How to Worship Lord Shiva |10 Best Tips to Follow

Lord Shiva is considered the most divine among Hindu gods. Hence he is given the name “maha dev,” i.e., the greatest god.

If you just wish to avail yourself of his blessings fast, simply chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya” 101 times daily. You will see a quick turnaround in your problems.

If you wish to pray sincerely, then read further.

He is said to have no birth and also does not need other divine support for his excellence.

Shiva is the one who gives blessings to the wishes of the devotees faster than any other god.

It is believed that Lord Shiva is the father of the whole universe. While his wife “Mata Parvathi” is considered the mother of the whole universe. So they are considered universal parents.

His son Lord Ganesha is considered to be the one eligible for the first worship. So devotees, during any form of Hindu puja or rituals, offer their prayer to Lord Ganesha.

Lord Shiva is also addressed by many other names like

Trinethra Three-eyed one
NeelakantaBlue-colored neck (retained poison in his neck)
JatadharaOne with long hair
GangadharaHolds the Ganges on his head.
how to worship lord shiva

How to pray to Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the embodiment of energy, longevity, and selflessness. So, we should worship him with that in mind.

He is considered as the god residing in burial grounds indicating his disregard for worldly pleasures.

Unlike other gods, he needs no ornaments or beautiful cloth for decoration.

Just plain white ash (vibhuti) is sufficient to pray effectively.

The way he has become the god and his story of emergence can be found in the book Shiva mahapuran.

To get the desires or wishes blessed, one needs to pray with a composed mind and pleasant heart.

1. Visit his temple every Monday with a clean mind and body to pray. It is auspicious to visit the temple in the evening after 4:00 PM.

2. Try to wear a suitable rudraksha bead to gain instant bliss of shiva.

Wearing a rudraksha bead is like carrying shiva with you everywhere.

It is believed to prolong your life span (avoids untimely death), overcome disease, give you peace of mind, and also succeed.

3. Recite the Maha Mrutunjay’s mantra as many times as possible. This is the spell to overcome fatal diseases and untimely death.

“Om Tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushhtivardhanam
Urvarukamiva bandhanan mrityor mukshiya maamritath.”

4. Apply a tilak of vibudhi or bhasm on the forehead during the temple visit. This retains the energy of the chakra in the forehead.

5. Keep chanting lord as “Om Namah Shivaya” continuously in your route to the temple and back.

6. Perform worship as abhisheka to shiva linga by bhasma, water

Lord shiva lingam
  • If available Offer Aegle marmelos leaves (bilwa leaves) as they are considered the favorite of Lord Shiva. Put them on shiv linga.

7. Always worship Lord Ganesha before praying to Lord Shiva. He is supposed to remove any obstacles in the course of prayer and receive blessings thereon.

8. It will be a good sign to light a deep or Jyoti as it is a prayer to lord shakti, the other form of goddess Parvathi, the wife of Lord Shiva.

9. If possible, offer flowers of Calotropis gigantea (Swallow wart, Jilledu plant, Madar Tree, Gigantic milkweed, Mudar, Aak) for Shiva puja.

Both bilwa and jilledu are ones that can be found in nearby farms or forests. Getting them from a natural source is more auspicious than buying from a shop.

10. If possible, visit any one of the jyotirlingas (see bottom link).

11. If the prayer is on Monday, carry some prasad to the temple. If possible, distribute it to the people there.

Who should worship Lord Shiva?

1. People with chronic diseases struggle to get rid of the suffering and lead a normal life. Lord Shiva’s blessing helps overcome the illness and suffering and prevents even untimely death.

2. Those desirous of getting a baby by proper carriage without abortions should pray shiva.

3. Those willing to achieve spiritual progress and enlightenment.

4. Those who wish to achieve high goals in life can worship Sada Shiva.

5. Shiva’s god story is quite interesting in that he was in love and married. So he might even bless lovers.

6. Those who have a weak or troublesome moon in their Vedic astrology chart.

In general, pundits advise them to wear a pearl gemstone.

But praying to God Shiva and goddess Parvathi will be more beneficial. Even they may not require to wear the pearl gemstone.

How to worship Lord Shiva at home

1. Do a regular prayer to Shiva lingam at home during the early morning and evenings every day.

2. Wash the shiv linga and apply vibhuti or bhasm.

3. Light a deep and incense stick.

4. Recite “Om Namah Shiva” a few times.

5. On Mondays especially, offer milk or any sweet made with milk to the lord.

Lord Shiva is one of the most sought-after Hindu gods, as witnessed by the number of temples all over the world. He is also said to have incarnated as lord hanuman during Ramayan.

If you are an atheist or not a believer of Shiva or you have doubts like is god real, then go for a deal with Shiva.

Ask him for something and go for his prayer if it happens. This might help you overcome doubts about the presence of God.

For more stories on Shiva, you can go through Shiva Purana.


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  1. Sir I am not doing well in my studies…it is also affecting my relationship with my family and friends and I am also being disrespected by people a lot….can you please tell me a solution through which I become cool calm and composed and also do well in my studies

    • Hi, for studies, you can recite this mantra 21 times daily "Om Shreem Hreem Saraswati-ya Namaha"
      For peace and coolness, you can pray to lord shiva daily. If possible, wear a 5 mukhi rudraksha with proper procedure and you will see quick results.

  2. Hello admin I am Antone and am a christian surely am very mucg interested to join your religion because i have praying our lord for so long but nothing seems to happen so i am requesting to be given directions from lord shiva since am jobless and unmaried as my age grows older.please kindly speak pure english because i do not understand hindu language thank you.

    • Hi Antone! you can worship shiva using a photo. If possible try to wear a ruraksha for enhanced and faster results from God.

  3. Thanks Sir for your prompt response. Yes it could be because of Moon. Lord Shiva is known as Abhishekapriyan, one who is fond of Abhishek. In this context I want to know whether we can pour water on Shivling in the evenings in the temple? Generally Abhishek is done in the mornings only, but I am not sure…please enlighten on this aspect also.

    • Hi you are welcome. In temples, abhishek is done in the evenings, too, on specific occasions. Also, there is a belief that shiva ling emanates a lot of energy and needs to be cooled by constant water. Besides, when milk is poured onto shivling, the positive vibrations from it reach the hands of the devotee pouring it.

  4. Thank you very much for all the details and information about Lord Shiva’s worship. I have one query. You have mentioned that it is auspicious to visit Shiva temple in the evening after 4 pm. Can you explain the reason for it? Thank you.

    • Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I believe it is because in the evening the moon is seen. The moon is shivas favorite and hence Shiva is also called someshwara. Perhaps, one could also get rid of the negative effects of the moon as per their horoscope.

  5. i Just happened to give lord shiva a worship today, and before the ended. I already recieved lord shivas blessing
    Thanks Lord Shiva
    Om Namah Shivaya

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I wish to find a place where i can pray lord Shiva in Himalayas for 10 to 15 days in a year. so kindly let me know the best place.

    • @Amrita ! Please wear a rudraksha as per your horoscope immediately. If you cannot get your horoscope details just wear a panchamukhi rudraksha. Wear it by spelling Om namaha Shivaya, You will have quick support from Lord Shiva.

  7. vanakum namastee
    my devotees perform a 21/45 days fast for lord shiva chanting daily the maha mantra. i have seen many of their success in life over the years in business marital bless and happiness especially with health issues. although success achieved they do it on an annual basis. lord siva is my supreme master and strongly recommend this powerful way of worship. god bless u aum namasivaya

  8. Om Nama Shivaya.
    I don’t know much About the Almighty. But i wish to know more about him. Studying him, exploring him. One can find peace in both life and beyond that.

  9. I Want to bless my special friend for better exam results of FYBSC (CS) .How could I pray for my special friend to lord shiv.Plz let me know as soon as possible.
    I’M very tensed as result is coming soon.


  10. For me the moment i say shiva instantly i connect with him and his energy. May be since childhood i liked this God unknowingly. You will never get blessings of Lord Shiva by just expecting something in return without doing your part of the job. As the saying goes ” God help only those who help themselves”.. However he is instantly available you love him and seek his blessings everyday. How lovely it is to love Lord Shiva and feel connected everyday and ask his presence in everything you do. We keep expecting so much and expecting Lord shiva to asnwer all this is not true to lord Shiva. Shiva itself is so unconditional and non expecting. So seek your spiritual enlightenment than merely expecting material gains.

  11. am a christian however i love lord Shiva i try to perform prayers and truly want to be a devotee of Shiva. how can i do it…

    • @Angom Lawin Edith! you can pray Shiva by just buying shiv ling. Even you get it made in your own place. Also, read Shiva stories on the net and books. You can find many audio songs online in Sanskrit dedicated to lord Shiva.

    • Hai angom
      Chant om namah shivaya for 30 min daily either in the morning or at sunset along with mahamrityunja mantra ( once chanting is enough ) u will automatically fall within his protective blanket , he cannot keep his eyes and ears closed when his child calling him so sincerely , om namah shivaya

  12. I am not getting job. Kindly tell me the about worship god to get job as early as possible. Where will we get Bhasma?

    • Sister please don’t bother about anything in life because Lord Shiva is always there to help you….
      You can offer pure Ganges water and sugar or sugarcane juice to bathe shivling….
      And after sometime he will surely listen what you need

  13. I am a devotee of Lord shiva and the miracle I receive from him is amazing I was a disabled person who could not move my hand and I had a dream of him and he told me what to offer to him and I did it and I am working today towards a lord shiva siteand that site will be a blessed site cause he bless me with a gift I can see him in what ever I do he is my leader in life and my site w name is Shiva Kateri Amman Mission it is on Facebook and all social media om namah shivaya

    • All day would be equal for visiting temples or praying God.. still belief is Monday and Friday for Shiv or Shiva

  14. I pray to Lord Shiva that reduce pollution so that our upcoming generation can live, be healthy and live long. May Lord Shiva blesses all to produce more gardening, decrease vehicle pollution…
    “Om Namah Sivaayaaahhhh”

  15. Om nama shivaya
    Am praying god for my hubby who has went to his sports coaching was his great keeping fast till he gets back to me.please suggest me some ideas to get me engaged to god and get his that we can be grateful to our loving god.

  16. I want to get an opportunity to showcase my singing talent and get recognised by some renowned music director or composer..How to fullfill it????

    • That is not a reason to turn to Shiva for your personal gain. I believe if you have a pure heart and a desire to be close to Shiva you will. Asking him to bring you fame is an ego tactic.

  17. One of my close relatives is suffering from tumor i want them to get cured so how to get blessings of Lord Shiva for longevity?

  18. I am married but unhappy and also have kids I love someone else I need some courage what mantra can i say to show me a way

  19. Please advice me I been praying for a family for so so long no reward.I am fasting and praying but there is ownly darkness.I fell in love with a woman but things are not going well all my prayer is lost somewhere .please help

  20. Hey Guys ,
    The boys , girls and ladies who want child in their life nd boys want beautiful wife or girls friends or girls want handsome husband and rich wedding life. let me tell you how to get it In sawan month offers viz billpatri, hemp, desi ghee, mustard oil, shaker, rice , Black til
    Grain, Barley, Green Moog, Maaki, curd, milk, honey, sugarcane juice, yellow dall, light a dia burn gugle thuff, flowers, chandan, and chant OM NAMAH SHIVAAY with pure heart and devotion you will get your dreams Back rest Cqan also so the same Lord Shiva will Bless u with each of your Wish. :) HAR HAR MAHADEV



  21. hello everyone as we all know LORD SHIVA is the lord of lords. He is a GURU too.
    Its really easy and simple to make him your guru , you just have to follow 3 simple steps each day.
    1. do this prayer each day “hey shiv aap mere guru hai mai aapka shishya(student) hu app mujh pe DAYA kejiye” . DAYA means each and every blessing.
    2. as I am telling you all about making shiva your GURU you should also tell this thing to everyone around you. This step is known as “CHARCHA”.
    3. In this step you have to daily remember shiva and chant OM NAMAH SHIVAAY atleast 108 times.
    Trust me this can change your LIFE

  22. Bhasma has the power to fulfill all your wishes if you apply it strictly as per the vidhi. In the morning, after the bath men may wear wet bhasma chanting Om Nama : Shivaya on 5 or 8 or 16 or 32 places of body with forefinger, middle finger and ring finger as three lines. Women should wear it in the dry form only. All other conditions are same for women also. In the evening both men and women should apply it after the bath in powder form on the forehead and body as described above. Bhasma should not be applied if your body is impure in any manner. You can try this and chant Om Nama: Shivaya 108 times daily, you will get all your wishes fulfilled. This is because bhasma when applied in this manner will purify your body, mind and soul. With pure body, mind and soul if you pray anything, it will be fulfilled easily.

  23. I want to know where and when I can go to temple and ask lord Shiva to help me get good job and make more money

  24. I want to live with my boy friend by marriage. There r so many obstacles please suggest any manthras to live with him life long

    • @jklnm! Just believe in god and give a best try to it. You will succeed. If you need help or remedies in reference to your horoscope, consult a priest nearby. More than anything else a sincere prayer to god and effort will get you to better position.

  25. Lord Shiva Will Help Every one Who Prays With A Pure Heart .. And Not Bad Intentions. And Also He Will Look What Karmas You Are Doing Everyday. So Do Good Karmas For Good Results Friends. Om Namah Shivaye. Jai Shiva Sharkar. Jai Bholenath.

  26. I have love problem. I want my boyfriend back into my life. Plzz suggest me any mantra to please lord shiva. Plzz urgent

    • Chill!! He has gone… So better you move on as you can’t change your past but your future is in your hand. There is life beyond boyfriend ????????

  27. i really need god’s blessing…as i am gonna write an important entrance can say that my luck is always not there for i really need is matter of my career…please pray fr me..OM NAMA SHIVAAY

  28. please i don’t always have the courage to come close to any girl. i need u to make girls always running after me please.

  29. Hello ,
    I need your help badly ,
    I want to bring back my wife she left on anger i cant stay a single day without her. Show me a way on which mantra should I use of Mahadev to impress so I can get my wife back i really love her its an arranged marriage i never loved any girl before she is my first and last please help me to get her back .

    Har Har Mahadev

  30. There’s no need of any triology….because if u feel him ..u will find him in your soul…he is pure…he is truth. to feel shiv…make urself pure….AUM NAMAH SHIVAY

  31. if can means please do tharpana for your pithurus during ammavaasai is more greatest and more valuable things will comes in yours life. I mean respect your pithrus definitely you’ll get blessed by lord shiva! hara hara maha deva!

    • Hv u gone mad… There is no link of shiva with pitru…. Only geeta states about such stupid pitrus…
      One side geeta says atma takes rebirth and later do sharda.
      If someone dies and take re birth then y to do sharda?

  32. thanks for the tips guys actually I m new here from penang Malaysia as I know about lord shiva since I love to pray for him is you have to visit lord shiva as much as you can,if possible daily definitely you’ll get good result.thank you for an opportunity,will join you all soon! AUM NAMA SHIVA!

  33. I had a love problem i want my boyfriend back in my life so please Help me by providing me any mantra which i can do it in home itself

  34. Very interesting to know about LORD SHIVA.
    LORD SHIVA is giving pleasant days if we plead him on Pradhosam at Temple…
    i have experienced with that……
    I am asking boons from LORD SHIVA as ” OM SHIVA SHIVAYA POTRIYE NAMACHCHIVAYA POTRIYE ARUL THARUM EN ESANE ARUL THANTARUL EN MAGAESHANE “……….. with worshiping this wordings regularly.

  35. I have black marble shivlinga at home do I need to do avisekam everyday and can I do it if I am eating non veg or not plz help and do I need to bath before puja

  36. Hi please suggest me I want to marry one guy. I m loving him a lot. How to worship lord Shiva to get him as a life partner.

  37. It was NYC by chanting the mantra suggested by you and I am requesting you to post more manthras related to Lord Shiva

  38. Guys first give respect each other in your life that’s the thing lord Shiva likes very much…once do it for 2,3,4,5 months at last u can see friends god is their in our hearts only… First u have to belive.

  39. Bhabesh

    Thanks to writer . Early in morning if we say om nama sivaya 108 times and offer flower, milk,water,bhela patara..etc.The Lord siva bless you.
    lord siva mahaa mantra om nama sivaya.

  40. Respected sir I respect yours all opinion but one thing I want to Tell you the books you preferred as Shiva trilogy is just a fiction written by Amish tripathi and it is just a imagination of author and not true you may read Shiva mahapuran

  41. Worshipping lord shiva and shakthi was one of the most wonderful things in our life thanks for the tips

  42. Thank you for your article in your blog that I just discovered. An article on how to worship durga, is it possible ?
    Best regards.

    • @ Ludovic! Thanks for your comment. By the way, i am experimenting with Lord durga worship. So will post the article shortly on how to pray her. It will be on how to overcome fear, improve the speed in achieving success and have better income..

      • ok good.

        Durga is supposed to be helped to progress towards moksha also it seems to me ?
        In any case, I look forward to reading this article.

        Best regards.

  43. Great article and I advice all to please kindly read Shiva purana(if possible buy book of Gita Press,Gorakhpur) minimum once in your life and guaranteed see the result.

  44. Dear Sir
    I am Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin born at Karnataka.Our Kuldevata is Lord
    Mangesh at Goa and speak Konkani Language without script.We have great faith In Lord Mangesh and do visit temple at Goa for worships etc.
    My doubt is when Lord Shiva is in the Linga form at other temples for offering
    puja then why SHIVA in the Linga Form is not there.Anyway it is world famous admired by all and their wishes complied

  45. I’m in Ghana and is kinda difficult to get all those items used in worshiping Lord Shiva, can any one give me an advice, because i’m not a Hindu, i’m a Ghanaian and i dont understand the language u’ve written in Hindu. please help me to learn how to worship Lord Shiva.

    • Hi Frank! What ever is mentioned to worship can all be found in any barren and forest land even. You just need a small column like stone as show in the image (small or big will do) instead of temple to pray at home. And Bhasma can be lime stone (calcium carbonate) which is routinely found around. Then the mantra which is written is in “Sanskrit” language which is not know to many Hindus of present generation as well. So you can just know the meaning of the slok (mantra) and mug up it to spell daily. The link given to wikipedia has the full meaning of the slok “Om triyambakam….”. Please check.

    • Saturday is preferred for lord hanuman, lord balaji but it is interesting to hear for lord shiva. He is called Somesh as he has a moon on his head. Moons day is monday so people prefer monday as a good for lord shiva worship.

  46. Hari Om,

    Lord Parvathi Parameshwara are the Parents to all kind of Living Beings…. For Instance, in Shiva Pujja mantras, Pandits recite “purvva jha” it says they are before the universe… i mean, say whatever they are before to that….

    So praying Lord Shiva and thinking of him is a very good sign of Moksha siddi…. Even Lord sri mannarayana (sri vykunta adhipathi, Lakshmi pathi… sri maha Vishnu murthi) says to his devotees that one who has great devotions to him without praying Shiva are not his devotees in Garuda puranam… its vice versa… applies to Shiva bhakthi as well…. but please make sure that lord Shiva and Vishnu are the one in one…. to be straight, they both as one.

    Go get the Blessings of Sri Lord Parameshwara, one can visit Shiva temple in Pradosha vela ( Around Evening 6 PM ) in this time Shiva as an ardhanadehswara roopam he will do Shiva tandavaam and he goes a round all the Universe…. Make sure of doing 3 Shiva pradikshinass… (Shiva pradkishanm is unique way, please read Shiva puranam for the details or google it), then sit for dhyanam of him by reciting “OM NAMA SHIVAYA” for 108 times by closing eyes and by thinking that you are praying(pooja) to Shiva lingam and that Shiva lingam is in the universe and that universe is in his head…. this is said in Shiva puranam…

    One who prays Lord Parvathi Parameshwara are so lucky that no graha pidda will be their on them… bcoz lord Shiva the adhipathi of navagrahas and panch buthass (Father of Universe, Planets, panch buthass)…

    One Can Read the Life History of 63 Shiva Nayanars … To know what is a Shiva bakthi and how does he bless his devotees… over this link you can download them…

    Please Accept my apologies for any Mistakes and for My Grammar too…

    Nagaraju Bajjuri
    Hyderabad, Telengana

  47. I was looking to search about simple steps to bring e closer to Shivshambhoo and this writings are just the right ways in attaining him.

    O’lord. Om shivaya namah




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