Ruby Gemstone for Astrological Benefits of Sun God

Ruby stone is the gemstone for the planet Sun. It is also called Manik.

Ruby gemstone benefits

This gemstone is deep reddish-pink in color with a smooth texture.

Before discussing the benefits of ruby stone, let us see who can wear it.

Who can wear Ruby as a gemstone

In your Vedic astrology, if the Sun is in a friendly position, you can wear ruby.

If the Sun is friendly and yet is weaker, wearing the gemstone enhances the strength of the sun.

It gives beneficial results to the wearer.

If the sun is in a favorable position and stronger in your horoscope, it can still be worn for betterment.

However, whatever is the state of sun, one can spell sun mantra 108 time daily and get benefits

“Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah”

Ruby stone Benefits (Manik gemstone)

  • It enhances appetite (hunger) and improves digestion.
  • It strengthens the heart muscles. While the pearl gemstone benefits heart rate.
  • Ruby also increases the income and brings in prosperity.
  • It enhances the beauty and charm of the wearer.
  • It helps to keep away from diseases like the plague.
  • Wearing it is beneficial for your father provided the sun is favourable position.

It can enhance help him recover from disease and also enhances his lifespan

How to wear the Ruby gemstone?

  • Then place the stone before your favorite deity and worship it for 9 days. If you do not notice any problems in life, then you can wear them.
  • Another way is you can wrap the gemstone in a cloth of similar color as the gemstone and tie it to your arm after praying to the Sun or Lord Hanuman.
  • Notice it for 3 days for any untoward effects. If it is fine and has good effects for wearing it.
  • It should be worn on a ring finger of the right hand for men. For women, wearing the ring finger of the left hand is advised.
  • Spell 108 time the mantra “Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah”
  • It is better and auspicious to wear it in a ring made of gold. People can also wear it as a locket on their neck.
  • The Manik should be worn on a Sunday. One should offer prayer to Lord Sun before wearing it. It is good to donate wheat to the needy or even to animals.

For more help, one should consult a priest to perform the rituals.

Precautions to wear this stone

This gemstone is a divine one, unlike other stones like green emerald or black sapphire.

  • But, if you have the sun in the enemy house of your Vedic chart, wearing it can bring more negative effects.
  • So, you should not wear it if the sun is in the enemy’s house.
  • As an alternative, it is better to pray to the lord sun daily or spell his mantra. This will minimize its ill effects effectively and give positive results.
  • One should also respect their father while wearing it. Besides wearing it, it is more beneficial to worship Lord Hanuman. Any ill effects of stone will be removed.
  • Also, try to avoid wearing other stones like Diamond, emerald, blue sapphire, Hessonite, and cat’s eye along with it.
  • It can be worn along with pearl, yellow sapphire, and Coral (Mangal) stones.
  • Some astrologers say they can be worn on different fingers instead.
  • While purchasing the stone, buy from a quality retailer. See that the color is uniform and well-cut without any cracks in it.
  • Also, the stone should have a color like the one in the image above. It is not red and not completely pink. It is reddish-pink. A genuine ruby would have the correct color.


Gemstones are beneficial, but they can have untoward effects.

So, try to recite suitable mantras, and go for the worship of favorable deities.

Like here to please Sun, worship Lord Hanuman.

Also, one should follow a life of honesty and non-violence toward fellow beings when one wear these stones.

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