Impact of Advertisement | On the Society and Our Daily Life

The impact of advertisements is tremendous on the mind of society, economy, youth, and daily life. They can harmful by

  • Misleading society
  • Creating controversy

But they have many advantages like

  • Sponsor the sport and other programs
  • Bring awareness
  • Enhance sales and generate employment etc.

How many times did you buy a product based on seeing its ad? Also, how many ads have you seen and have never purchased its product at least once in a lifetime?

We see ads everywhere like roadside flexes, airports, television shows, etc. One cannot avoid them and they forcefully penetrate the human brain and thought.

But, they are not restricted by governments as they are the major source of income for many big companies like Google, Yahoo, Newspapers, television channels, etc. Even many major sports events are sponsored through ads by big companies.

Positive Impact of advertisement on society:

Ads are aimed to capture the minds of people who view them and pass information without asking for. This information can be positive, negative, manipulative, political, and even misleading.

1. Enhance mass purchases

Many ads are designed to enhance the sales of products by companies. This mass purchasing would be beneficial to the seller. But, it would not be so for the customer or sometimes the environment.

This is because some products are designed just to get sales without the actual need for it. In doing so, they contribute to a lot of plastic waste and harm to the environment.

2. Bring awareness

Not everyone in the world knows about new products or methods. These products can be very helpful for health, nutrition, education, etc. Ads bring awareness about them to the common man and helpful gain benefit.

3. Employment

Advertisements provide employment for many people. Starting from the models, the technicians, layman, etc. everyone makes money through advertisements. Even television channels, the government gain revenue as charges and taxes.

4. Entertainment

Most television channels provide entertainment for the audience free of charge. This is possible due to advertisement revenue they get to run the channel.

Even sports events like football, boxing, cricket are sponsored by advertisements. If not for money thorough ads there would not be so many competitions happening on regular basis.

5. Help stay updated

Advertisement display lifestyle and other improvements in life. This way they help the audience stay updated in life regarding technology and developments.

The negative impact of advertisements in our life

  1. Misuse of freedom of expression
  2. Mislead people in the wrong way
  3. Disregard for society and law
  4. Chances of scams and fraud
  5. Disturbs the valuable human thought.

Misuse of freedom of expression

Just like media news outlets, ads sometimes misuse freedom of expression. They can hurt the sentiments of a few religions or communities. This has happened in many instances in the past and governments had to step in to mitigate the controversy.

impact of advertisement

Mislead people and youth in the wrong way

Though some products are not good enough to perform as promised by ads, still they are promoted. This is done just with business in mind and not customer benefit.

Some companies run a long time advertisement for such useless products just to make people get habituated to use them. In doing so they try to prevent the growth of other better brands.

Disregard for society and law

Some ads disregard law. For instance, some medicines are not to be displayed as ads by law. But still, advertisements are put up by companies just to enhance sales. They are even ready to bear the court fine which just negligible than the income the company gains through the product sale due to ad display.

Chances of scams and fraud

There are some ads that are purely fraudulent. They try to entice people into making a purchase with false promise. This can be sometimes related to employment, investment, etc. When the visitor connects with them, he gets cheated. And since he is far away from the company’s local point, he gives up fighting.

Disturb the valuable human thought and mind

Not all people like ads. Not all people like to see ads all the time. Even there are ads beside the roads which are distractible during driving.

So, ads disturb the human mind a lot. When our eyes see the ad, there occurs a thought in the mind. This requires energy and work from the mind.

In one way they can be disturbing to a common lifestyle.

Hence many people develop ad blindness i.e they intentionally avoid seeing ads. For some people presence of ads on television and websites is irritating even.


Yet the ads are the main source of income for those free television shows or websites. If these shows or websites are to remain free for use by visitors or audiences then the display of ads is inevitable.

Impact of advertisement on the economy

Ads pay free television shows

Ads provide free shows like games (cricket, tennis, soccer) by sponsoring them. Ads also sponsor television shows and websites to make them free for visitors.

Ads pay to the players and athletes

so many players make good money during their careers. This acts as a boost to perform themselves better in games.

Ads are done to avail of tax benefits.

Ads are produced to get tax benefits from the government. So this way the companies are encouraged to make publicity of their products.

Ads can help raise the sale of the product at the new launch.

Ads can help new businesses succeed. Without ads, most new fail to survive in the market.

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