Love a boon a problem|reason for its failure & complications

Love is one of the wonderful feelings in the world a human can ever get. Even the thought or recalling past memories of love will relieve any person of stress and make him happy right at the moment. The feeling of love is so powerful and liked by many. Hence you notice that most of the successful and highly grossed  movies, albums, songs, novels, etc. have essence of love stories in them.

The feeling of Love is associated with some superb qualities like

♠ It makes one feel light and like flying in the clouds.

♠ A feeling of belonging or having someone there for you.You will loose the thought of loneliness.

♠ One looses all mental stress with the feeling of love.

♠ It also gives +ve thoughts about life.


Yet many say love is complicated after an experience, while some dive into the same hot soup every other day :-).

And very few make it a concrete step in their life as future family life through a commitment in marriage.

But always everyone likes the feeling of love and being loved.

So when love has such prominence in human life then, why do people have so many conspiracies with it?

Before going into it further lets see

Why do people fall in love, what are the consequences leading there?

A)  Found one’s dream girl or boy: which is so exceptional and powerful form of love. Seen less often. Here there exists no physical, behavior or lust based attraction. If courted well this leads to a dream marriage……

B) Presence of Physical or mental chemistry. This is a bit funny for both and have thrill for some time. The commitments are low and forget each other if they can’t see or talk to each other or  frequently.

C) Feeling of loneliness like one is constantly away from his family or is avoided by society.

D) Slow and strong arousal of love between colleagues: The feeling of mutual attraction or affection in between colleague due to working together or noticing together in a competitive environment.

The specialty here is if the colleagues are of same sex, there would have been jealousy or hatred in trying to compete and succeed in the work. But the same thing between colleagues of opposite sex……hmm wow!… very thrilling and sweet feeling of love or affection. This is also one of the types leading to a commitment through marriage.

E) Love at first sight (seems a strong affection with a mixture of feeling of lust to each other).

F) Just for mere time pass. This type of love may last for few days or even years but ends up nowhere.


Reasons for its complications and there by love problems & failures.

The problems in love are very common and arise in almost 99% cases. But very few overcome them by mutual understanding and constant support in time of crisis in relationship.

Love becomes complicated leading to failure when there are qualities like.

1. Mutual sacrifice for the interest of family or career etc.

2. No idea why they need love: When a couple is in the feeling of love, they might not have future plans with their relationship. Or else either both or one of the partners may not be interested  to carry on further. They may quit after college or office job duration.

3. Suspicion: This is a kill feature. There are many boys or girls suspicious about their partner’s loyalty towards them. This can be so severe that they may hack their partners mail ID’s or Face book accounts to see with whom their partners is maintaining a secret affair. If this killer quality enters and pervades in any of the partners mind then the relationship can be a disgust to continue further and may involve mutual cruelty some times.

4.  Jealous: If one is more good looking or else is getting more attention and respect than the other in public, this may lead to jealousy. This slowly makes him/her less loyal to their partners.

5. Ego: If one is more successful or else the girl is senior by education or job promotions etc, there can be ego clashes. Some imply that these ego clashes come when both partners are working in same subject or field with little age differences.

6. Possessiveness: This is a minute issue which can sometimes become a big factor for clashes. The person may be possessive about his/her partner talking to someone of opposite sex or being too social or spending less time or focus on them.

7. Lust: This is a serious factor to be kept in mind. When one is in a relation, he/she should not involve with others in a romantic relationship. If exposed, the relationship rarely stands.

8. Lack of commitment: This is a condition where in one must try to keep contact with their partner once in a while as  possible. They must share their concerns and try to take care of each other. Or else the relation doesn’t last long. If in any relationship if one is doing the above two and other is not then, definitely the relations is a doubtful one if it will stabilize and last long.

9. Career fluctuations: When there are problems in career some quit the relation. But they have to ask what if they keep on quitting relations just because of problems in career. There should be clear demarcation and priority for personal life and professional life.

This is not an exhaustive information on love and its reasons for failure because everyone mind is different in thought so is the love.

And the phrase “Marriages are made in heaven”  stands true…..:-)

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