Ruby stone Benefits| The Sunstone Gemstone

Ruby also called Manik is the gemstone related to Sun.

It is a deep reddish pink colored gemstone.

When the Sun (Ravi) is in a friendly condition in your horoscope.

Then you can wear this stone. If the Sun is weaker, wearing it enhances the strength of the sun.

It gives beneficial results to the wearer. If the sun is stronger in your horoscope, still it can be worn for betterment.
For ruby stone benefits, it should be worn on a ring finger of the right hand for men.

For women ring finger of the left hand is advised. It is better and auspicious to wear it in a ring made of gold. People also wear it as a locket in their neck.
The Manik should be worn on a Sunday. One should offer prayer to Lord Sun before wearing it.

For more help, one can consult a priest to perform the rituals.

Ruby stone Benefits (Manik gemstone)

It helps to keep away from plague; it enhances the hunger and improves digestion. It strengthens the heart.ruby gemstone

Ruby also increases the income and brings in prosperity.
It enhances beauty to the wearer. Wearing it is beneficial for one’s father.
Precautions: It should not be worn by those who have sun in the enemy house. It will bring ill effects by enhancing the enemy house.
One should also respect their father while wearing it. Besides wearing it, it is more beneficial to worship Lord Hanuman. Any ill effects of stone will be removed.
Also try to avoid wearing it with Diamond, emerald, blue sapphire, hessonite, cat’s eye.
It can be worn with pearl, yellow sapphire, Coral (mangal) stones.
Some astrologers say they can be worn on different fingers instead.
While purchasing the stone, buy from a quality retailer. See that the color is uniform and well cut without any cracks in it.

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