10 Rudraksha Benefits and the Rules to Wear them

Rudraksha is a divine seed of the plant Elaeocarpus ganitrus. By their name rudraksha, they mean to be the tears of Lord Shiva.

As per Vedas, those who wear these beads can experience the power of Lord Shiva quickly.

Unlike astrological gemstones, anyone can wear a rudraksha without a need for caution or consultation.

This is because they have no untoward adverse effects on the wearer.

Also, they bring in the direct blessing of Lord Shiva (Rudra) and his divine effects.

rudraksha beads

Rudraksha benefits include

  1. Prevents untimely death
  2. Spiritual growth
  3. Provides stress relief
  4. Good health
  5. Wealth generation
  6. Peaceful married life
  7. Growth in Career
  8. Blesses children
  9. Acquiring knowledge
  10. Overcome depression

Avoid untimely death

Among the Hindu gods, Lord Shiva is the god of destruction. His favorite place of residence is the burial ground.

And his mantra of “Om trayambakam” is the most powerful one to remove disease and avoid death.

So wearing rudraksha helps one avoid untimely death and live up to a normal life span. Even those with fear of death can wear these beads.

Praying to Shiva and chanting the mantra help avail the divine blessings on the wearer.

For spiritual growth

Unlike the gemstones or other astrological manipulation, the Rudraksha takes the wearer towards the spiritual path. If you hold a genuine rudraksha, you can feel the cosmic vibrations.

The person wearing the beads and praying to the almighty will have intense spiritual progress.

It helps him avoid bad deeds, overcome bad habits and their effects. It leads to more spiritual attendance.

These seeds are also used as prayer beads for chanting. Even, meditation can be practiced more effectively.

Peace of mind

Rudraksha has electromagnetic and paramagnetic properties. They are worn on the upper part of the trunk.

They are said to correct the heartbeat, respiration, and also thought process. Thus, they relieve stress to the wearer and impart peace of mind.

Good health

The health of people depends on factors like food, rest, and also stress. Most of the diseases are due to some stress, either in the mental or the physical sphere.

Since rudraksha relieves a person of stress, it contributes to his better health.

Wealth generation

Besides spiritual growth, rudraksha is also believed to enhance the wealth of a person. But for this, one has to wear a particular-faced rudraksha based on astrology.

A rudraksha is classified as 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9, etc. Mukhi (faced-based on the longitudinal canals in it.)

When a correct rudraksha is worn as per astrology, it imparts wealth to the wearer.

Peaceful married life

Rudraksha is also said to impart happy married life. Lord Shiva gives a divine blessing to those who are in love or marriage.

Wearing Rudraksha helps one achieve a happy married life. Its effects are best when both of the partners wear the rudraksha.

Growth in Career

Rudraksha imparts positive energy and also a desire to work hard. It also keeps a person on a genuine track.

By these traits, it helps one succeed in his career.

To have children

Many a couple will have intense psychological suffering due to a lack of children. Wearing rudraksha can help have children. This could be due to divine blessing as well as good mental and physical health imparted by it.

Helps Acquire knowledge

Since it propels the wearer to grow spiritually, Rudraksha helps the wearer to attain higher spiritual knowledge and wisdom. It motivates you to read spiritual books like the Bhagavad Gita.

Overcome depression

Stress in life is the prime cause of depression. The positive energies from the rudraksha and its ability to reduce stress help the person overcome depression. 

How to wear a rudraksha

In general, everyone can wear any of the types of rudraksha. But there are many types of rudraksha based on the channels on it. These channels are called Mukhi (face). You can find 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and more mukhi rudrakshas.

However, you need to consult an expert to guide you with the most suitable rudraksha. But if you cannot find an expert, I would advise you to wear a 5 face (panchamukhi rudraksha). I, too, wear it and have found immense benefits from it. This panchamukhi is beneficial for anyone and helps give many of the benefits mentioned above.

In case you have a specific problem in life, you can consult an astrologer and decide which type is the best for you. One can wear as many rudrakshas as he wishes.

But, it isn’t easy to find a genuine rudraksha in the market. Of the types, Pancha Mukhi (5 faced) rudraksha is commonly available and everyone can wear them.

Be careful to buy a genuine one. A genuine one would be having clear faces and also would not float on water or milk.

The rules to follow thereon

As anyone can wear a rudraksha, a simple mantra of: “Om Namah Shivaya” should be spelled by the person while wearing a rudraksha.

The bead has a natural hole that runs through the seed. Hence, a thread can be passed into the hole to wear it.

It is important to purify the bead by placing it in raw cow milk, coconut oil and then wear it.

It should be worn preferably in the neck as a bead suspended by gold or even simple thread. It can also be worn around the arms but not below the trunk.

One also needs to put the bead before the feet of Lord Shiva in a temple or at home and then wear it.

It should be removed when the wearer intends to have a non-veg diet and again worn the following day after a bath.

Also, in case you lose it. Try to get a new one as soon as possible.

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