Impact of Advertisement | On society and Youth

Advertisements are seen everywhere like in out door flexes, rail stations, air ports, television shows,websites, radio programs etc. Advertisements are the major source of income for many big companies like Google, Yahoo, new papers, t.v channels etc.

Even many major sports events are sponsored by ads of companies. Everywhere and any time we can notice some ads around the place we live.

These ads are aimed to capture the glance and minds of people who view them and pass information deliberately. In one way they can be disturbing to common life style.

Hence many people develop ad blindness i.e they intentionally avoid seeing ads. For some people presence of ads in television and websites is irritating even.


Yet the ads are the main source of income for those free television shows or websites. If these shows or websites are to remain free for use by visitors or audience then display of ads is inevitable.

 How advertisements impact society:

Ads pay free television shows:

Ads provide free shows like games (cricket, tennis, soccer) by sponsoring them. Ads also sponsor the television shows and websites to make them free for visitors.

Ads pay to the players and athletes so many players make good money during their career. This acts like a boost to perform themselves better in game.

Ads are done to avail tax benefits. Ads are produced to get tax benefits from the government. So this way the companies are encouraged to make publicity of their products.

Ads give one more source of employment. Ads are the sole source of income for models. Ads also provide career to many common men in one or other form.

Ads update the news of new products in market. By this consumer can be aware of latest developments in the products they want to buy. Thus they can take a right decision in buying products.

Ads try to mention the importance of products. Ads give idea of how to make living better by displaying importance of products and how they bring changes in the life of consumers.

Ads can help rise the sale of product at new launch. Ads can help new businesses succeed. Without ads most new fail to survive in the market.

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