Spiritual Awakening | 10 Major Signs and Indications

Spiritual life is one of the most divine and pleasant experiences in life.

It is one of the rare virtues one can develop in his life.

I too came into this transformation after being very active in social life.

Spiritual Awakening does not come by learning or external guidance but from within.

Some people become spiritual from childhood while others develop it after some struggles or experiences in life.

For some, it can be a mild feeling for others with a very strong sense of being spiritual.

If one gets the spiritual zeal, it stays in him till the end.

Those who perceive it seriously would have awakened kundalini even.

But in this article, we will see some common traits of the person who has it.

What are the signs of spiritual awakening

1 Feeling something new

This feeling will be like you have discovered something (feeling) which you were not aware of before. You feel, your life will change from now and for better. One may also feel they have been leading a useless life until then.

2. Curiosity and confusion

The person with spiritual awakening would feel confused and also curious at the same time. He tends to know answers for those issues like what is life, what is death, why was I born, etc. He tends to ask for questions and also read books for those questions.

3. The soft approach

A person with spiritual awakening would be cool and does not lose his temper for most issues. He tries to do his duties with sincerity and devotion. Even if someone tries to abuse him, he would approach it in a smooth way instead of being harsh.

4. Solitude

He tries to stay alone or in solitude. Though he could mix up with others, he prefers solitude as it helps him think and analyze without other disturbances.Spiritual Awakening Signs

5. Helpful to others

He would be ready to help others even if they are strangers. He does this due to his feeling of all are equal and all are good. He is generally kind to all humans, animals, and also to nature around. He will be ready to help without compulsions to even strangers.

6. Sensitive by heart

He becomes sensitive by heart and dislikes rude behavior. Tends to avoid people with evil or bad intentions. Tries to stay in the company of people with smooth heart and honesty. He does not like to cheat others or misbehave with others.

7. Relives in Presence of Superpower

He tends to believe in the presence of some power or knowledge beyond comprehension.  He tries to learn who is the god or almighty who runs the universe.

8. The desire for pleasant life

He does not value materialistic life than before. If he was interested in materialistic life, comforts, etc, he will slowly overcome them and even avoid them.

9.  Spiritual reading

Since he is curious and has a lot of questions about the truth he tries to find answers by reading sacred scriptures or texts. He will try to acquire knowledge of interest regarding spirituality and wisdom through books if possible.

10. Willing to associate

He has a tendency to meet those who are spiritual thoughts. He would feel comfortable to associate with those who are in search of wisdom and are also interested in god. This in Sanskrit called Satsang.

He does not worry and tries to stay out of mental agony. Since he is not worried or has lost some of his selfishness, he would less anxious about the future of life.

Prefers to go for places of worship just to experience powers of spirituality or god blessings. Spiritual powers can be felt at places of worship. So he may find these places more pleasant than the regular materialistic world.

On the personal front:

You will also find symptoms like

1. Thoughts. He would always have thoughts aiming towards wisdom and divinity.

2. The desire for better health: He might be interested in health as it helps him to travel and perceive his path.

3. Soft and friendly food: He also prefers, soft and smooth food. He may give up junk foods and even a non-veg diet.

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