Prayer for Peace of Mind |10 Best Tips on how to pray

how to pray

Prayer is a best source for peace of mind. It is a priceless and easiest way to attain peace of mind. Further it doesn’t require heavy advice, skill or practice. Any one even for the first time can perform it at any time and any place. But doing it at a proper place and at regular time intervals is most […]

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10 Best Tips to maintain healthy relationships

How to maintain healthy relationships

Relationships are the most sensitive elements of human life as they are linked to emotional harmony and success in life. This is one of the prime aspects which differs humans from animals. A person without money may or may not be happy, but a person with good relationships will be happy even if he lacks money. I […]

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Personal Development|6 Skills For Self Improvement

There are many books on tips for Personal development. Why do we need it? We all have certain personality and based on it our life style and growth depends. So those interested to have better life and career growth think of development in their personality. But this doesn’t imply that we need to change our personality or character. […]

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