Satisfaction v/s comforts| Importance we fail to recognise

Many people around keep struggling to acquire comforts besides their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. The comforts are essential for better living and satisfaction.

The comforts required are in the form of materialistic possession, money, fame, power, family, health, pets, travel etc.

We spend a lot of time working hard to make money or other comforts expecting them to give us satisfaction but there is no guarantee that those comforts if possessed will give the expected level of satisfaction.

In reality we spend many hours time by giving up god given comfort i.e. life span. The life span for everyone is limited and the certain amount of time in it is spent for acquiring comforts.

satisfaction vs comforts

So in a way we are giving up some form of comfort in exchange for other forms of comfort. This is really an expensive business and if we do not get the satisfaction from the acquired comforts it will be a big waste.

On the other hand satisfaction is not exchangeable. Satisfaction is an experience and is solely felt by the individual and cannot be given to others. Because everyone will not be satisfied by every form of comfort to similar degree and in same way.

Hence we need to realize that wasting lot of time to acquire comforts is non sense. It will be wise to make a balance between satisfaction and comforts.

We are in a position that we cannot decide what is comfort and what gives satisfaction. There are also instances where we believe that if we possess certain comfort we will be satisfied with it but latter on acquiring that comfort we realize the truth that that comfort does not give us desired satisfaction.

Hence we need to be careful about selecting comforts and the extent of satisfaction.

The spiritual scriptures advice us to “be satisfied with what we have and not to run behind comforts” to be at peace. But this seems to be impractical.

Effect of having comforts without satisfaction:

1. Chances of addictions: Many people who have the comfort but not satisfied are addicts to drinking wine, smoking or even drugs.

2. Dissatisfied life: The life seems to be meaningless. They just pass the days without any goals.

3. Detachment from society, i.e. unwilling to be as per social expectations. They might even get depressed.

Ex: A lady from rich family like brila’s in India gave up the entire property to charity through will instead of giving it to the younger members in the family. This is because she was not satisfied with family members though she was rich and had also big family group. ¬†This is an instance where presence of comforts does not guarantee satisfaction.

4. Depression and suicide attempts.

Instances of giving up satisfaction for comforts:

  • A girl leaves her boy friend because he lost his money.
  • A person changes his career as he can’t make sufficient money from his career of interest.
  • A man marries a rich woman and leaves his favorite girlfriend.

Comforts can give satisfaction but satisfaction can also be present even without comforts.

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