Spiritual Reading | List of Favorite Books

By definition, Spiritual reading is a regular process of reading about god, holy books, magazines, articles in an effort to grow spiritually.

Have you ever read a holy book related to religion or a spiritual men. You would have felt immense peace and relief from mental stress. Also you would have tried find more of such books or materials to read.

Reading such books or articles on regular basis to gain inner peace, interest in enlightenment and also to have spiritual growth is called spiritual reading.

This is a least stressful and easiest way for one to grow spiritually.

Most religions have holy books to impart spiritual knowledge.

Besides there are also many books with information on various saints across the world.

Reading these books, would help to understand spiritualism better and also live spiritually.

There are many ways to grow spiritually like satsang (spiritual gathering of people), meditation, japa etc. But the order of effectiveness lies in

  1. Satsang
  2. Spiritual reading
  3. Japa
  4. spiritual meditation.

Of them the above mentioned methods, spiritual reading is quite easy and also interesting.

For this you just need a good book, mood and also silent place to read.spiritual reading

Advantages of spiritual reading:

1. Easy to follow as one do not need to depend on people or other factors except an ability to read.

2. One can do reading even in the journey, tours, leisure, vacation etc.

3. You can continue your jobs and still progress spiritually by this method

4. Same books or articles can be read again and again without boredom. Also you will learn something new in each read.

5. Also reading a book directly touches you heart, so the spiritual progress would be more faster and help you practice few tips voluntarily.

6. No age requirements or age limits. Anyone can start at any age for better and meaningful life.

List of My favorite books for spiritual reading

  1. An autobiography by an yogi.
  2. Immortal talks.
  3. Bible (new testament)
  4. Shiridi Sai stories
  5. Gautama Buddha life story
  6. Shiv puran
  7. Bhagavad geetha.
  8. Raman maharshi stories

Spiritual Reading

Spiritual progress can be so interesting experience in that he or she can see the difference in their outlook and approach to life.

The goal of the person would be to lead a responsible life yet without being attached to worldly affairs.

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