Prayer for Peace of Mind |10 Best Tips on how to pray

Prayer is one of the most accessible means to achieve peace of mind.

It is a priceless and best way to attain peace of mind instantly.

Anyone can perform it at any time and any place without the need for advice, skill, or practice.

But doing it at regular time intervals in a proper place is the most effective method to attain the desired level of mental peace.

Even Jesus Christ mentioned that prayer could be done from where you are, and there is no need to go to church or temple.

Even Mohammedans practice prayer in a peaceful place. The place should be clean and primarily pleasant.

Prayer offers mental peace and other virtues like determination, patience, temperament control, the courage to take up challenges, and a strong focus on desired goals.

Prayer for Peace of Mind

This may be the reason why Mahatma Gandhi exclaimed, “I would have been a lunatic long ago without prayer.”

Even the most violent people like terrorists and smugglers practice prayer for all the above benefits.

But whatever path we take, we are responsible for the results. So take up prayer with a good heart and peace of mind to you and those around you.

How to do prayer for peace of mind

1. Close your eyes with both palms folded or in receiving style.

2. Then, with complete heart and mind, talk to the almighty or superpower (share yourself).

3. You can repent for your mistakes, ask for help or tell him the goals you wish to accomplish.

4. But this talking should be from deep down your heart.

5. There may be occasions like having tears in your eyes or a smile on your face but go on without hesitating about what others think in case you are in a group or public.

6. The prayer can be for a few minutes and stop once it is over. Always try to thank him for whatever possessions or happiness he has given you.

7. Prayer helps heal depression, so thanking helps develop positive vibes while bitter weeping for your troubles will relieve your mental anguish or sorrow.

8. Before prayer, try to be tidy enough and cheerful enough without work tension.

9. Try to find a quiet place, but one can do it even in a noisy place.

10. Daily prayer is a way to obtain faster and more consistent peace of mind.

11. Regular prayer gives constant enjoyment to the doer. It helps you build character and mental strength in you.

12. Try to pray at least twice a day, once in the morning when waking up from bed. Then again before going to bed or in the evening.

13. If someone has caused you grief or problems, try to excuse them during prayer.

14. If not at least try to overcome hatred for it while still trying to keep your point of view against the person.

Public prayer tips

Some of us tend to lose interest in prayer over a while. We may even forget it and stop doing it due to daily activities and stress.

In such a scenario, public prayer helps keep up the habit of prayer.

When one prays in a group of people, there is a chance of greater concentration and mental strength.

It also leads to more intense prayers and helps clear the mind better.

However, try to attend public prayer only when you have the time to do so. One need not give up their work for it.

Also, try to build friendships with like-minded people doing public prayer.

This helps to discuss prayer experiences, which could enhance the grace and commitment.


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  1. Im suffering from mental problem and my husband problem bcoz he is not in my fewer and not supported to me by financially or mentally…..many problem….plz suggest me. I want job urgently but due to my health problem i cant concentrate. I want my health to be good and get a job. So i can be a independent…. Plz help me. Thanku

    • @geeta! I dont mean you don’t try. But try for more opportunities and also pray to lord hanuman. For steps you can find in this article.

  2. Excellent website. Plenty of useful info here. I am sending it to
    a few buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious. And
    naturally, thanks to your effort!

  3. please suggest me.. i m facing problems in marriage life with daily quarrel and also i m not happy with my job..

    • @monu! i cannot suggest you as it is easy to do so. But i can tell for sure, prayer to almighty will give solutions to all the problems.

  4. reciting hanuman chalisa give mental peace and positive feeling, but my mind become very much upset and irritable sometimes due to stress and fear as I am passing through a very bad time.What to do? How to concentrate?

    • Have faith be calm and suppose that all u r burdens are on the shoulders of God no one can harm u have patience there is solution for every problem om Sai ram baba bless u


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