Is God Real? His Proof of Actual Existence

God is the word which makes everyone think of at least once in a lifetime.

Though never has anyone seen him or talked to him, still the whole human population intensely believes in god.

Even the official swearing ceremonies of many countries start with prayers to him.

The word god is a public affair and many human lives are devoted to.

Even I am too a firm believer of God and his existence.

But we can see many who are non-believers and some of them being devotees are doubtful if he is real.

Is God real?

Yes, he is real and he actually exists. Let us see few points which support his presence.is god real

1. Believers: The human population can be easily classified as believers and non-believers based on their belief in god. And there are some billions of believers in the world. The number of believers far exceeds than the number of non-believers at all times in human history. So when there are so many people who believe in the existence of God, then they would not be wrong.

Also, some of them devote their entire life in pursuit of god and spirituality.

2. The existence of Universe: Any system can be perfect and exists only on proper maintenance. Our universe, the earth is some million years old. The basics like atom, electrons etc function very precisely in regards to their physical and chemical properties. Even a small change in the electron rotation or revolution speed can destroy the earth and universe. This is not happening as if it under someone’s control.

3. Luck: Have been lucky ever in life. Many a time we are in luck when we drive, sleep, play or even work. We subconsciously do something which if extended could be harmful. But many times we tend to escape in a fraction of seconds. This is due to the timing of luck or god.

4. Nothing is real or permanent: All the humans, animals etc are born and die. The nature around us existed before we were born and exists even after. So, in fact, we are not real but the thing which is unreal i.e. god is real. So god exists.

5. Animals believe in god: We can assume that humans were misguided by religions to make them believe in god. But what about animals. They too believe in god. When in grief they tend to howl towards the sky as if someone is hearing them.

6. The desire to survive: Everyone is afraid of death. They have a tendency to live and hence avoid dangers. This avoidance is mostly with a desire to live but not to avoid pain. So this behavior is the result of the internal soul which is linked to god.

7. Concept of death: You know death is inevitable to all. Though many of us dislike it, still we are helpless at the moment of death. So it seems some power above is in control of us too.

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