10 Social Service Benefits | To the Persons and Society

Social Service Benefits

Social service is one of the noble causes only a human can do. This is a service that is done only to give without expecting any returns. This social service has many benefits. Satisfaction For … Read more

How to find Happiness in Life ? 10 Practical Ways to Follow

How to find Happiness in Life

Happiness is the ultimate goal of every living being. This happiness can be defined in short as a feeling of well-being without any major painful conditions in life. A person would not be happy if … Read more

Problems with Religion | In Society and World

Religion as per wikipedia is a culture with specific set of practices, views, ethics, texts, holy places and prophecies. There are many religions in the world and these have an enormous psychological control over humans. Though there are good and worthwhile issues related to religion. They are also equally damaging to human society. However, i would say that not all religions are bad. Some of them are good and even nature and human friendly. But, even these religions are used for selfish purposes by few people causing problems to other followers. The problems with religions include Restrictions in life Forceful livelihood Gender inequality Psychological fear Misuse Restriction in life Few religions put many restrictions to life. They force people to do certain things, eat some kind of food and to wear specific kind of dress. Though this could be acceptable to some but not by all. Those who do not wish to follow will face severe criticism, humiliation and even sometimes banned from society. Forceful livelihood Most religions forces some or other life style patterns. They ask them to pray at certain times, eat, bathe and even practice few procedures during nature calls. This is taught to the child from childhood. So when he grows up, his mind is confused on why he has to follow and what happens if he does not follow. Thus, many continue with livelihood patterns till their death. The mind is so much trained that, they may even never ask on why should something be done as per religion. Gender inequality Religion is also one of the places with gender inequality. Some religions restrict women while other religion respect women. But the end result would be that women are always in disadvantage position in society. Psychological fear Most religions create psychological fear in the minds regarding birth, death and other issues. Though these could be useful to prevent violent behavior in the name of sin, some religions encourage it. People with this psychological views try to convert others into their religion and even go to the extent of using violence to achieve the goal. Misuse Religions also provide a way to misuse their practices by others. This can be seen in terms of discouraging the scientific discoveries or thoughts. Misuse of women, children and other with less social stature. Though this article seems to be a brief view without specific examples, i think one could find more in regular news and also history.

Religion is a culture with a specific set of practices, views, ethics, texts, holy places, and prophecies. There are many religions in the world, and these have enormous psychological control over humans. Though there are … Read more