How to Transform Your Life | Ways to Change for Better

Everyone wishes to have a better life in terms of finances, health, and peace of mind. But many fail to find the right balance and keep struggling to keep up themselves.

This is due to varied reasons and outlook on life. Here are tips on how to change your life for the better

  1. Be in a company
  2. Read books
  3. Learn from others
  4. Accept the reality and try to adapt to change
  5. Take the help of your near and dear ones.
  6. Have a better education.
  7. Watch your friends and colleagues over a period of time.
  8. Maintain good health.
  9. Try to follow the principles and ethics of society.
  10. Have a family.
  11. Adopt a good discipline
  12. Plan your life

Better company of people (not alone or in isolation)

  • There is a saying that ‘tell me about your friends and I will tell you about you’.
  • This means that you select your friends based on your personality or you are like-minded as you.
  • But if you notice further, you will know that all your friends would be almost of your status or success in society or life.
  • So the first and foremost thing is to have a better company.
  • I remember my father who had a smoking habit.
  • I used to write him a letter during my boarding school days to stop smoking.
  • But he never quit the habit for over 15 years. However, we shifted our-self to a new locality.
  • There he had a company of all the retired people who never smoke.
  • So, in their company, he felt it awkward to smoke and he quit the habit permanently.
  • Similarly, a person I knew used to drink a lot while he worked in a bar.
  • But when he shifted the job, his drinking habit went down significantly.
  • So, if you wish to be a businessman, you cannot be in a company of devotees.
  • Similarly, if you wish to be into a business, you should attend a company of business people and build friendships.

A change is straightforward when in the company of the people.

Read books

Reading books on transformation can help get inspired and also gain some actionable tips.

So try to read books on transformation.

Have a better education

  • Education is one of the best, clean, and easy ways to transform human lives.
  • It always helps you to get better at what you wish to do.
  • It also provides scope for building like-minded friends who can be in touch for a lifetime.
  • The right education would help in mind maturity, build discipline, improve communication and inculcate proper ethics in you.
  • If you notice, you will find that countries with better education have come out of poverty and progressing economically.
  • While those nations with a lack of proper education have their masses still struggling with poverty in spite of technological advancement in human civilization.
  • Education would train you for a better career and choices in life.

Maintain good health.

  • Health is vital to experience a better life.
  • It is also essential to perform day-to-day activities towards success and also grow up in a career.
  • Improper health can disrupt a normal lifestyle and cause great agony if neglected.
  • Hence, we need to have better health through proper food and lifestyle habits.

Have a family

How to Transform Your Life
  • Family is one of the critical elements for every person.
  • It is a private association of a person and is with him in every aspect of his life.
  • Those with good family support will be confident, and less craving for other’s love.
  • Further, the family helps him in case planning, struggle, failure and supports him in success.
  • Without family, it would be difficult for one for proper transformation in life.
  • Family is like a reflection of a person’s life.
  • If he is successful, his family also would be so. So having a family is very important to change for the better.
  • This family can include children, parents, grandparents, etc. If you do not have a big family at least have a small one or even one of the members will be of great relief.

Adopt a good discipline

  • Discipline is one that decides the progress of a person in his endeavor.
  • A person with discipline can have more time and peace of mind in life as he is doing things as per the time in a calm manner.
  • He is good at health, work and also has a positive outlook in the eyes of others.

Accept the reality and try to adapt to change

  • If there is a failure or you were born in unfavorable circumstances, then the first thing is to accept yourself and your conditions as they are.
  • This will help you see things clearly and move forward.
  • Instead, if you are not able to accept your situation or condition, you will always have thoughts about it and become too engaged and stop transforming yourself.
  • So, always accept your failure or conditions as they are and move ahead in life.

Take the help of your near and dear ones.

  • Any issue can be solved fast with the right contact and help.
  • Without them, the same would take months even years to get solved.
  • But with the help of the right persons who can help us in life, we can get things done really fast.

Watch your friends and colleagues over a period of time.

  • Friends are ones who act as a companion in whole life.
  • They can teach you many things by their mere presence and being in touch with you.
  • Try to have a few honest friends in life if not many.

Try to follow the principles and ethics of society.

How to Transform Your Life
  • A person with principles and ethics is acceptable for society.
  • So, one should have certain ethics in life that help him develop an identity in society or at the workplace.

Plan your life

How to Transform Your Life
  • Last but not least, it is important to plan your life.
  • Even if you do not plan your life, still life will have a plan for you. Instead, of falling prey to it, it is better to have your plan.
  • This will help you be satisfied in life.

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