Spiritual Experience | How one feels the power of god

Spiritual Experience is one of the pleasant ones when one prays to god.

Not all can feel the blessings of god nor will have a spiritual experience in a lifetime.

But those who seem to be devoted will feel the blessings. Even those who are under the guidance of a divine guru can have the experiences.

Having some level of spiritual experience can help one grow spiritually.

The feel varies from person to person and also the situations.

But the thing is they can be quite sure that they were blessed.

spiritual experiances

In general, most people who experience god’s blessings and power will be more optimistic and confident in themselves than before.

Below is a list of changes in spiritual experiences a person can commonly have.

6 Ways of Spiritual Experience

1. Inner voice: In general most people have some inner voice or saying in daily life. This intensity is different. Some can hear and some are busy to hear it. But this inner voice keeps on talking to you.

To a person who prays god or is in spiritual path on regular basis then they can hear the inner voice or sound clearly and most chances are this inner voice tells them possible happenings in future. This also guides them to a thing in so and so way. But the frequency and authenticity of information of inner voice increase only in those who is more closer to almighty by regular prayer and rituals. Further they need to have acceptable and worthy behavior.

2.Vibrations in hands and legs: This is second most characteristic experience.  Here when one prays to almighty, he or she may feel some pleasant vibrations in the fingers, hands and foot. This can be felt all through out the prayer or ritual.

3. Getting work done with less effort or hassles: Some people experience different type of blessings. This is in terms of getting work done or happenings in his or her life. Those things which seem will not happen will happen due to gods grace. Those things which seem to be impossible will become possible.

4. Feeling content and pleasant: This is seen especially in people with health problems or those who do not have much desires (as they self contented). The unstable mind or heart due to anxiety etc. will be gone once they attend a prayer or spiritual ritual. They attend these prayers or rituals on regular basis for this experience. Any worry or doubts, anxiety inside will vanish.

5. Coolness at heart and head: This is seen by those people whose nadi chakras start activating. When they perform the ritual of chakra related procedure. they can feel the cool sensation at the location of chakra in the body. If you are interested in such experience head over to sahaja yoga. There you can feel what i am saying of.

6. Able to predict how things will go on: One might have noticed how some people predict happening even before they happen. This is possible due to the rise in subconscious level or inner vision. They can hear some inner voice or even get dreams. The correctness of predictions of these people will depend on the level of their closeness to god. The more closure they predict better and more correctly and vice-verse.

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  1. Shiva bless every one….just say om Namah Shivaya for 108 times daily for 108 days…pray for u ur family n world peace. ..c the change in ur life n u feel world is getting better. ..om Namah Shivaya. ..

  2. i have full faith in him…while performing his prayer i feel i a different change in my inner feeling!!


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