Why people judge others ? How can You Beat it and do It Better

Judging a person is a common practice in daily life. But, why people judge others is due to different reasons like

1. To build a good relationship

2. To find chances of an advantage

2. To sell ideas or products

3. Check compatibility

4. Win your mind and heart.

5. For pure fun

Why people judge others

To find chances of advantage:

Judging a person beforehand gives you an upper hand. It helps you to know if there is a benefit to gain from him.

This is quite common in business as a businessman tries to lure his customers.

Why people judge others- for business

To sell ideas or products

This is followed by marketers and even politicians. They try to sell their product or ideas by judging the people. In doing so, they gain sales or votes.

Check compatibility

You cannot be a friend to everyone around you. This is because you are not compatible with everyone you see. Hence, judging people is done to find compatible friends, life partners, etc.

Why people judge others-friends

Win your mind and heart

This is similar to the above point. But, this is meant to just have a casual conversation without any immediate benefits.

A person tries to smile while speaking to you. In doing so, he avoids being judged. And if he has already judged you, then he does it again to keep you impressed about him.

For pure fun

You might have noticed someone being teased on the road or other places. Here, the people who judged him do so out of the fun. They find his behavior or personality funny.

Why judge a person

Judging is important in today’s life and career as everyone tries to advantage us in office, career, education, business, relationships, etc. This they do for getting their benefit or just fun but it can be of loss and risk to us.

Further, we keep on moving on a regular basis due to career, travel or shopping, etc. And we encounter many new people as a part of it.

So some time or other everyone gets misused by someone and feel emotionally hurt after realizing it latter. Hence it is good to be able to judge a person.

Judging a person

When you come across a new person you can find the below characters or behaviors to judge him.

By his communicationThis a bit tough but many get fooled by it itself so one needs to look into his or her communication. In a simple way, it means he may seem to act smart or overly indulging and trying to impress you by his communication.

By his body languageThis feature doesn’t say much but it tells if he or she is confident, shy or serious, etc.

By his attitude to future life chat and ideasIn many marriage proposals or job interviews, the person’s attitude or future plan is asked to judge him. This is mostly a reliable way to know what he is up to in the future but, the problem is anyone can change their plans in due course of time due to the situation demands.

By his friends and family lifeA person can be judged easily by talking to his friends or even family as they may disclose about him. Even there is a saying which goes as

“Tell me about your friend and I will tell about you”…

His education, career, and job if anyA person has his own taste for education and career. So based on that you can know if he is smooth or committed or risk-taking etc. Education in technology tells he likes to go smooth, while medicine he is committed to doing and a pilot or police or in military means he likes to take a risk.  Job and career also tell largely about a person’s character. For instance, if a person is doing his job of interest, he will do it even if he is paid less salary. These types of people seem to have more self-respect than those guys who just do anything for the sake of money etc.

By his demands for doing any workIf a guy demands more for doing his work like more leave, etc comforts, etc. there is a chance that he will more likely perform less. But still, some cases vary.

From his previous employer or co-workersThis is the technique commonly followed by employers. Hence you see that many universities & institutes vacancies,  police &  bureaucratic post are recruited after the candidate gets some letter of recommendation or after doing thorough police inquiry.

So what are the advantages of judging the person:

1. You can save time: Supposing you want to recruit an employee or get your work done someone. If you can judge him before then you may avoid wasting your time in-case if the guy leaves his job instantaneously or if he doesn’t deliver the work assigned in time.

2, You can save money: Many times we lose money due to salesmen or any shop for buying an item for a higher price than actually is. In the above example of the right servant or employee also you can save money besides time.

3. You can save your reputation and goodwill: In case you recommend some guy for a job or work. If the guy leaves or causes damage then you lose goodwill in the eyes of the person to whom you recommended the wrong guy.

4. Can get respect form others: A person who is rarely or never fooled by others has good respect and value from all the people who know him.

5. You can avoid being emotionally upset. If you are unable to judge a person and get fooled by him/her you will be emotionally upset sometimes to the extent that you cannot focus on your job and family.

So based on so many advantages it is worth to judge a person but

Issues from our side

If someone fools us it is also our problem as we let him or her do so. We need to see our personality of how we create a feeling such that others fool us.

1. Believing everyone very easily.

2. Talking too much and revealing yourself to everyone including new people.

3. Getting attracted due to lust or infatuation and doing as they say (especially towards the opposite sex).

4. Revealing all of your thoughts to someone such that he can hit in the right target when he wants to.

5. Not having time to see or recognize others’ intentions.

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