impact of spirituality on Health and Life

Spirituality is an approach to life where one tends to understand life on broadway.

Instead of living a regular life with desires and struggles, one tries to overcome them and live with peace.

Many consider spirituality to be an option but frankly speaking it is the only way to a better life.

It can make humans more compassionate and live in harmony among themselves and also with the nature around them.

But do not assume that both spirituality and religion are the same.

Religion can be a tool to manipulate others, but spirituality is one that is beyond one’s preview.

impact of spirituality In life

On mental health 

Spirituality has a significant effect on the mental health of the person.

It can relieve a person of psychological stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression and help overcome any issues with social behavior and adaptability.

Unlike medical intervention, it is smooth and comes from within in such a way that the changes could be permanent and good for both the individual and society.

But, people also assume religious propaganda as spirituality and may miss behaving.

In fact, it is almost impossible to impart spirituality to others either singly or in a group.

Impact on health

impact of spirituality
Family in a spiritual mood

A person’s health is dependent on his mind, work, food habits, and also other activities.

When a person gets spiritual, he starts looking to himself and gets sufficient time to observe his health.

He will be able to understand his body requirements and adapt accordingly.

Thus spirituality promotes self-healing from within. Even the fear or anxiety is overcome leading to faster recovery from disease.

Due to these benefits of spirituality, researchers are of the opinion to provide a spiritual outlook to patients and also the caregivers.

Personality development

A spiritual person has a better personality than most other commoners.

He tries to live a life of hard work, ethics, and being helpful to others.

He is less egoistic, and miserable and regulates his anger and other violent behavior.

Thus he would have a great personality that is inspiring and appreciated by others.

Impact on suicidal thoughts

One with depression or an experience of abuse tries to have suicidal thoughts.

This is mostly because of thoughts of helplessness and also depression.

When such a person moves on a spiritual track, he gets relieved of negative thoughts and depression.

He will have a positive outlook on life and he tries to help others instead of brooding over past problems.

Thus, spiritual life helps persons come out of self-destructive thoughts.

Impact of workplace

Workplaces are mostly filled with stress, egos, and even frustrations.

A spiritual approach in the workplace can be helpful to mitigate the above feelings among the workers.

With a spiritual approach, workers tend to organize themselves better and get things done better and faster.

Thus it would improve the employee attitudes and engagement in work.

Effects on adulthood and other factors.

Spiritual life helps one see others with compassion and pure love. They see others as their own family and are less inclined to violence, and abuse.

They may adopt celibacy till marriage or for life.

They may stop eating meat, and smoking as they consider it to be painful to the animals or harmful to others.

Impact on the social wellbeing

A spiritual approach to life would lead to a safer world without wars and fights.

Humans can live peacefully with each other and also approach life with dignity and respect for others.

Once, there is a sense of respect among people, society would be ideal and harmonious.

Hence, if you read history, you will notice that people of those countries who had spirituality as a prime approach to life had unlimited wealth, peace, and social harmony.

Also, they did not attack other countries as they were content. This lasted unless they lost the significance of spiritual life due to external influences.

How does spirituality affect society?

When spirituality is thriving in a society, people in it would be so helpful to each other that they would not look at everything in monetary terms and tend to help each other for at least basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter. And also, there would be no question of violence and theft.


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