How to Worship Lord Ganesha|5 Tips to Pray at Home

This post was most recently updated on January 30th, 2018

Lord Ganesh is one of the most famous gods among Hindu deities.

He is the god with an elephant face and human body.

He is also called by other names as vinayaka, vigneshwara, ganapathi etc.

He is considered to be very intelligent and smart.

He is sought after for success and growth in every field.

He is to be worshiped first (pratham pujy) before any prayer or puja as per Hindu tradition.

After writing on how to worship lord hanuman long ago, it to me an year to write on how to pray lord Ganesha.

This is because I wanted to experience the blessings personally before I put my views here.

Lord Ganesh: He is the son of the lord Shiva and goddess Parvathi. But it is said he was not born out of conception. His mother made him out of clay from her body and gave him life.

He was acting as a watchman to his mothers home and did not allow even lord shiva to enter. Then out of anger lord shiva beheaded him. Learning this goddess parvathi requested to give him life back.

So lord shiva gave him life but with an elephant face fixed to his neck.

If you wish to know more details of lord ganesh, his powers a

nd mantras, then you can go through this  devotional book “Loving Ganesha

Who should worship lord Ganesh

1. Students perceiving education.

2. Those willing to get out of debt.

3. To improve earnings.

4. To grow up in career.

5. To overcome obstacles in life.

6. To improve savings

When ever you see lord Ganesha photo or an idol in any temple, you will find goddess saraswathi and laxmi beside. This in one way indicates, that for education one needs blessing of lord ganesh besides goddess saraswathi.

So those students perceiving education and willing to score better and go for higher education should pray lord ganesh.

Also those with high debt should pray to Ganesha for relief from it.

If one is into business or freelancing type or self employed, worship to lord Ganesha helps improve income. Since he is also with goddess laxmi, it indicates he helps to overcome poverty.#1 How to worship lord ganesha

If you are hindered by politics in office or career then praying to lord ganesha shows ways to move on.

How to worship lord ganesha:

1.Put an pic or idol for worship at home or office.

2. By spelling his slok and reciting his mantra.

3. By offering a dhup or deep and incense sticks.

4. Worship on a Wednesday.

5. Fasting on Tuesday if one is affected by ketu in horoscope.

How to pray lord ganesha for better income:

I knew that praying to lord ganesha previously for education and career would lead to success. But was wondering how to obtain success in rise in income and savings. Then a elderly scholar told me a trick which i am sharing below.

1.Instead of a using ganesh in sitting posture, put a pic or idol of standing ganesha. This standing postion is said to be for the purpose of higher income.

2. Then lit a deep with coconut oil and ghee everyday before the picture or idol.

3. Offer Jasmin or other flowers during prayer if you can find around.

4. Spell the vinakaya slok (shuklam bharadaram…)

Shukla-Ambara-Dharam Vishnum Shashi-Varnam Chatur-Bhujham!
Prasanna-Vadhanam Dhyaayeth Sarva-Vighnopashantaye!

This sloka is for lord Vishnu and then continue as with below sloka.

#1 How to pray lord ganesha“Agaja-anana-Padma-Arkam Gaja-ananam Aharnisham!”
“Aneka-Dam-Tam Bhaktaanaam Eka-Dantam Upaasmahe!”

Also one should have determination to achieve things. Unlike other gods vinayaka helps those who make genuine efforts to reach the goal and not lazy ones.

Further the goals should be honest and not problematic to others.

The results may not seem to be appearing fast, but they will be gradual in progress. Further he lets you maintain stability in your progress. That is if you are trying to generate more income, he will do it gradually. Also he keeps it consistent and stable which will give peace of mind.

Besides worshiping lord ganesha, one should also worship lord Shiva and goddess paravathi. This will ensure positive benefits without fail.

He seems  to be our companion on the long run. He does not leave you in the middle of experiment.

For students, self employed and business men, lord ganesh blessing will be fruitful.


Polite request: If you perform above pooja to Lord Ganesha, you mostly start to reap benefits in a month or two. If so, kindly revert back to share your experiences here in the comments for the benefit of others.

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