Importance of Spirituality | In Daily Life, Education & Health

Spirituality is a way of life where one perceives non worldly interests with kindness.

Very few people in the world would get the boon of spiritual awakening.

And they tend to have a different view of the world and life compared to all others around.

But in most cases, they are humble, peace loving and prefer self thought.

The desire for spiritual growth does not come from external lectures or reading but from within.

For them wisdom bosoms within their heart making them feel better and happier with what they are and how they are.

Importance of spirituality

Spirituality is important for mankind in daily life as it has following benefits.

1. Defines Purpose of life: It explains the actual purpose of life for the person. If one is confused of why he is born, a spiritual life can give him the answers for it. It also lets him accepts the life as it is and also forgive the suffering.

2. Promotes peace and harmony:It promotes peace and harmony among people. It minimizes violence, aggression and struggles. It encourages acceptance, forgiveness which help everyone to live together in harmony. It also helps overcome poverty and remove corruption from the society.

Importance of Spirituality

3. Social organization: It helps to organize the society in a proper way. Spirituality provides mental peace and also stability in the family and at work. It helps to improve tolerance and patience.

4. Improves mental and physical health: It gives better health as it tells when to eat, how to eat, keep thoughts good. Keep yourself clean.Even in case of sickness, spiritual strength helps in recovery. It wades off fear and help in keeping the mind composed on positive thoughts role in. This minimizes depression and helps in faster healing.

5. Knowledge and wisdom: Spirituality enhances knowledge and wisdom. Spirituality is one where one obtains knowledge from within. Even Jesus mentions that who goes to him would have a oasis of wisdom formed within. And from it, the wisdom keeps on flowing out making the man more and more pleasant and divine.

6. Nature dominance: It helps man keep the nature under his control. It is quite unbelievable that we can keep nature under control. Even we cannot do it with our science and technology.

Many spiritually enlightened people have performed miracles which tend to keep nature at their will.  Even you might have heard the power of belief by which one can move mountains. This belief enhances due to spiritual life.

7. Enhances love and affection: It helps encourages man to show love and care for everyone around including environment. So you notice and spiritually enlightened person is less harsh to environment. He shows love and affection to all.

8. No fear & Clear thought: It removes fear of death and other insecurities.It also helps to overcome attachment to this world and life related issues. Hence, he loses fear, anxiety and is ready to face failure and consequences in life.

9. Enhances growth and welfare.Those who are spiritual tend perform very well in whatever field they take up. Even Steve Jobs, George carver, Swami Vivekananda and many others were successful and attributed their success to spiritual life. Spirituality enhances work ethics and work quality as the person intends for service and betterment of others through his work.

10. Better rules : It helps in setting better rules for mankind and the world. Notice any marriage ceremony or death, they have some rituals and have their origins in spiritual knowledge. These rituals are not meant to just enhance the concept but provide greater meaning in life. For instance, marriage is not a lust based communion but responsibility based commitment.

Importance of spirituality in education:

Education is one which is mostly concerned with mental maturity. It also helps in grooming a person behavior and thoughts. Spirituality in education adds up to this. They tend to be disciplined, respect parents, teachers and also believe in god. They also will be dedicated to their studies, research and jobs.

Importance of spirituality in Healthcare and social work:

Notice any social organization and health care system linked to spirituality or spiritual way of living. They tend to be devoted, and also long standing in service and objectives without giving up for money and wealth. The energy required for selfless service comes from spiritual power as it makes one’s heart divine and pure.

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