Effect of Strikes / Protests/ Curfews on public life

Strikes and protest have become common in every country as a means to get the governments to do particular amendments or changes in its policy. In this course of a protest against the governments, the … Read more

Why some People Never Grow Spiritually

Spiritual progress cannot be seen in some people even if they perform regular prayers in a temple or other religious places. This lack of progress spiritually is due to the reasons like Lack of inherent … Read more

Spiritual Experience | How one feels the power of god

spiritual experiances

Spiritual Experience is one of the pleasant ones when one prays to god. Not all can feel the blessings of god nor will have a spiritual experience in a lifetime. But those who seem to be … Read more

What makes a person spiritual ? 7 Reasons for Awakening

What makes a person spiritual ? 7 Reasons for Awakening

Spirituality is considered as one of the highest forms of living as per Hindu scriptures. Every religion stresses daily prayers indicating people to lead spiritual lives. Even you can notice there is the construction of … Read more