Importance of Respect in Life, Relationships and Career

Respect is a behavior where we show appreciation and regards to others in social life. This respect has many benefits like

  1. Healthy relationships and marriage
  2. Peaceful social life
  3. Effective learning
  4. Career opportunities
  5. Better leadership
  6. Healthy sports
  7. Essential for business/customers
  8. Support in times of grief
  9. Encourages progress like research and hard work.
  10. Favorable donations
  11. Dedicated service (like in the military)

Respect is one of the essential aspects of communication that should be taught to children since childhood.

One cannot learn to respect others all of a sudden. But, if his parents, teachers, and others taught it when he was a child, he will learn and habituate it for life.

But in modern education, the concept of respect is given the least importance.

A society with proper respect among its citizens will have peace and prosperity.

Respect is also governed by karma. It means if you give consideration to others, you will always get it back.

Details on the Importance of Respect

I believe respect is essential in a relationship. If you notice around, you will find that respect in a relationship helps last long with minimal chances of conflicts. My views are in detail below.

Healthy Relationships and Marriage

  • Respect earns you the goodwill of others around you. When you respect others, they tend to respond favorably.

So mutual respect helps in smooth and convenient friendships.

importance of respect in children.
  • In a family, children should respect their parents and grandparents. This is essential because these elders help us in life; in return, they expect nothing but courtesy.
  • When you respect them, they are satisfied and tend to support you better. Even it satisfies your self-respect and helps you gain confidence and a feeling of optimism.
  • Even in marriage, mutual admiration for each other helps avoid abusive relationships. Trust and respect in a relationship help maintain a long marriage.
  • A lack of respect in a relationship would not hold a friendship for long. Two people are friends due to mutual compatibility.
  • But, there can arise a difference of opinion between them. In such cases, respect for each other would help to tide over the harsh time and maintain the friendship.
  • When there is disrespect, there are not only chances of misunderstandings but also the possibility of doubts and uncertainty about the future.

So, always try to have mutual respect for each other for a long and happy marriage.

Peaceful social life

Importance of Respect

When people in social life deal with each other with mutual respect, such a society will have happiness and prosperity.

  • Respect need not be given based on wealth or power but just out of reverence to their higher learning, abilities, and even age (experience)
  • In a society, if children are taught to respect elders, then the chances of relationship issues like orphanage, divorce, and loneliness cease to exist.
  • Because, in such a scenario, others will help us to overcome such problems out of love and mutual respect toward those in trouble.
  • If everyone is respectful to each other, then society would be very healthy.
  • There would be no quarrels or agitation in society. The crime would be almost nil. I am not just saying this out of imagination. I have seen it in real life. There would be no violence towards women, children, elders, etc.

So we as humans need to respect everyone around us, including animals and nature. Then this society can become even more mature and environmentally friendly.

Higher learning

  • If you wish to learn something valuable from others, it is best to approach them with respect.
  • This is why a student has to respect his teacher or professor to gain higher knowledge.
Importance of Respect
  • Have you noticed, in a class, the teacher is most interested in those who are obedient and respectful towards teachers?
  • The teacher shows special attention to those students more than others. This is not an isolated case, and you will see this is the same all over the world.
  • Even if you need any letter of recommendation, the teacher gives good opinions or recommendations for those students who are respectful towards them. So it would be easy to get scholarships are admission to higher education institutes.

Respect also helps one gain blessings from elders, which can help gain success in life endeavors.

Better career opportunities

  • Employment is an opportunity that is available for those who tend to abide by the employer’s wishes.
  • So during an interview or promotion, people with respect towards seniors are given a chance than those without it.
  • Thus it helps in gaining better leadership and career opportunities.
  • There is nothing to feel ashamed or guilty about respecting those who are successful in life. Because, even if you are in that position, you will receive the same. And in case you reach that position, you will realize that this is true.

Try to have respect for your seniors in school, college, office, neighborhood, etc. You will definitely see that you will receive help in some or other ways in the future.

In sports

In games and sports, respect towards the same and opposite team members is essential as it encourages sportsmanship and avoids trickery and deceit.

Essential for business

  • Business is an economic activity that involves service to the customer.
  • Showing respect toward customers is essential for business success.
  • If you notice around, you will find people flocking to those business stalls where they are treated well, besides providing quality and affordable products.

Support in times of grief

  • Every one of us tends to be in problems at some point in life.
  • In such hard times, others will help us if we have behaved respectfully toward them previously.

So respect helps to maintain goodwill and gain life support.

Encourages progress like research and hard work.

  • If you are working in a team, like in research or service, you will need the support of others.
  • The absence of respect will deprive you of proper support and help from others.

Higher donations

  • Have you tried getting donations or sponsorship? You will notice that others will donate or sponsor only if you admire them.
  • So respect is essential for the proper way of life in society. A respected person will attain higher positions in life than those without it.

Dedicated service in the military

Respect and dignity is an essential component of the military.

  • The military is one of the services where one is ready to risk his life.
  • In such a scenario, the soldier would listen to his seniors only if he has respect for them.

Even in an adversary’s case, the soldier would not leave his other colleagues at risk during the operation.

He even strives to save them by risking himself out of respect.


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