruption cases which have a huge loss to the public. These are highly prevalent in the world as common people, and innocent people are not strong enough to question them or fight them.

For instance, a company takes up a natural resource in a country with an aim to exploit them for national benefit. Once they acquire the rights to use the resource, they don’t do it to full potential and effectively. When the government tries to question them, these people handle those officials by either providing monetary benefits and giving insane reasons. Also, they try to shift the job position of the honest official by using higher influences.

Also when there are persons driving a car or other vehicles, he must be checked for the license to do so. But in most cases, if he is found to have no license, the officials get some bribe and let him go on. There are chances that such unlicensed driver can cause accidents to the common public. Thus here corruption affects loss to the public.

Those with no loss to the public but for one individual or group: These are cases happening to a company are are a group or family when they are misused by others. Supposing a family is in benefit of or having a property and in they hired it a third person. After some years of use the third party refuses to quit the property and when questioned tries to get official support by them and keeps the family away from the property with their support.

Another instance is a girl, or someone is raped or killed, and the police try to see that the case against the culprit fails due to lack of evidence, etc. Here the girl or her family is in pain and not the mass public.

Those with no loss to anyone else including public: These have no loss to the public. This happens only when a benefit is given to an official for performing his duty in a proper way. For instance in developing countries, the government workforce is not disciplined. They and takes months or even years to pass a file or complete a task. This process is hastened if the concerned person gives a small monetary benefit to the official. The person who gave bribe does not lose much. But the official got some benefit which is not so huge.

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