The importance of having friends in Life

A friend is one who shares his valuable time with you.

We spend our valuable time called lifespan to make money.

A good friend spends his valuable time to connect with you. This connection is at the emotional and also intellectual levels.

This relationship has many benefits in life. It does not have a supplement or can be bought.

So friends and friendship are very valuable.

What is the importance of having friends

1. A lesson for life

Every friend is a lesson in life. I read somewhere and after analysis, it seems to be true. A friend either successful or a failure in life is a good lesson for us to learn. Since he is close to us, it brings in the rich life experience of how to be or how to not.

2. Avoid the feeling of loneliness

Having a family is a boon. It helps you avoid the feeling of being alone. A friend is an extension of the family. You cannot share everything with your family members. But, you can share those with your friends. And if you have a genuine friend, it will be safe and he can also give valuable advice.

Also, when there is a loss of a family member or love of life, one tends to feel lonely. Having a friend minimizes this. Since he can absorb your mental stress, he brings you relaxation. This will also help you overcome the situation.

3. Guidance

A friend is a good guide for you. If you have any weaknesses, he can spot them to you. He can even help you overcome them over time.

There is a saying; a genuine friend will not hesitate to criticize you on your face. But he will also support you before others. Thus he can act as a true guide who helps you to correct your mistakes and at the same time also helps you.

4. Support

During failures in life or financial crisis, a good friend does what all he could do. Of course, your family also does it. But if you are hesitant to share with them, the next man for you is your friend. Even in matters of negotiations, deals and agreements a good friend is an asset.

5. Memories

importance of friendship

Memories are an important treasure of life. When you grow up, you will always try to recall your past happy movements. In such cases, the time you spent with your friend comes to your mind. These memories will relieve you of any mental stress. Sometimes, they can also bring back your confidence which you lost as a part of life struggle.

6. Growth by comparison

The speed of a vehicle is measured by comparison with another object. Similarly, a friend helps you to compare and see how you are doing in life. You can know if you are lagging behind or he is lagging. Then you can correct yourself or him to be moving at par with each other.

7. Avoid mistakes

When wish to try something in life, a friend will always help you avoid mistakes. This he does with love towards you. He aspires to your success, so he makes move on the right path.

8. Chances of a family

A friend need not always be of the same sex as you. It can also happen with the opposite one. And sometimes this could lead to marriage. A good friend could be a good spouse but not always the other way.

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