How to Stop Corruption| 10 Tips for Prevention & Eradication

Corruption is a habit, and most people who have the option are susceptible to it.

In a few countries, the situation is so bad that people are ready to compete for those jobs with greater chances of corruption.

This indicates humans have become morally corrupt.

And those who don’t have the chance desire to minimize corruption and keep complaining about it.

So, prevention of corruption requires not only fear of law but also inculcation of moral ethics.

But the eradication of corruption is an absolute requirement for better public service and civil society.

Hence, we outline the tips to control corruption from the perspective of corruption in both developed and developing nations.

Before you read further, you may read about the causes of corruption.

Tips on how to stop corruption and prevent it

1. Teach ethics

First and foremost is that a person with moral ethics will not indulge in corruption.

Despite the rampant corruption around, you might have come across a few people who are honest and non-corrupt.

Even if their colleagues accept bribes, they restrain from it out of their personal ethics.

This is due to their belief in god, parents’ teachings, love for society, etc.

This is the easiest and most human-friendly way to control corruption and also provide better services.

These people do not accept bribes; at the same time, are efficient at work as they have ethics at the core of their hearts.

To encourage such people, even the governments should recognize them with some awards.

2. Give a better salary in govt jobs

Many employees in government positions receive a low wages like clerks, office staff, etc. Hence they expect to make money through bribery.

Thus, the public officials try to delay the work for so long that the client is fed up and opts for bribery for progress in the work.

So the low salary is one of the reasons for corruption. To curb this, their salaries should be raised periodically.

Stop corruption by discouraging

3. Increase the number of workers

In many government sector offices, the workload has gone up drastically, but the recruitment to fill up the vacancies has declined.

This gives officials an option to delay the work by officials and expects monetary or other benefits for faster completion.

4. Law to dismiss from service if found to be involved in corruption.

This seems a better option. For instance, if you see cases where the anti-corruption bureau rides an officer home and finds disproportionate assets, the officer is suspended from employment and taken for judicial trials.

But after a couple of years, you will find them in employment at the same or even better positions.

So this creates no fear among the officials against corruption.

corruption leads to struggle

Further, some officers are never caught up in corruption during their tenure in office.

In such a case, laws should be enacted to punish even after their service.

5. CCTV Cameras in most govt offices

In every ATM, there is a camera to keep a watch on the public taking their cash.

Then why not government offices have cameras to watch employee performance.

Even many employees openly take the bribe in the presence of ordinary men.

This public bribery is due to the confidence that the public wants their work more than the amount they pay to them as bribes.

6. Speed up the work process in govt institutes

Most corporate offices are full-fledged, running from 8-9 am. But the government offices start from 10 to 11 am and wind up by 3.30 to 4 pm with a lunch break of one & a half hour in between.

This indicates how much commitment lies in work and how fast the work goes on. If there are mistakes in the work or delay in the work, civilians have to run behind those workers to rectify or complete the work.

In doing so, they pay bribes to get the work done. This enhances the chances of corruption or else work is not done. So there should be an accountability of daily work done in government works and targets to complete the work on a time basis. Or else, instead of being public servants, they tend to act as public bosses.

7. Make the Media responsible and fix laws to be so

There are many major scams and corruption events involving media.

Though the media is well aware of the corruption happening, they stay silent due to their support for some political parties. Otherwise, their owners get some monetary benefits from the rulers.

Many reporters are aware of some scams or corruption; they stay silent without revealing it to the press for having received monetary benefits.

If media personnel is found to be guilty of not having exposed the scam or corruption intentionally, they have to be prosecuted, and their licenses are withdrawn.

Sometimes media deliberately try to hide scandals or corrupt issues. Media outlets should be forced to put up advertisements about corrupt officers or companies just like normal ads to bring awareness to the public and shame the company.

8. Verify the selection procedures

Many people compete for government jobs, and in the process, there is corruption happening in selecting candidates for the posts.

So there should be an effort to promote transparency in the selection criteria and any misconduct from this should be punishable.

Also, while the allotment of natural resources for business companies, bids’ selection should be transparent.

There should be online details regarding the government’s benefit, the purchase price, and even benefit the company out of the deals. This will limit the corruption related to quid pro quo.

9. Keep inflation low

This is another factor for keeping corruption high and also persistent. Due to a rise in prices, any amount of income seems to be insufficient.

This inflation is corruption involving politicians and businesspeople. Business people try to raise the prices to sell their inventory or stock of goods at a higher price.

For this, the politicians support them and are paid monetary or other benefits.

This is a cheap business tactic, but even the so-called richest business magnets play this corruption game. So, keeping inflation low not only minimizes corruption but also reduces poverty.

10. Keep transactions online and provide a bill for every purchase

Many of them do not pay taxes and escape due to corruption in the income tax department.

Making payments online through bank accounts and provision of bills for every financial transaction involving helps regulate it.

enhance the online transactions

In other words, the public should opt for cashless transactions where possible. This will limit the corruption related to money.

11. Speed up the judgment and increase the courts

Many cases of corruption take years to be given a verdict. This delay in cases creates a lack of fear of being corrupt and encourages further corruption.

Besides, a huge time span for court trials gives sufficient time to alter the witness and escape punishments.

Establishing fast-track courts and giving severe punishment for corruption practices will keep control of corruption.

Besides these, there should be collective efforts from the public to prevent corruption.

If there is corruption for so long, it indicates even the people voting for their leaders do not consider this and vote based on fantasy or factors like religion, etc.

Even though options like electronic financial transactions and enhanced vigilance are put into practice, corruption can still occur if the public is not united to eradicate it. So the mindset of the public plays a significant role here.

Note: If you have any other methods which you think will help get rid of corruption, kindly share them below.:-).

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  1. The state official must be tapped by the telephone granted by the state, in addition to the telephones of his closest environment (advisor, secretary, security or driver). also put GPS to car (s) where you move and all your meetings must be shared in a public portal of the state, where any citizen can access without prior requirements.

  2. Wow!!!
    Thats great to have more explanations like this here about Corruption.
    If we work together we can end this corruption

  3. The Ukrainian people suffered from large scale corruption by their govt. after independence. One of the solutions was the development ; by volunteers and later with help from the organisation "Transparency
    international" , of an open source, public procurement system, which would analyse the tender procedure for signs of corruption. The procurement system in place in any country is a fairly reliable indicator of that countries honesty in business etc.
    This new system is called "Prozorrow " . It involves the complete disclosure of all participants bids, decisions of the tender committe and all qualification documents from bidders. It's official motto is "Everyone can see everything" and I belive it has already reduced corruption to such a levell that evsny.

  4. There is more corruption in Live Oak Florida. Racketeering and illegal ordinances and misuse of public and private funds. The police sheriff and judges are all in it together with the state prosecutor to destroy people’s reputations and livelihoods if they have a little bit of money and are not on the good boy list

  5. Eradication of Corruption is not an easy work as we think and write. It is hidden behind the Law itself. Unless and until anti-corrupt nature personalities enter the politics, it is impossible to eradicate corruption. In democracy voters have to think only about the political parties, whether party is ruling with corruption or without corruption, without giving more importance to their developments which is done by the public itself with public money. Public should think of its govt. at the time of election.Then only corruption can be controlled.

  6. The first step in bringing an end to corruption starts with you: obey the law and encourage those around you to do the same.Education and training for all employees about corruption and how to avoid or report it should be part of any induction programme. Businesses can establish whistle-blowing hotlines and internal audit procedures. They should ensure all employees, and particularly any involved in tender and procurement programmes, are aware of the law and their roles and responsibilities to obey it (and possible criminal charges if they do not).There are also a number of crime-fighting organisations and non-governmental organisations you can turn to with your suspicions, like the police or the Public Protector or the Open Democracy Advice Centre. However, it is not just up to individuals to take action. Companies too can help combat corruption.All businesses should develop anti-corruption policies and guidelines.All these should be stopped .

  7. AWESOME! It was great. My daughter had a project and it helped her a lot. Thanks a lot to who ever wrote it. Best luck everyone for changing our country. DO WHAT YOU CAN AND START WHERE YOU ARE!…..

  8. Every citizen should unite in non-government organization and frame up a legal protection to stop the corruption on each field
    Such as:
    1.politicians qualification.
    2.Age limit upto 60
    3,retirement benefit only for corrupt-less politician.
    4.limitation of privileges. within limited expenditure with limited amount and accompanying assistants and bodyguards be limited..if all the unnecessary wastage, privileges and expenditure cost in all government departments and politicians wastage are limited no one can survive as they enjoy now. So every citizen who pay taxes to government should know their own rights to protect themselves thereby they can stop total corruption and develop the country in better educated way.

  9. Right from nursery school a parent have to bribe. For taking admission from primary level onward a parent have to give donation bribery apart from heavy fee and other expenses. The idea of increasing govt salary is an idiotic thinking . After inception of GST the entire excise dept is sitting idle. In pvt sector common man is slogging no office time fixed late ours sitting no facility no leave no Medicare . There is so much exploitation in pvt sector especially in unorganized sector. No govt intervention is there. Govt should look in to these basic things first

  10. How can prevent corruption at work place with our mentioning my name because if they found out I will be fired.

  11. As per world bank, per capita income of developed country is more than $13000
    Under developed country has less than $1000
    Developing countries are in between.

  12. Need anti-corruption programme organised by social groups in all level and every local area across the state and Country. Mandatory to Reveal the proper guidance of public issues in any sector of private and public to easy to work and give comfort. Telecast various programme in every news channels about this issues. Make cinemA, tv serials programme on the topic of ” How to prevent corruption ” and supported by govt.
    Take a public opinion about the corruption.
    Create a Anti-corruption atert Helpline mobile no.

  13. involve community participation in activities regarding development ventures.make accountability public and sanction dishonesty individuals

  14. Just all most all of us are of the nature of decisiveness, no self-respect, no humanity, liars, cowards, cheaters, no ethics, educate or non- educates, Lawbreakers etc all we are the same more or less, it’s my challenge I prove. Hence we should not talk about corruption. With this attitude, we may not sustain a long time as one country. Due to a few persons such as Anna Hazare, Modi etc this country is existing.

    • True. Strangely, people follow rules and behave so good in developed countries when they live abroad, but when they come back, they forget all these and behave like everyone else here. Solution ? Make laws and strict implementation. It will take time in years to change what we are used to. But slowly it will show results.

  15. If we want to remove corruption first of all we’ll have to improve our self because resone is that corruption is in our blood .that can’t be change without us
    It’s better stop blaming for others and improve their own your own.
    Government can’t be change but if we want
    I promise to all we can remove the corruption . THANKS

  16. Thanks for educate us about corruption I advice that the causes and solution should be a lot father more as order to have different views

  17. Extreme punishment is a big deterrant. Not only that there should be a right to service act. Every applicaton by the Citizen should be serviced within a reasonable time. If not done, the concerned officer should be punished. The nodal points for application and the servicing should be different. All the work relating to plan sanctions should be done in one window and that window should be watched closely by watchdogs. All applications should be done online.

  18. muhammad nisar well said.but if a hypothetical situation arises then what will you do?will bind for the circumstances are for the self respect?

  19. Corruption can be stopped by making a bill or certificate for even small amount of money
    For example in a school for the photo of children a photographer asks principal to give 20 rs from each child then principal goes and says the children to bring 50 rs each for photo and the child goes and says to mother that principal said to bring 100 rs for photo and mother asks the husband 200 rs for the photo of the child
    Like this curruption is increasing day by day we all together need to stop it

  20. cutting red tape……………the high correlation btw the indicates of corruption and the extend of bureaucratic red tape as captured ,for instance ,by the doing business indicators suggests the desirability of eliminating as many needless regulations while safeguarding the essential regulatory functions of the state.the sort of regulations that are in books of many countries- to open up new business ,to register property,engage in international trade .

  21. We should stop corrupting our country because our country is on 76th rank in doing Corruption.We can decieve to others but cannot to ourselves.We should stop corruption from today onwards.

  22. Cashless transaction may eradicate corruption.
    Govt can appoint 3 persons per taluk who will do their work secretly in every office where bribe opportunity is there. They can change from location to other location within taluk or district for 10 days once to avoid the easy identification by corruption people.

  23. If I talk about corruption when the people miss use their public power for the private is called corruption.
    Many employees in government positions receive low salary like clerks, office staff e.t.c.
    Hence they expect to make money by bribery .For this they try to delay the work for so long that the client is fed up and opts for bribery for progress in the work .so low salary is one of the reasons for corruption to curb this their salaries should be raised periodically if we would like to remove corruption then we will have to hard work.and we will have to grow up youth.then we can remove corruption in our nation and all over the world .

  24. Education and motivation is the weapon to change entire world….so, youth has to wake up and let’s start a new world

  25. A way to reduce both Terrorist and Corruption.
    Mobile Payment and contactless credit cards. REMOVE CASH COMPLETELY!
    The technology is here we can pay even with the watch. For those whom find carrying a watch permanently is a discomfort , payment pracelents can be made.
    Every person should also own a compact personal POS device that can be monotorized by fiscal agencies . Bribes or exchange items would still be used (like gold, jewels, expensive items) but i wanna see how terrorists buy weapons and ammunition with that. Sorry for my bad english .

  26. Hi everyone,

    I am having a small restaurant in Bangalore. I always oppose giving bribe. Below are the cases I am facing because I have not paid bribe….
    1. I shouted on traffic police when he asked bribe… So he ceased my driving Licence.
    2. I shouted on Civil police when he asked bribe… So he sent me to central jail for 15 days.( I was having some family issue, so I was there at station).
    3. I opposed to give bribe to food inspector so still I am facing problem to get Licence.. Because that inspector is not moving from my area.
    4. Opposed to give bribe to electricity guy, so for one full day there was no power at my restaurant.
    5. I opposed to give bribe to laber inspector, so he has given one notice to pay fine of Rs,5000 to govt..
    6. I delayed to pay water bill. Water meter reading guy came to me and asked for bribe. I have not paid. He cut the water connection.
    7. When I opposed to give bribe to tax guy , he has given one notice….

    This is what happening…. Anybody have solution for my problems…. Pls suggest…
    My mail ID is

  27. Always corruption starts from top of the authority. If we are able to resolve this issue at upper level and fix responsible Politicians as well, definitely we may eradicate corruption from our Nation.

  28. The most important cause for Increase in corruption is because people are not scared of the punishment by government. So new and strict rules should be made so that people think 1000 times before taking or giving bribe. This would be an effective way to stop corruption. The courts too should have immense power and the sentences should be given for justice. Let’s fight corruption!!!!!!

  29. Corruption is a global problem in country of the World but it’s increase day by day and corruption a is done by bribery

  30. student should have the ethics and moral values so this is also add to the one of subject in our studies before 10th

  31. Mostly the political parties are doing corruption so firstly, those parties who do so must be strictly punished and if done again they must be exiled from the country.


  32. Jobs are assigned to an individual on the basis of their brains not on there interest…..
    company offers the job to the people who deserve it ,not to the people who need it.

  33. Nice thought everyone over here whoever commented are giving opinions are saying that we need to notice as we are young, but no I am saying is how to find the corrupted ones and bring them to justice,as they will be punished

  34. Yes friends, every one of your talk is excellent. But we need the one who can implement it and some one should start it. Every one is waiting for that, but why can’t we be one among them.

    • No one is honest now a days if so they are not in high post this is this problem


    • Education never matters in a leader, one should have a good leadership qualities .We (citizens) should elect a person who has the leadership qualities and capable of doing the assigned work, but many of them take the money offered by the politicians and they vote for them…. the politicians are corrupted and if those people get into the power then they will spoill others tooo…………

  35. @leeji! Many people who are honest before getting jobs, become habituated to corruption latter. What do you have to say about this.

  36. No one can stop the corruption…..unless we the people….e.g-the politician try to spend money for buying the votes from us….if we don’t do this …then we are able to counter him….so friends try to stop it in every aspect of your life…..

  37. due to my own perspective, corruption can be eradicated by purifying one soul from corruption, from one soul to one household, from household to community .if this continue until it circulate d whole nation. a law should also be put in place to penalize anyone find in any corruption free.

  38. There is no solution as long as there are atleast two people on the planet, one of them will try to gain an advantage over them. It’s human nature.

  39. Change the hot copy of currencies into soft copy of electronic that will terminate not only corruption also hoardings and black money.

    • That just isn’t true. Electronic currency is easily compromised. Black markets prevail, no matter the currency type. You have to think deeper….
      Our children are being separated from their parents and sold. The govt does not consider it black market funding, because they do it with the consent of the government. They are in the process of doing it with my son. How do I stop this from happening. I have sent random messages to politicians, non profits, attorneys, and NO ONE WILL HELP ME, NOR EVEN GIVE ME A CLUE ON HOW I CAN RESCUE MT CHILDREN, AND “MANY” other children, just like him. Can you help me, per chance? Do you have any ideas, please? Thankyou.

  40. SA president Jacob Zuma commited crime by building 260 000 000 house by state money instand of building schools that house need to be sold so that the state can build and mantain schools

  41. These are all good points, but the problem is how to implement them. Salaries need to be increased but how will that happen if

    A. Govt has limited money and

    B. Everyone in the govt is corrupt and they have no incentive to increasing salary.

    C. Leaders at top level are busy filling their pockets and are not bothered about the outcomes of corruption. Nor how or why fix them.

    • Govt had sufficient resources to make money but by corruption that sufficient money mark doesn’t reach. If coalgate, 2G like scams were not present govt could have made enough money.

  42. in this generation no one can try to be a politician if govt. give a chance to youth generation. That will be great step to our country …they think creatively and do professionaly that will be great advantages for people ….but now a day all youth do medical, engineering, marketing ,teachers, officer,etc but they donot try to be a politician

  43. For stoppage of corruption is only way to self evaluate. If we succeeded to do this you will see the result. Because it is possible to deceive other but not ourselves. So awareness through educational plans can make change in Pakistan in every respect.


    • good info .but one of the most tip is education if many educators are there means we would stop and join for this

    • Very Nice. It is absoulutely correct that we can decieve others but cannot ourselves.I think that if we all work together we can erase the name of Corruption from this World.

      • Very Nice. It is absoulutely correct that we can decieve others but cannot ourselves.I think that if we all work together we can erase the name of Corruption from this World.
        Yes, Kruti you are right.Your thinking is absoulutely correct.If we want we can do this and we should do this because “To Reduce Corruption
        Is Our Need”.So,from today onwards we should try for it.
        Really Very Nice.


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