Is God Good? If So, Why is there Suffering

God is neither good nor evil. He is just doing his duty towards his creation.
So, who is hurting you? Why do bad things happen to you?
It is your karma that is hurting and the reason for happenings.
But latest see this in more detail for better understanding.

Is God Good All the Time

Yes, he is good all the time. And he will always be so. Because he loves us unconditionally.

But, before this, we need to be clear on who is God or what is God.
As per my experiences, God is everything you see or feel, or perceive around.
There is nothing else around you that is not God.
Now, there are a few reasons why god is neither good nor bad.
He does not do something which would harm you. At the same time, he does not do something that favors you until you ask for it.
Similarly, he would not help you if you want to create trouble for others you don’t like.

God behaves in such a manner because of a few aspects involved with his creation.

  • He is responsible for everyone and everything.
  • So he is always concerned with the maintenance of their survival.
  • Since all of his creation belongs to him, he does not hate anyone.
  • Even if someone tries to hurt him or others in his creation, he can still forgive.
  • He is always monitoring his creation without even a lapse of a second.

To prove this, I will give you one scientific fact.
We all know that pollution is increasing and at the same time, there is a decrease in Greenery all over the world.

So this leads to a situation of decreased essential oxygen levels in the air.
These changes have happened due to large-scale industrialization recently, like for a decade or so.
But interestingly you might have noticed that there is an increase in the day time than before like 10 years ago.
Even in the evening, around 7:00 PM, the sky is still bright. This was not the case a decade ago or more. The sky used to get dark by 5 or 6 PM based on the winter or summer season.
Recently, scientists have discovered that this increase in the daytime has helped raise the oxygen levels in the atmosphere.
In our environment, almost 70 percent of oxygen is contributed by marine microbial flora.
Due to increased daytime, there is an increase in oxygen production by the microbes.
Thus, it seems God is supporting our survival despite our misdeeds.

Is God Good

If God is good why do bad things still happen

So what is hurting you, or what is giving you bad experiences in life?

  • Karma is the thing that is causing you grief and sorrow.
  • It is also the one that gives you good benefits and favors in life.
  • You cannot escape from its effects and it depends upon your actions in the past.
  • Even climate change, pollution, excess population, and other problems are formed due to our karma.
  • So it is you who has to decide what to do and what not to do so that your future will be fine without problems in life.
  • If you are suffering in your present life try to overcome them without creating further problems for others. Or instead, try to do good things during such circumstances.
  • It might sound odd, but this is the way it has to go for a better future for yourself and mankind.

Why is god good to all the wrong people?

He is not good to them, but like everyone, he helps them. And they will surely face their karma at the right time.

How is God good to me?

Have you ever noticed that many times you were helped without your knowledge? You might have taken it for granted. But if you keenly observe he is good to you even if you did not ask for it.

Does God like to see us suffer?

God does not like us to suffer. But most of our experiences are two-faced. That is they are either they are good or painful. But for god, both experiences are the same.
If you notice those who are enlightened, they do not sense pain and happiness like us.
For them, both look the same as a pleasant experience.


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