What makes a person spiritual ? 7 Reasons for Awakening

Spirituality is considered as one of the highest forms of living as per Hindu scriptures.

Every religion stresses daily prayers indicating people to lead spiritual lives.

Even you can notice there is the construction of new temples, churches, mosques everywhere, and people arriving in huge masses to almost every pilgrim spot. So it seems that human spiritual consciousness has increased than before in recent times.

But What makes a person spiritual?

People go for spirituality because of one or more of the below reasons.

1. Out of depression

When people are depressed or failed in life, spirituality seems to be their only companion as it gives them compassion and mental relief.

This is because they will be unable to tolerate other people’s rude behavior. Further, they will not be able to believe others and also lack faithful friends or family members, etc.

So spirituality helps them get free from this worldly discomfort in times of grief. Thus, it helps to get out of depression naturally.

2. For peace of mind

This is quite the opposite of the above. Here people go to spirituality as they are happy, successful, and have no other responsibilities in life to look after.

They have a feeling of achievement or success in life and hence go for spirituality as a gratitude towards the almighty for helping them to be so.

3. For health in times of sickness

In case of some health problems, nothing seems to be pacifying to heart. Then the people seek compassion and support from almighty for the relief of their problems.

4. For enlightenment

Those people who are not interested in materialistic life anymore or those fed up by the material happiness go into spirituality.What makes a person spiritual ? 7 Reasons for Awakening These people are scarce nowadays as this world keeps on attracting such people by luring objects and articles. Yet these people who are determined get into deeper levels of spirituality by meditation, yoga, visiting pilgrimages, other holy people, etc.

5. For personal molding

Spirituality is a good way for personal development and molding of character. It can help overcome some bad traits like fret of anger, lack of patience, rude behavior, etc.

6. To get rid of addictions

For those people who are addicted, there are rehabilitation centers. But interestingly, some people who desire to lose addictions revert to spirituality and get successful.

I recently watched a television program wherein alcohol addicts go to a temple on some special day.

There they drink to their heart contents on that day, get their heads shaved as a mark of promise to the deity in the temple, and then after staying away from alcohol for the whole year. It seems to sound interesting, isn’t it?

7. Due to affection towards the creator or almighty.

This is the mighty factor and also seen in many, but they keep themselves in this world of pleasure for just their duty, but internally always they try to think of the lord in their hearts.

For them, no other thing in this world is so sweet or pleasant than the almighty.

Of all the types of why people get into spirituality, this is the best mode as they need no teacher or guru. They are always in his consciousness and happy.

They do their duties sincerely as a mark of respect to the lord who gave them the duty. They lead a hart fulfilled life.

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