Importance of Father | 5 Essential Roles he Plays in Our Life

Father is the second best relative in life after mother. In communities which have strong families, father is a great contribution to children life. Father gives benefits like

  1. Career advise from experience
  2. Family and marriage advice and support
  3. Direction in life
  4. Incredible and pure love.
  5. Financial support
  6. Teacher for life

I learned a lot from my father. Even now though he passed away, I have his sweet memories. I recall his words and advice he gave me during my growth. These were some of the best advice I receive in life. This is because he gave out of pure love without any expectation. If not for him, I would have not written an article on the importance of the father.

Importance of father starts from childhood. His role is quite enormous in case one stays with his father during growth.

Teacher for life: For anyone the first teacher would be his mother, the second teacher would be his father. Then comes your teachers in life.

importance of fatherFather is one of the best teachers who teaches life from his own personal experience. If you do not follow him, you will definitely repent the latter.

Career advice: Many tend to advise us regarding career. But most of them do not know our personality and family problems. But since the father is your closest relative, he knows your problems better and gives genuine advice.

Also, he tends to see that you get into his path of a career in case you like it.

Family and marriage advice and support: Presence of loving father, tends to give you moral support.

He helps you build a family by helping in marriage. He would even take care of your children. Since he is their grandparent, they would be comfortable with him.

A direction in life: Due to the influences of others, we tend to make new decisions. But father, out his own experience, gives a better direction. Even if suitable, your father will help you move into his job or business for you to grow in life with less effort.

Incredible and pure love: Even before you are born, he plans a name for you. Even before you wish, he brings dresses and other stuff. This he does out of pure love and dedication towards his children.

Financial support: Many have good financial support from their father. This support is in the form of school education, diet and even investment in future businesses.

So for all those who have a father, love him and follow him till the end. For all those who are father be a best parent and teacher to the child.

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