Causes of Corruption |10 Main Reasons which can be Eradicated

# auses of corruption in indiia

Corruption is one of the biggest threat to the well-being of a society. Corruption degrades the quality of the services and also ruins the life of the common man. Many countries in the world are affected by this problem called corruption. Political parties who promised to stop and take steps to eradicate corruption have been voted […]

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3 Types of Spirituality | Based on Practice and Living Methods

Spirituality is the ultimate method of living. This way of living is possible only to humans on the earth. In the society around us, we can find very very few people who live spiritually. As per a rough statistics, only one person among thousands tends to have a spiritual awakening. Among thousands of those who […]

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Astrology facts | Basics Regarding Birth, Compatibility and Events

astrological facts

Astrology is an art which tries to predict future or person characters. It is widely used by people from many countries to predict their future, problems, health issues etc. Though it has no scientific backing, many people still rely on it for their day to day activities. Every person’s characters and future can be described […]

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