How to recognize a spiritual person | 10 Specific Signs

A spiritual person believes that there are different entities within him like his thoughts, mind and body.

Spiritual persons can be anyone around at places we regularly keep visiting.

Some of them disclose their spiritualness while others do not disclose it so to recognize a spiritual person, we can look for the following characteristics

  1. He could be living a life of seclusion or behaving as an introvert
  2. Might be into a social service
  3. Maybe frequents temples or Satsangs/ spiritual retreats.
  4. Interested in reading spiritual books.
  5. Kind-hearted towards all.
  6. Always looks happy, pleasant and rarely emotional
  7. Could be hardworking at his job
  8. Could be less interested in the materialistic world.
  9. Proficient or interested in Arts
  10. Could be following a controlled diet and celibacy.

Live a life of seclusion or behave as an introvert.

spiritual person alone
  • For a spiritual person, the flow of wisdom is from within.
  • To receive it, he needs to stay silent and also away from the crowd.
  • So, a spiritual person might frequently be staying alone or going to places alone in order to hear his inner voice.
  • This way if you notice someone, you can be sure that he is spiritual.
  • At times people with depression or anxiety could be so.
  • But, the difference is the spiritual person is composed and also confident and pleasant unlike those with depression.
  • The great spiritual master Sri Ramana Maharshi Jesus Christ and others used to prefer certain periods of isolation and seclusion away from the crowds.

Might be into a Social Service

social service
  • A spiritual person who likes to live in the company of others tries to prefer social service and act as a helping hand for those in need.
  • Unlike another type who likes seclusion, he prefers to stay in the company of kind-hearted and spiritual people.
  • Through social service, he tries to enhance his satisfaction and spiritual growth.

Frequent’s temples, spiritual retreats

how to recognize a spiritual person
  • For a spiritual person, frequent visits to a temple or spiritual retreats could be common.
  • These visits will also give him encouragement and confidence to perceive his spiritual path more vigorously;
  • Hence a spiritual person could be identified by his behavior of regular visits to temples are spiritual retreats as he needs them for his spiritual growth.

Interested in reading spiritual books.

  • This he does to quench the thirst for spiritual knowledge and also clarify any spiritual doubts.
  • You may find many such books in his reading room or home.

Kind-hearted towards all (humans, animals, plants included).

  • A good person can be human-friendly with fellow humans and some people could be kind-hearted towards animals.
  • But a spiritual person will be kind-hearted towards every living being.
  • He would not like to cause any pain or suffering to other living beings as his mind would not allow him to do so.

Look happy, pleasant and rarely upset

  • A normal person could be happy or upset based on the circumstances.
  • But a spiritual person who is having a lot of spiritual growth would always be happy pleasant and rarely gets angry.

Hardworking working at his job

  • A spiritual person is generally hardworking as he believes that his job is a part of his destiny.
  • So he tries to do it sincerely without the desire for more salary or perks.
  • He also tries to see his job from a service-oriented angle and tries to be friendly toward colleagues and get things done for the benefit of others.

He could also be less interested in the materialistic world.

  • He would also be leading a simple life with clean and neat clothes are old clothes without being paid attention to.
  • He could also be less desirous of luxurious life.
  • He may not be interested in movies purpose and other entertainment related.
  • However, he might be interested in music related to religion, God, etc.

He could be proficient or interested in Arts

  • Some people who are spiritual tend to practice dance and music.
  • These are the arts related to spiritual progress.
  • In doing so, they focus their energy on the arts as well as on their spiritual growth.

Diet and other habits

  • Unlike us, he could be having a controlled diet. He might have food only once or twice a day and follow fasts on certain days.
  • Spiritual people might also have different food habits; they mostly prefer a vegetarian diet are, a diet that is light on the stomach.
  • Further, they may be practicing regulated diets like having only fruits, water, nuts, etc. on certain dates.
  • At extremes could be following celibacy.


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