Is God Real? His Proof of Actual Existence

God is the word that everyone thinks of at least once in a lifetime.

Though never has anyone seen him or talked to him, still the whole human population intensely believes in God. (except very few people)

Even the official swearing ceremonies of many countries start with prayers to him.

The word god is a public affair, and many human lives are devoted to it.

Even I am too a firm believer in God and his existence.

But we can see many non-believers, and even some devotees, are doubtful if he is real.

Is God real?

Yes, he is real, and he actually exists. Let us see a few points which support his presence.

1. Wonderful creation

All of the Universe, its principles, and the living beings run on the concept of mutual living.

If one notices the creatures on earth, they contribute to existance of creation and survival in one way or another.

For example, a tiger or a wolf is cruel, but keeping the herbivore population within limits is necessary for greenry.

If not, all of the forests and grasslands would lose their greenery due to the unlimited growth of the herbivore population.

Similarly a blade of grass that grows naturally help to generate oxygen for living and absorbs heat from the sun to maintain normal temperature, provide organic content to microbes and other animals.

In contrast, when we humans (we assume to be highly advanced) create a moving machine, it has many chances of trouble for the environment and other living beings.

For example, a car of 3,361 lbs would cause more damage with its tires and exhaust than an animal like rhinoceros of 5070 lbs.

Rhinoceros legs have smaller feet and leave a smaller impression on the ground while moving. Due to this, the animals living under the soil are less susceptible to destruction by their movement.

In contrast, the car tires would leave a lot of ground print and destroy most soil animals during their movements.

So, there is someone who has far more excellent knowledge to have consideration for both the large animals and soil animals while creating.

2. Believers

is god real

The human population can be easily classified as believers and non-believers based on their belief in God.

They, having observed some important life experiences like destiny, luck, and unpredictability, started to believe in God or some superpower who seemed to control life.

And there are billions of such believers in the world.

The number of believers far exceeds the number of non-believers in human history.

Ofcorse I donot disagree with the fact that some people are manipulated to believe in god by reglious entities. But still you will find many who believe in some power without being influenced by others.

So when there are so many people who believe in the existence of God, then they would not be wrong.

Strong belief in his existence

Also, few people of them devoted their entire life to the pursuit of God and spirituality.

3. The existence of the Universe

Any man-made system can be perfect and exists only on proper maintenance.

Our Universe, the earth, is some million years old. The basic fundamentals like the atom, electrons, and molecules function precisely with their physical and chemical properties.

Even a small change in the electron rotation or revolution speed can destroy the earth and the Universe.

This has not happened for billions of years as if they are under someone’s control.

4. Luck

Have you ever faced luck in life?

Many times, we are in luck when we drive, sleep, play, or even work.

We subconsciously do something which, if extended, could be harmful.

But many times, we tend to escape in a fraction of seconds. This is due to the timing of luck or as some would say God blessings.

But, there are some who believe that luck can be enhanced by certain methods of spirituality.

5. Nothing is real or permanent but an illusion.

All humans, animals, etc., are born and will die for sure.

The nature around us existed before we were born and exists even after.

Even the nature around us keeps changing with time. It is believed that even the solar system was formed, and it will get destroyed over time.

So, in fact, we are not real, but what we consider unreal, i.e., god, is real. So God exists.

6. Animals believe in God

We can assume that humans were misguided by religions to make them believe in God.

But what about animals?

They, too, believe in God.

Have you noticed? When in grief, they tend to howl towards the sky as if someone is hearing them. As some visitors pointed out below, not only dogs but animals like elephants, cats and other can be seeing rarely looking for something towards the sky.

7. The desire to survive and perform.

Everyone is afraid of death. They tend to live and hence avoid dangers.

This avoidance is mostly with a desire to live but not to avoid pain.

This behavior is the result of the internal soul, which loves living and goes foward.

We tend to perform acitivites intentionally or non-intentionally like getting married, having kids or helping others etc.

So who is forcing you?

8. Concept of death

You know death is inevitable to all. Though many of us dislike it, we are still helpless at the moment of death.

Even though one tries to escape death, they are forced to death with no chance of escape.

So it seems some power above is in control of us too.

Hence, those things that appear to be true in life are temporary, and those that do not seem to be present are permanent.

And just because we are unable to understand or comprehend the supreme power, it is cool and easy to declare that God does not exist.

May be, we are afriad to acknowledge that.

Note: I have a Ph.D. in pharmacology and I have a scientific bent of mind.

Yet, I feel the mysteries of science keep pointing to something that is beyond human capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Who is the real god in the world
There is only one god and is manifested in many ways.
To be frank, everything you see around and in you is god and nothing else.
He is in you and the animal beside you and also in your enemy.
Does god make sense
He makes sense when you realize you are just a passing bubble in the river of time.
Is it reasonable to believe in god?
Though it is up to you. But it is essential as it helps you learn actually who you are.
What is the difference between god and the universe
God is everything including time, space, the universe, and every creation and act.
So the universe is just a part of his manifestation.
Why does not god prove himself?
He is always proving by his every active creation.
The only thing is since we are part of his game, we rarely realize him. Maybe we are busy assuming we are everything and there is nothing beyond.
Does God Care about religion?
No, Literally God is not into religion.
Why can’t we understand god?
Because we are in an ever-ending drama called life.
We are so engaged to believe there is something other than what we experience in the so-called life.

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  1. I’m all for any religion but coming here trying to prove it wrong is a low blow. Someone like booby sanders should not insult billions of people for having a entity to hope for. even if god wasn’t real he calms many people and helps all people that believes him mentality. Be any religion you want. PS. don’t smoke weed if you want to live like booby suggested. (no wonder there minds messed up).

  2. God is real. all nonbeleivers, explain why this universe has randomly just created itself out of nothing??? it did'nt. god made it to be perfectly in place for us to survive. all in all, god is real and I pray to all of us believers -Jesse

    • First of all, if I did have to choose a religion it would have to be one with many gods such as Greek, Egyptian ETC… how am I supposed to believe that only one single entity is capable of ruling an entire universe that spans way beyond 93 billion light-years across, and continues growing around 10.6 light-years per second?
      Anyways the universe already existed before the presence of ‘God’, it became overheated, and the energy needed to release itself, so it expanded rapidly, how the universe was created you ask? Well, if you must know the universe as you may know started at around the size of a peanut, but how did that little thing just get there? Honestly, we do not know yet, there is a possibility that when the universe dies it just restarts, kind of like a ‘rebirth’ from a game but in real life. Or maybe it started due to a tear in the 4D universe that came before our universe and to whatever version of us in that dimension we may just be a planet that started randomly, und that those dimensional universes (the multiverse theory) just go on forever. or maybe just a random chance of nearly infinite that we just popped up, or possible we already existed just far too small to comprehend, or even the more likely thing that nothing happed and we just were made of dark matter, or a big theory that many people do believe, we are in a simulation, and we are far in the future (no I myself do not believe this). or maybe you are right, although maybe we just made God to make things easier on our minds, make things easier to comprehend. I’m truly sorry but I am a man of science and physics. therefor I am an atheist, I’m not telling you to change your beliefs, but you challenged me so I accepted. remember to not think things too hard and just be happy, and I am also sorry for writing and entire paragraph. – Aidan

        • All due respects to you, but just because there are more believers than non believers doesn’t mean there is a god. Are you five years old? You sound like it.

          • Hi Mike, thanks for stopping by.
            Let me ask you a question were you present 100 years ago and will be alive 100 years after?
            Then why do you think you know everything and your life is completely under your control and not somewhere else?

  3. I support both sides. Idk if he’s real or not but it’s based on what you believe. There are so many questions that I have but who knows if they’ll ever get answered. But I do have one thing to say, if he is real then I’ll accept that you don’t believe in him, but if he isn’t real at least I lived my life happy and the way “I” wanted to. You can’t control everything in life, even if it is the worst. Things are going to happen. Those are just the small obstacles that we as humans should get over TOGETHER, and not against each other. Science can prove things in our physical reality, but spiritually who knows? It’s all up to what you believe, and the only reason why you don’t believe is that something happens to you and you just upset with yourself. Oh! and if god isn’t real then why are you even on this page, go touch some grass!

    This is MY opinion and I can give one crap about what you have to say.😊

  4. this is dumb. you are a bubble literally in a river like this post said literally. so why do u waste ur time worshiping a man you don’t even know is real for sure. I used to believe in this so-called person and I prayed to god and nothing happened and i don’t care what u say or think. u will not change my mind that a person is living in the clouds. so this is all dumb to be honest. literally, you, said god not being real makes him real & how do u have a Ph.D. or whatever you sound dumb and if im bullying, its true maybe go pray to god to give you a brain or a little bit more knowledge or just simply go back to school and make sure to pay attention in class this time love. anyways get a life stop wasting ur time go smoke some weed and have fun with ur life that u so apparently dont have. goodnight dont even bother fighting me in the comment section because im not coming back here and ur just gonna waste ur time by praying to god.

  5. lol you are saying that if most people believe that something is true that makes them right.

    No it doesn't.
    There is no proof of God.

    • You believe there is no god because you assume to be immortal, have universal knowledge and have been living forever.

      But frankly, "this" is there before we were born and it will be there after we perish. So, there is something which made us and is taking us out as per its wish.

    • the absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence. we can't really have proof of God on earth or in the physical, because science only studies what we already know or have here on earth. God is spiritual so even if he exists science won't be able to prove it. Many people have come out to say they have had interactions with God, but some people don't believe them… why? Because God spoke to them spiritually, so there's often no physical evidence. The reason people say there's proof is because they have seen themselves physically. All im saying is that, just because there is NO proof doesn’t mean that there is no God.

  6. its honestly disturbing that whoever wrote this is so confident in their lack of understanding what they're speaking about.

  7. God is real, I want to believe that but it's so hard.. Everyone calls me stupid for believing in him. I am so scared.. I hope he's real.. I really do.. but it sounds so good to be true. The arguement of God has been around for millions ( if not billions) of years now. Yet no one has proven him to be real or not. You can only decide weather you believe in him or not which makes me worry even more. A lot of good things have happend to me. But a lot of bad things have happend too… Everyone in my family believes in him. My mom tells my i'm a miracle because she almost couldn't have kids. (I'm the only child) I choose to believe in him, weather I am truly stupid or not. Death is uncontrollable. If God isn't real.. so be it. If he is at least I'll be in heaven, but if he's not we won't know we are dead anyway. It's scary but it becomes less of a problem to you when you learn to accept it. You are foolish for believing in God. Don't let anyone shame you for it. Remenber billions of people don't believe in God. But there's also BILLIONS of people who do! I hope to see all of you in the after life if it exists.

    • There is absolutely no evidence that he exists everything about him is contradictory and if you believe in him then, well.

  8. If God exists, it will explain how when Praying for yourself or others to be healed somehow whether its a Matter of Seconds, or Minutes, or even Days and Months, It works like a charm. The Only thing I have to say, is God is loving and the only reason he lets bad things happen, is because. Honestly…. he can't really do anything about it, But give that person a Blessing so that their lives are better when they’re exposed to the Sin of the World.

  9. Yeah Nah this is just wow You cannot prove your opinion by just stating its fact you have to prove it. If this is the case then why are kids getting picked on for believing in Santa clause they have the exact same description also you contradicted you're god by stating the world is millions of years old which still is incorrect as it is 4.54 billions years old but according to the so called "good book" its only 6000 years old yeah solid proof also I've read the bible and tbh its full of sex, violence incest, Sexual Assault, Mutilation, Human traficking, Drugging, genocide, animal cruelty child abuse and murder which is fact.

  10. Yeah Nah this is just wow You cannot prove your opinion by just stating its fact you have to prove it. If this is the case then why are kids getting picked on for believing in Santa clause they have the exact same description also you contradicted you're god by stating the world is millions of years old which still is incorrect as it is 4.54 billions years old but according to the so called "good book" its only 6000 years old yeah solid proof also I've read the bible and tbh its full of sex, violence incest, Sexual Assault, Mutilation, Human traficking, Drugging, genocide, animal cruelty child abuse and murder which is fact.

  11. yes he is very real was in a coma 28 days had a vision of him holding my hand saying you will be ok then came out of coma a wheelchair then a cane now i goi to the gym on bycycle i play guitar and draw cartoons because i ask HIM to help me everyday i do have a serious brain injury and paralized but i pray for him to help me TODAY i make it through everyday with a smile because so many are much worse than myself yea im very blessed hes the only way FOR ME i talk to the lord everyday and i thank him everyday

  12. Wow these arguments simply make no sense, and there are way more than just a few people who don't believe in the Christian god for example Buddhists or atheists or those who believe in Hinduism are their beliefs not valid either. But none the less I still believe in him :)

  13. God isn't real. Its just not in any way shape or form logical. There is absolutely no proof. Some random hobo 10,000 years ago could of written the bible. Nobody from that time period is currently living. What's more believable. A horse with a horn or a giant magical person who made everything we know. Y'all stupid. None of your points had anything to do with god and how god is real. God isn't physically possible. If god is real then I actually hate her\him all those people who are sick and dying. All the people who have been raped. Nothing good came out of being raped your just scarred for life. Thanks alot god. I hope he sends me to hell so I can complain about what an asshole he is.

    • Hi, Thanks for stopping by. When god is viewed as an individual or a person then, it would be wrong.
      As per my observation god is the invisible power due to which the nature or world runs.
      If you notice well the creation, it is so miraculous in itself that we humans in spite of so much science cannot replicate his creation.
      You talk of pain and suffering. But that is not the problem of god, that is the problem of society and human thought process.
      If you have noticed some societies, it was very hard to hear something called rape. Because they were so organized that everyone respected each other and accepted the conditions as they were.
      I am lucky to have seen such societies where mutual respect and trust were the main blocks of society.

  14. I believe he is there but I just had a hard time believing at the moment but I still believe. I just need something to tell me that he is real.

    • Hi Ella, one has to spend some time to realize the presence of our supreme creator. Because we are so busy that though he is always with us, we are unable to recognize him.

  15. God is not real. So many of these arguments literally just state something and say its because of God. Animals do not have a brain capacity to believe in anything. Luck is not real. You perceive good chance as luck. Also by your logic bad luck is also because of god. The universe is billions of years old not millions. Also the universe laws are stable because if they werent we wouldn't never exist, not because god makes them that way. You people need to take some college courses. By the way there arent a few people who dont believe in God. Theres are entire countries, not to mention the people who do all fight and have different perspectives on god. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, I could go on for days.

  16. Real or Not??? For everyone who has ever been at their lowest with no one else to ask for then yes we know he is real!!!
    As for all the non-believers, all you have to do is ask for him but you have to mean it!!!!!!
    Hope this helps someone find what a lot of us already knew the answer to.

  17. God was ancient mankinds answer for natural occurances that they had no answers for. Science has better answers for virtually everything. Our universe is 13.8b years old, our planet 4b or so. We got along fine for 1000,000 years or so but some god decided to intervene , and the best way to do that is a virgin birth, crucifixion and the requisite resurrection. Gods only exist in the minds of man for many reasons, mostly fear of death.

  18. Just wanted to politely correct on one thing in the article – because believe me, you thought these arguments out well, it shows, and I could be definitely made a believer out of this. But in 2. The Existence of the Universe, you say that the Earth is Millions of years old. It has been proven that it is in fact billions of years old, and no one can possible ever know how old the universe is, except for… yep, God. I myself am agnostic, meaning that I can't deny nor prove that God exists, but I can certainly accept and agree with both sides. There is proof that He is there, and there is proof He is not. However, no matter what my beliefs, I respect any religion, so long as their "Gods" are not anarchists and approve of chaos (Just an excuse that the so called "Muslims" In ISIS and Al Qaeda use). Thank you for writing this though, if you ever see this!

    • Hi Elijah, thanks for putting your words here. God cannot be seen but only felt. He is not in humans or in some specific form. But he can take up any form. He is inside us, around us and the only thing is, out of worldly indulgence we expect to see him in worldly manner and it is not possible. To see god, one must associate with a devotee. These devotees give up worldly life for god and enjoy his bliss.

  19. Im 11 I miss my brother who died at 1 and my mom's time is up I get scared and when my time is up my brothes will be sad I'm scared

  20. There is no doubt that God is real. His manifestations are plainly visible to all who want to see them


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