Relationship karma | How it Affects Your Life & Destiny

Relationship karma indicates how relationships are formed, how they affect the people in it, how they guide them for the future.

As per Hinduism, relationships occur out of previous karma. Karma means the “past deeds”. And none can escape the law of karma. If you do good karma, you will have good karma to return and vice versa.

Significant of the relationship karma:

The karma influences relationship in

  1. Being born in a family
  2. In getting married to a person
  3. Getting friends in life
  4. Attaining some position in life
  5. Having a guru, mentor or guide.

Family: A person could be born in a noble family, rich family or family with no respected background.

Relationship karma

This birth is based on previous karma. One has to experience it out of compulsion of karma. You cannot escape it without experiencing that effect.In a family, mother, father, grandparents will act as the first set of teachers in life. Your siblings like sisters, brothers will act as sweet memories as you grow up and grow old.

So, having all of them is a great gift to you. And you can possess them based on your karma. And even after having them, their relationship with you depends on both your present and past karma. Still, you can make the relationship better by being good, humble to all which help to set good karma.

In getting married to a person: You may be amazed that even your karma will decide your marriage partner. If you check your horoscope as per Vedic astrology, you can know what type of partner you get, what type of life you both are going to live. Whether it would be a peaceful marriage or quarrelsome one, whether you will respect each other or not, whether your marriage can sustain or go for a divorce etc.

Relationship karma marriage

This is all due to one’s previous karma. If your horoscope says you will good marriage partner, it means you will love each other beyond just physical needs, though you fight, you will have a will to reconcile fast, you will also try to avoid future conflicts in between you. If one is not well, the other would be very much concerned, etc. You will hardly think of divorce and thinks of making your relationship stronger each passing day.

If your horoscope says you will tension in marriage, you will not love each other beyond infatuation, you would fight and try to keep up your ego without concern for love or relationship. You would also not love other family members of your partner. Sometimes things can also go out of control that you will end up in divorce.

Karma is also the reason why some people cannot get married in lifetime. While, other get married so easily and often. Even if you are rich, successful you may not true love or get married if karma does not let you.

Friends in life: Just like a family and marriage partner, friends are the people you come across in life. Only thing is you develop a personal rapport and make it a genuine one. You go to the extent of sharing each other’s life problems, happiness, work together for any problem, support each other in times need etc.

Relationship karma friends

But, it is said to be quite true that you both have met each other in previous births. And you can find some Hindu sages to have come across some people many times in previous births.

Attaining some position in life: Ever wonder why someone gets to greater heights in life while others cannot. In spite of hard work, one can reach only to certain heights but other factors like luck and opportunity favor few to go to unexpected heights and even retain it. This is due to the factor called karma. Hard work is one thing, luck and opportunities are others which are due to karma.

Having a guru, mentor or guide: Having a guru or mentor is one of the rarest virtues a man can get. Be it spiritual growth, career, politics or business, having a mentor is essential. And interestingly not all can have the opportunity to find the right mentor for him or her. This guru or mentor is purely based on the karma of both learner and guru. A guru can find the right student based on his karma. Similarly, a student can find the right guru based on his past karma.

Similarly, your pets, your place of residence, your home everything is dependent on your past karma. However, sometimes you will find it impossible to control your destiny as you are compelled to experience each and every action of your past deeds.

Hence, Hinduism advice one to live an honest and noble life to have a better future. And you can only come out of the rebirth cycle through no karma.

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