How to Test God? Tips from my Experience

God, as we believe, is a supreme authority who runs this universe.

Man has been into believing him for ages, and his search for God is not complete.

But, still, he is believed to be existing by famous personalities of the world, including scientists, politicians, business people, actors, etc.

How to Test God

Similarly, if you believe or have just started to believe in his existence, you will have the desire to test him. So below, we will learn how to test God.

Can you test God?

Those who love God try to test God, but those who are God-fearing may hesitate to test God.

But one can definitely test God. Testing him will give the following benefits.

i) Enhances the belief

ii) Helps get something done

iii) To receive his guidance or directions to our lives.

♦ One has to test God to enhance their belief in God. If you read spiritual books, you will find that many saints and spiritual people performed many tests on him.

This helped them strengthen their belief and follow the spiritual path with more vigor.

♦ If you wish to achieve something or get something and you feel it is beyond your capacity, then try to look towards God.

Ask him to help, and in most cases, if it is good for you, you will get it.

♦ Many people also test him for guidance or directions. If you notice saints, they used to test him or ask them for divine guidance.

They did this out of their desire for social well-being and service to humankind.

test for god

How do we test God

As mentioned before, we can test God for help, direction, and other issues. For testing, we can follow the below methods like

  1. Ask with prayer or devotion
  2. Put conditions
  3. Offer to donate
  4. Prefer to sacrifice/abstain

♦ Asking for help with a prayer or devotion is the most common method. And in most cases, one can see that the test works, and even your desire gets fulfilled.

For this, you can pray at regular intervals and also maintain devotion with a sincere heart.

♦ Some people also test by some conditions. Like one might say that he would do a particular activity only if his wish is fulfilled. This devotee assumes God to be his friend and is too confident that his desire will be fulfilled.

♦ Offering to donate something in return for the wish grant is also a regular practice by some spiritual people. 

This donation can be in the form of voluntary service, giving away wealth and other valuables. 

Some people also prefer to sacrifice or abstain as a way to have their wishes fulfilled.

To test God, some people give up their favorites like sweets, icecreams, jewelry, etc.

This creates a strong sense of attachment with God, and many times, the blessings are delivered.

What to infer from the tests on God

So, we have learned how to test God, but there are instances where we can learn something out of these tests.

Because when you are doing these tests, you are not normal like everyone around.

♦ You look pious, try to be dutiful, and also avoid troubling others deliberately.

Also, not always is your desire fulfilled. Sometimes, it may get delayed, and sometimes it can be granted faster.

♦ But there are also instances where your request would not be answered too.

In such a scenario, some people also tend to curse or swear on God.

If you notice properly, God advises you not to follow that path and look for an alternative.

But many would not be able to infer it correctly and leave the desire out of frustration.

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