Personal Development | 6 Skills For Self Improvement

There are many books on tips for Personal development.

Why do we need it? We all have certain personality and based on it our life style and growth depends. So those interested to have better life and career growth think of development in their personality.

But this doesn’t imply that we need to change our personality or character. If we notice all the great world leaders or film stars etc. in the history, all of them were different yet they could be what they wanted to be. So personality development means transforming those areas of our personality which keeps us away from achieving our goals.

personality development tips

So some of the possible weakness in the personality which needs to be boosted are

1. Procrastination: This is one of the biggest hindrance and is associated along with laziness. It delays many small works and make you stay away from your goals for long. It is also tough to overcome procrastination but can be overcome it with consistent efforts.

2. Punctuality or discipline: This is called time sense or ability to keep up with prefixed time for a meet or deal. It is better to be at place at-least 10 – 5 min in advance. It seems that this punctuality has helped many people come up in life to a great deal from even meager standards.

3. Hesitancy. Hesitating to express yourself or question others in meetings or group discussions etc, can make you seem incapable or less knowledgeable guy in the eyes of others.

4. Communication: This involves Good speaking, writing, expression and listening. Communication should always be smooth, complete and pleasant. Never show feeling of aggression or loss of temper but yet you need to show professionalism. Never use bad or absurd language to address others. Think before you talk, write etc.

This is more important while speaking on telephone. It is very easy to impress the other person on phone if you have not seen him before with your composed voice and decent speech and win the deal.

5. Fickle mindedness. It makes you behave differently at different times and also makes you not stick to any particular decision. This loses confidence in other about you.

6. Indecision: Delayed decision, or not able to take to take decision at right time makes you loose important opportunities in life.

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  1. Amazing! Really awesome blog. These are very helpful and useful tips for personality development, while in phone conversation or in direct speech.

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