Importance of Parents | 6 Ways of their Involvement in Our Life

The importance of Parents stems from the fact that they are the ones who show genuine love.

A person can expect unconditional love only from his mother and father in life.

In most civilized societies, parents take great care in upbringing their children.

They are the ones who help the child overcome his negative attributes and insufficiency.

Parents are aware of the importance of education, so they are the first to make the child go to school.

A child with good parenting rarely fails in life. Parents act as the first family of a child until he is married.

In many people’s success, the role of parents is the key. You can even notice many world leaders and philosophers describing the role of their parents in their life.

Parents give many things to their children and are directly involved in child development.

Without parents, it would be very tough for anyone to have a better life.

Importance of parents and their role

1. In child life

Couple helping kids in kitchen
  • Parents are the ones who provide unconditional love to the child in life.
  • Parents are the only people on whom a kid or infant can rely for safety and protection.
  • Without them, he is unfulfilled in life. He becomes a loner and can face many hardships in life.
  • Since human is a social animal, love and care are essential elements of life.
  • They are the people who share your happiness and sorrow equally. If you weep, they do, and if you laugh, they do.

2. Financial support

  • Many people have good or sufficient financial assistance only because of their parents.
  • This virtue helps them to perceive education and other hobbies without the worry of having to work to make a living.
  • This financial support also puts them ahead in the startup concerning business or position in the companies.
  • Hence many young people at the level of directors or other higher posts in the industry are children of the company founders.

3. Moral support

Mother helping boy during studies
  • Parents give moral support to the child in case of failure.
  • During an accident or even love failure or divorce, having parents is a great boon.
  • They provide immediate moral support and strength to tackle the situation.
  • They are the people who can console you and put you back into life.
  • Hence we can see those kids who do not have parents are a bit depressed in life as they have none to share their sorrow and achievements.
  • Even parents getting divorced has a tremendous effect on children.

4. Family support

  • The family of any person starts with grandparents and parents.
  • Later on, he gets his spouse and children to live with him.
  • In countries with established family trends, we can notice this.
  • They create awareness and the requirement of marriage for life. Further, in many families, they are involved in selecting a suitable groom or bride for the wedding.
  • Even in the initial days of marriage, minor differences between partners can be solved due to support and suggestions from parents.
  • Hence we see the divorce rate is lower in arranged marriages than in love marriages.

5. As role models in career and success

Parents happy at daughters graduation
  • They guide him right direction and make it easy for him to succeed.
  • Hence we see many people achieve great things due to their godfathers behind.
  • Even George W. Bush, the recent president of America, was the son of senior Bush, who was also a president. 
  • If one tries to check the personal life stories of successful people, one can realize the extent to which their parents helped them climb the ladder of success.

6. In development

  • The parent’s involvement in the development of a boy and girl is critical.
  • For instance, children do not know what to eat, how to dress or talk to others.
  • Parents help them with these issues and make them better citizens. 
  • A girl, when physically matured, would need the help of her mother to tackle the new changes in her body.
  • She would need her guidance in all aspects like monthly periods, pregnancy, delivery, etc.
  • A woman would know a mother’s value at all these stages.
  • Since the mother would have gone through all these stages before, she would help her daughter.
  • Besides, educated parents help their children in making the right career direction.
  • They understand the child’s strengths and weaknesses and guide him on the right path.
  • They also assist the kid in solving his homework and also encourage extra-curricular skills in him.
  • Hence we can see teachers and schools emphasize parents’ role in the education of their children.

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  1. My parents are my lifelines. They console me when i am in sorrow, they inspire me whenever i low in spirit they are the one who do not want anythning in return. They love me unconditionally. They are the one who instill good values in their children. They are the best guide of mine and gives directions to me. Yes they show anger to me whenver i do wrong things but i appreciate their anger because they are my parents n i love them till the last breath of my life love u maa paa

  2. my parents cannot see me in pain..So how could i?
    i love my parents and respect their feelings. Their choice is my choice…
    love u mom, dad …

  3. We all never mind importance of people..
    So i wish this essay….. i am just only parents child …. but wish to say this …. thanks for this essay…

  4. the role of parents is very important in our life…..they stand with us every ups and down.So we should give respect to them…..

  5. Reflecting we learn to catalyse as honest philanthropists, only due to the love shown to us by our Guardians, parents, and this keeps us connected to the real world.

  6. I love my parents a lott …I don’t understand why people celebrate mother’s day nd parent’s day once in the year according to me every day is parent’s day

  7. Well nice essentials but what of parents who say that give something take something,who abuse you what of THAT then????!!!


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