Importance of personal development

Every person has a set of characters from his birth. Even you can know few characters of a child by looking at his astrology.You will be amazed to find him to be so after he grows up.

The current standing or social status of a person is directly linked to his personality.

If personality improves, his social stature improves and vise versa.

Also a persons personality will keep on changing over a period of time. Even if he sits idle, still he would change. Hence,the only option would be to develop one’s personality in an acceptable manner.

This ensures a secure and prosperous life in the human society.

Why is personal development so important

  1. Social value
  2. Better career
  3. Happy family
  4. Responsible parenthood
  5. Quality health
  6. True citizen

Social value: A person is valued in society to a large extent based on his personal traits. More than money, power, appearance and education, persons characters will give social value. You will have more friends and well wishers who can always be with you in need.

Better career: Career related to job and business depends on the attitude of the person than his skills and efforts. This attitude is largely dependent on the person. By personal development one enhances the attitude leading to a brighter career.

Happy family: It takes a good effort to maintain a family. If you do not have a good personality, you are bound to have issues in it.Importance of personal development

Being a responsible child to your parents would make them happy. Even your brothers and sisters and other relative would be happy about you. You will be relied on for any help or advices if you have a better personality. In doing so, you will gain stability in life.

You would also keep your spouse happy and can lead a long married life.

Responsible parenthood: Parent hood is the ability to look after a child growth, upbringing with love and care. This is possible if one has a better personality.

Quality health: Health is an important aspect of personal development. You cannot say a person has good personality if he is not healthy. Being healthy is visible outwards in terms of body language, behavior etc. So, those with desire of personal development will also take care of their health. They try to have ideal diet, exercise and also thought process.

True citizen: Personal development also contributes towards better citizens. He would be responsible to the country and abide by the rules. There by he would contribute to overall development of his country in whatever way possible.

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