Spiritual Reading | List of Favorite Books

Spiritual reading is a practice of reading books, and articles, to help grow spiritually. Some of the essential books for spiritual reading include

  1. Bhagavad Geetha.
  2. Bhagavata Puran
  3. Gautama Buddha life story
  4. An autobiography by a yogi.
  5. Bible (new testament)
  6. Shirdi Sai life story
  7. Shiv Puran
  8. Ramana Maharshi teachings

Have you ever read a holy book related to religion or spiritual people?

You would have felt immense peace and diversion of your thoughts towards spiritual thinking. Also, you would have searched for more of such books to read.

Reading spiritual books or articles on a regular basis helps to gain inner peace, desire for enlightenment, and also to lead a spiritual life.

This is the least stressful and easiest way for one to grow spiritually.

Most religions have holy books to impart spiritual knowledge.

Besides, there are also many books with information on various saints across the world.

For those with spiritual awakening, reading these books would help to understand spiritualism better.

There are many ways to grow spiritually like Satsang (gathering of spiritual people), meditation, Japa, etc. But the order of effectiveness lies in

  1. Satsang
  2. Spiritual reading
  3. Japa
  4. Spiritual meditation.

Of all the above-mentioned methods, spiritual reading is quite easy and also interesting.

spiritual reading

For this, you just need a good book, mood, and also a silent place to read.

bhagavad geeta Spiritual Reading

Bhagavad Geetha.

This is the ultimate book on spiritual living. A person can read it as many times and every time he is said to understand something new.

It is a literature in the form of 700 verses and each verse has a great level of wisdom. It mentions ways for spiritual life very well in terms of

Life style

As per Geeta, a person can lead any of the three methods of lifelike

  • Devotional based (leading a normal life even with a family but with complete devotion to god)
  • Duty-bound  (leading a regular life but, performing all duties like to family, job, etc without expectations on the result).
  • Practice-oriented life (the person involves the intense practice of yoga, meditation, etc. giving up worldly desires).

Food habits

Food largely affects the spiritual life due to its impact on the mind and the body. As per Geetha, there are 3 categories of food like

  • Satvic (It includes sweets, fruits, milk, and others which are pleasant to gut and mood)
  • Rajasic (It includes spicy, hot food which tends to increase the temper of the person.)
  • Tamasic (Mostly sedative type including alcohol, meat, etc.)

For spiritual life, satvic diet is better.

An autobiography by a yogi.

This as the name says is an autobiography of a great sage Paramahansa Yogananda. Those who wish to move in a spiritual path should definitely read it.

He is a disciple to a great teacher and he also becomes the teacher to many disciples.

This book reading helps understand, the importance of the teacher, the role of practice in spiritual growth, and also his real-life spiritual experiences.

Reading the books inspires you to pursue a spiritual path with great vigor.

Advantages of spiritual reading

1. Easy to follow as one does not need to depend on people or other factors except an ability to read. Since one cannot always find a teacher or a group related to spirituality, books act as a good companion to improve spiritual knowledge.

2. One can do the reading part even during the journeys, tours, leisure, vacation, etc. So, there are time-bound and place-bound restrictions for spiritual reading.

3. You can continue your jobs and still progress spiritually by this method. Those who are in the job cannot find time to explore spirituality by travel or listening to lectures. In such conditions, books can be a good source to impart spiritual knowledge.

4. The same books or articles can be read again and again without boredom. Whereas a lecture or gathering can be a one time experience and is tough to revisit them. But, books can be read again. Interestingly, you will always learn something new meaning in each read.

5. Also reading a book directly touches your heart, so the spiritual progress would be faster and help you practice few tips voluntarily.

6. No age requirements or gender requirements are present to read books. This cannot be applied to other methods of the spiritual journey.  Anyone can start spiritual reading at any age for a better and meaningful life.

Spiritual progress can be so interesting experience in that he or she can see the differences in their outlook and approach to life.

The goal of the spiritual person would be to lead a responsible life yet without being attached to worldly affairs.

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