How to Save Trees | 8 Beautiful Ways to conserve Trees

Trees are an important connect between the nature and life on the earth.

Without trees the entire animal and human life can be in danger.

We humans out of greed and desire for more, have been destroying these valuable assets of nature.

We need to take immediate steps to prevent further damage to trees and ensure our future survival.

Saving trees is a way to save our environment. But how do you take care of trees? Here are some important ways.

How to save trees:

1. Plant more trees: In common, few old trees die due to old age or get destroyed due to heavy winds and rains. This natural phenomenon decreases number of trees. So planting trees where possible is an answer to this natural reduction in tree population.

2. Use Tree guards: save treesWhen the plant is small, it has small trunk which can be easily broken down by animals or even machines during work. Even few cattle try to graze on them. So until plant grows into a big tree, it is good to keep their trunks protected by use of tree guards.

3. Use organic fertilizers: While you grow any tree, do not use artificial chemical fertilizers. It is believed than natural fertilizers enhance life span of plants. The plants grown by use of natural fertilizers are found to be less prone to diseases and pests. Also they are stronger and more durable than those grown by use of artificial fertilizers.

4. Prefer to grow fruit or other valuable trees: Trees grown in lawn or farms, if not  useful are cut off for more space or beauty in future. So try to grow trees which yield fruits or other valuables. In this way, one may not develop a desire to cut them off in future if the find it to save trees

5. Prevent excess deforestation: This might need a community effort. In many places of the world, there is extensive deforestation in the name of development and industrialization leading to destruction of environment. In the process many old trees are cut down mercilessly. One can prevent such deforestation by organized efforts.

6. Use less paper save trees: Paper is exclusively made from trees.

Previously paper was used only for books and paper for study or for records. But, now a days due to industrialization and technological advancement, paper use has become enormous. We waste paper for monthly bills like telephone, electricity, ATM transactions etc. Using online payment methods and digital bills can help reduce the wastage of paper and thereby save trees.

7. Avoid use of disposable wood material: There are many disposable items made of wood like wooden spoons, plates, utensils etc. Try to avoid them for single use. Instead prefer metallic ones where possible.

8. Governmental rules: Most of the time, businesses run with intention of money and  have least concern for nature. They do lot of advertising by distribution of paper brochures, leaflets etc. Further, just to make money they develop real estate projects. Though it is not necessary for public or not suitable for, ventures are laid out and many tress are cut down. Governments can enforce rules to prevent unnecessary lay out for real estates.

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